What to give your wife for the New Year: a surprise for your beloved

For wife

New Year is the only holiday of the year that is invariably associated with fairy tales and magic. After all, since childhood, we are sure that it is worth making a wish on this magical night, and it will certainly come true. Children write letters to Santa Claus, and adults burn a leaf with a desire and drink it along with champagne to the chime of the clock. And at any age it seems that a real miracle is about to happen.

And for a loved one you always want to become a little bit of a magician, right? What did your spouse wish for the New Year there? Let's try to fulfill her desire and give something that will definitely delight her.

Different gifts are needed, different gifts are important

When considering ideas for a New Year's gift for your spouse, do not think about the status of this or that thing. The main thing is its compliance with the desires of your significant other. The thing may not be prestigious in your understanding, but it is she who will make your wife happy. But this is the only thing that matters.

Another common mistake is to measure a gift according to your wishes. That is, "if I would like to receive it or not."

It is important to remember the interests of the recipient of the gift, and take them into account.

Now let's try to find the best present for your lady.

Jewelry - a classic gift

If all gift options are divided into categories, then the palm is invariably occupied by Jewelry... A rare girl can do without them completely. There is at least something in her jewelry arsenal - earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants. Or even all together. There is also a huge variety of shapes, materials and styles - you can always choose the right jewelry for your beloved. Someone prefers wood or natural stones, someone - precious metals. Some wear ethno style, others just classics or luxurious headsets to go out. In general, women's jewelry has plenty to choose from.

What to give your wife for the New Year:

  • Thematic decorations... For example, in the form of snowflakes, Christmas toys, etc. These can be earrings, pendants for bracelets, rings with a winter pattern, deer, Christmas trees, snowmen. But this is if your wife does not prefer a single style - classics, gothic, geometry.
  • Bangles... Today, at the peak of popularity, Pandora bracelets, which can be assembled like a real designer. Many girls choose pendants for certain reasons, telling a whole story with jewelry. But do not forget about other models - leather bracelets made of precious metals, bracelets in ethnic style, braided bracelets, bracelets made of beads, made of natural stones, wooden. Just take a closer look at what your spouse loves in general.
  • Earrings... There is no need to be guided by an erroneous rule - the more, the better. Some girls love neat stud earrings, others prefer long chains or feather earrings, and still others love rings. It is best to choose something similar to what is already in your wife's box. If she has only classic studs, you should not buy luxurious and heavy Rococo earrings.
  • Pendants... A variety of pendants with chains, laces and separately can amaze any man who is not experienced in women's jewelry. But choosing a gift here is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Decide on the material (metal, ceramics, wood, stone), then on the topic (maybe the wife loves fantasy and magic, is fond of equestrian sports or ballroom dancing). It is not so important how much the product costs, as how well it is made and how much it suits the tastes of your soul mate.
  • Headset... A set of several jewelry in the same style at once is also an interesting option. But here, too, you need to take into account the tastes and style of your spouse. If she prefers a casual style of clothes and does not go to social events, giving an expensive set with precious stones is a waste of money. And although massive chains, surrealism and an abundance of pearls will be in trend, you should not blindly follow the fashion. Your lover's preferences should be a priority.
  • Rings... This is one of the most controversial gifts if your relationship is just starting. But for a married couple, everything is much easier. If the spouse wears rings other than the engagement ring, and you know the size of her fingers, then you can pick up an addition for her collection. But if you are not sure, but you want to make a surprise, then use the paragraph of this article about certificates.
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Jewelry has been a classic gift for a girl since ancient times. Today, the choice of ideas and directions has become much wider, but jewelry still remains among the trends in gift preferences. Finished products and the ability to make to order according to your own sketch, a variety of materials and affordability - all this opens up a wide scope for imagination and choice of a gift.

Accessories and watches as gifts

Women do not live by adornments alone. All kinds of accessories also make up a significant part of our wardrobe. There are rarely many of them, because a woman has several images - for work, for school, for playing sports, for a romantic date and a friendly party. So your choice is quite large:

  • Watches. Wrist Watchdespite the fact that a mobile phone performs all possible functions, they remain in trend. After all, it is much faster to glance at your wrist than pulling your smartphone out of your bag or pocket every time. In addition, a watch is also a decoration. The watch industry today offers the widest selection of women's models - classic and sports (fitness bracelets and watches), regular geometric shapes and fantasy, mechanical and electronic, with leather, textile, metal, silicone straps.
  • Hairpins... Owners of long hair will appreciate the new barrette, especially if it has an unusual cut or shape. Provided, of course, that your wife wears them at all. You can find from the masters original models from precious woods, from precious metals inlaid with natural stones.
  • Belt... The variety of women's and unisex models also allows you to choose exactly what she likes for your soul mate. From wide corset belts to narrow chains. Also today there are craftsmen who make handmade buckles for every taste and color. An engraved belt will definitely be an unusual idea.
  • Handbags... This option is suitable only for very attentive men who can choose a bag according to their wife's taste. It is necessary to take into account the color, material (textiles, leather), the pattern on the bag, style, size, brand. And in general, know if your wife needs a new handbag. But if you remember that only recently she admired a specific model in the window, or has shown you her favorite bag on the Internet several times, you can safely fulfill the little dream of your beloved woman.
  • Purses... A beautiful and convenient wallet is a good gift option. Today on sale you can find models of leather and textiles of all sizes and shapes. Remember what wallet your wife has now and whether she is happy with it, in what size bag she carries it. And start from this already. Someone loves compact models, and someone - such that the entire bills fit, and a dozen more cards.
  • Scarves, shawls and stoles... In the autumn-winter period, these accessories are more relevant than ever. If men are accustomed to using a scarf from a purely functional point of view, then for women it is also part of the image. Thin scarves are worn with dresses and suits, in wide stoles you can not only warm your face on the street, but also wrap yourself up in a cool room. For a woman, not only the quality of the product is important, but also the appearance, color, pattern and texture.

If you want to make a present for your wife for the New Year, from which she will be delighted, just consider her hobbies and tastes. Shop assistants and craftsmen will help you choose the right size and model.

But if you are not at all sure that you can make the right choice, it is better to give a certificate than to take the first thing that comes across.

Sometimes it is worth giving not things, but memories and emotions.

If you have already presented everything useful and material to your spouse, you should pay attention to positive emotions. They make us happier and even have a good effect on the immune system. Therefore, it is worth thinking about such gifts, when you remember them, there will always be a joyful smile on your wife's lips. What can be assumed?

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  • Ticket to a concert of her favorite band or artist. Maybe a concert will take place in your or a neighboring city just soon, and the spouse has been listening to the compositions of this particular group for several years.
  • Romantic weekend in a picturesque place. Has your wife long dreamed of spending a couple of days in a secluded country house? Or fly to warm countries? Or all weekend to sit with a book by a real fireplace under the whistle of a blizzard? In general, you better know which place to travel to.
  • Hot air balloon flight, paragliding, airplane or parachute jump (for the warm season, of course) - if your wife loves extreme sports and adrenaline in her blood.
  • Romantic dinner by candlelight in a cozy restaurant - a real date, with flowers, evening dresses and awe in your chest.
  • Workshops in areas of interest to her (cooking, vocals, dancing, playing the guitar, driving a vehicle, shooting at a shooting range, etc.).
  • Skiing or snowboarding - the most that neither is a winter present.

Think about what your spouse might want. Surely she told you about her desires and dreams.

When the closest person hears you and is ready to make your cherished dreams come true - is this not happiness?

So giving a fountain of bright emotions for the New Year is a great gift idea.

Portable and home appliances

Of course, we're not talking about a dishwasher or refrigerator right now. Nevertheless, there is nothing romantic in such a present. And it is better to buy such things outside the holidays. Unless you want to stress that your wife's place is in the kitchen, of course. But all kinds of gadgets and appliances for the soul are another matter:

  • Coffee grinder, coffee maker or coffee machine... For a lover of this drink, it will be an excellent gift, especially in a set with a pack of expensive delicious coffee;
  • Hair Care Technique (good hair dryer, curling iron, straightener, etc.);
  • Мобильный телефон (maybe the moment has just come to update an already outdated model);
  • EBook for a lover to spend an evening with an interesting romance and a cup of tea;
  • Media player, portable speaker or wireless headphones - for those who cannot imagine life without their favorite music;
  • The tablet for drawing, stylus. If your spouse loves fine art, such a gadget will allow her to do what she loves anytime and anywhere, regardless of the presence of paints, pencils and blank sheets of paper;
  • Massager or a skin care device;
  • Photoepilator (a technique that is needed by almost every girl, but money is always a pity for it).

Remember what your wife herself mentioned from a similar technique in recent months? Perhaps I dumped links to interesting models to you in the messenger or froze at the shelf in stores. It is important that the thing really needs her. Giving a lamp for gel polish to a spouse who does a manicure exclusively in the salon is not an idea. As well as an e-book for a girl who prefers to listen to literature only in audio format.

Motorist or motorcyclist

If your spouse drives a vehicle (a car or a motorcycle) herself, you can give something useful for your favorite “horse”. Women are often no less anxious about the interior decoration of a car or the design of two-wheeled vehicles than men.

Useful gadgets for the salon:

  • thermomug,
  • car kettle or a coffee maker,
  • comfortable Charger,
  • good mobile phone holder,
  • navigator,
  • DVR,
  • automotive air ionizer,
  • convenient organizer,
  • Covers on the seats,
  • car vacuum cleaner (a compact gadget that will help you quickly put things in order in the cabin),
  • parktronic (if not installed, then this small device will help to avoid many troubles even for an experienced driver),
  • new equipment for motorcyclists (overalls are not cheap, and therefore every new thing invariably pleases),
  • New trunks, bags,
  • beautiful and reliable helmet.
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Or maybe your wife has long dreamed of tuning her beloved horse? The main thing is not to donate money for repairs. These are still running expenses that are not associated with the holiday in any way.

Funny gifts, nice little things and interesting gadgets

You can also give a humorous, inexpensive souvenir if you are sure that your wife will appreciate it. Today online stores are replete with all sorts of options for every color and taste:

  • Magnetic boards for cute labels and notes;
  • Fixtures interesting shapes (moon, planets, projectors of the starry sky),
  • Cute pillows with prints;
  • Beautiful candles handmade. Choose from natural waxes (bee, vegetable), then this small gift will be pleasant to the eye and good for health;
  • Symbol of the year;
  • Soap handmade in the theme of the holiday;
  • Cups with the symbol of the year.

Certificates are a way to give money beautifully

If in this abundance of options you are confused and do not know what to choose. Or you are afraid to fly with the size, style and cut, then feel free to give a certificate.

It is somehow not very interesting to offer real money for this fabulous holiday. All anticipation of a gift and a sense of celebration disappear.

But a certificate for goods and services is another matter. If you also wrap it in a festive package ...

Ideas for a New Year's gift for your spouse:

  • Massage... A subscription to a massage course or a trip to the spa for a complete relaxation procedure is a wonderful gift option. For the benefit of the body and soul.
  • Apparel... Women love new clothes. After all, we often have nothing to wear, even if the closet is full. But not every man knows exactly what to choose. Therefore, the certificate to her favorite store is what Santa Claus ordered.
  • Perfume... If your spouse loves perfume, then it is worth looking into a perfume shop. But here again there is a danger of choosing the wrong one. Therefore, the treasured piece of cardboard with the indicated amount will save you. An exception if you know exactly what your wife regularly uses.
  • Cosmetics... Not everyone is capable of not getting lost in the arsenal of jars and tubes in the bathroom. And you need to know so many features - the type of skin or hair, age range, suitable texture, as well as sometimes color, smell, durability, etc. Therefore, just buy a certificate where your beloved prefers to replenish stocks of "bottles".
  • Underwear... Women pay great attention to this element of clothing. Even if no one sees, but she knows something ... Beautiful and comfortable underwear gives self-confidence. In addition, women often wear underwear for their loved ones. If you are not sure about the choice of size and color, it is better to choose a good boutique and buy a certificate there.

Also do not forget about hobby и interests your spouse. Therefore, certificates for books, handicraft, toy stores, even in a gun store (after all, everyone has different tastes) can become an equally good idea. It is impossible to give universal advice, because one girl will be in seventh heaven from the opportunity to buy new items in the world of game consoles, and the other - from a certificate to the store "Everything for the pastry chef".

It is not worth giving a membership to a nutritionist or a gym (only if in directions that she really wants to try). But a certificate to a sports store for a new uniform for a female athlete is a completely different matter.

The most important thing in any gift is that it pleases the addressee. After all, we always choose a present for this very purpose. New Year is a time of fairy tales and home comfort, a time of colorful garlands, tangerines and the smell of spruce paws. Feel free to give your beloved little miracles, and let her eyes shine brighter than sparklers.