Wooden bracelets - varieties and photos

Jewelery and bijouterie

Wooden bracelets are perfect for creating images in casual, ethno and eco styles. They look beautiful, stylish and quite inexpensive.

Varieties of wooden bracelets

Wooden accessories are one of the most ancient types of jewelry. Today they do not lose their relevance. The desire for simplicity, environmental friendliness, and naturalness of everything we touch makes wood one of the most desirable materials.

Wood is incredibly malleable, so the designers' imagination is unlimited. It is even theoretically impossible to describe all the varieties of wooden bracelets. Let's look at the most popular models.

Bead bracelets. It's simple: wooden beads are assembled with an elastic band. These can be small beads on a long elastic band that wraps around the hand several times. Another model is simply beads of any size, collected in a row on a thread.

Very beautiful accessories are made from non-round beads. For example, a bracelet made of pieces resembling tangerine slices. It gathers nicely around the wrist and frames it.

Beads can be square, oval, or “tubes”. Bracelets made of long and thin beads arranged in a “picket fence” look a little more predatory - they perfectly emphasize thin wrists.

Solid bracelets are made on the basis of a wooden blank. It can be round or square, triangular in shape. Their width is also unlimited.

Such accessories are made from valuable types of wood - then you just need to sand the bracelet well and it will be beautiful in itself, showing a natural pattern. Sometimes such bracelets are covered with artistic painting.

Carved women's bracelets look incredibly elegant. As a rule, such accessories are made by hand by craftsmen - their cost is much higher than bracelets made of beads. Such accessories usually gravitate toward ethnic and fantasy styles and fit perfectly into a summer wardrobe.

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You can also make wooden decorations yourself, for example, from popsicle sticks. This is a great idea for children's creativity, although, with certain skills, you can make a completely worthy “adult” decoration:

  • Place clean popsicle sticks in warm water and put on fire. Boil for 15-20 minutes.
  • After this, after cooling slightly, the sticks need to be carefully bent, forming a half ring. You can place them in a wide glass from the inside, pressing it against the walls. Let dry.
  • After this, the blanks can be taken out and painted at your discretion. In addition to paints, you can use lace, threads, ribbons and other decorative methods.

Real craftswomen can try decoupage. You need to purchase a blank for a bracelet, which is sold in craft stores. Using napkins, decoupage or simply printed pictures, the bracelet is decorated at your discretion. Acrylic paints, PVA glue and a special fan brush will also be useful for this work.

Jewelry with meaning

For many people, wooden jewelry is more than just an accessory. A wooden bracelet can also be an amulet. For example, a decoration with the “tree of life” symbol, which is revered in many countries. Such a bracelet, on which the tree is present in the form of an interweaving or pendant, is considered a talisman. It is often used by pregnant women - the tree of life is considered a symbol of new life, and also protects against evil forces and gives strength of character.

Believers can wear an accessory with icons - the faces of saints appear on square beads. You can choose a bracelet with exactly those biblical characters that suit a particular person.

For those who are not alien to esotericism, the very type of wood from which the bracelet is made is also important. It is believed that each tree has its own energy and meaning.

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For example, sandalwood jewelry is very popular because... have protective properties: they supposedly “do not let negative energy pass” to the owner of the bracelet. Very often such accessories are chosen for children.

For those who are often sick, juniper jewelry is suitable. They smell incredibly delicious.

For success in business and career (which is very suitable for men), oak jewelry is ideal; for getting rid of stress, maple jewelry is ideal.

You can choose “your” tree according to your zodiac sign or according to a special calendar - the Druid horoscope.

How to wear

Since wooden bracelets still have a certain style, they are best worn in combination with natural fabrics. Linen, cotton, wool are suitable. Ideal if the fabrics are textured: coarse linen, thick cotton, large knit. Wood decorations go well with clothes made of denim, corduroy, leather and suede.

If the accessory is made in the color of natural wood, then it will look best with natural shades of fabrics. These are milky, beige, all shades of brown, khaki, terracotta, shades of sand.

The general rules for wearing wooden jewelry are:

  • Natural to natural. When combining different accessories in one look, do not mix wood, metal and plastic. Leather accessories, things made of bone, and horns are ideal for wooden jewelry. You can try a combination of wood with felt, felted and glass beads.
  • It is better not to use such accessories for evening looks.

In order not to make a mistake when choosing jewelry, you need to understand the characteristics of your physique. On thin and graceful wrists, thin multi-row threads or several matching bracelets look best. A wide accessory is also perfect, but its width should visually contrast strongly with the hand.

For those with full hands, it is better to opt for a fairly wide bracelet that will dangle freely on your hand. This will visually narrow the wrist.

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Win-win outfit options with a wooden bracelet:

  • Classic light jeans, white cotton or linen shirt with sleeves rolled up to the elbow.
  • A simple cut cotton dress, perhaps floor length. Print – floral.
  • Basic skinny jeans or trousers plus an oversized sweater with ¾ sleeves. Ideal for a chunky knit sweater.

Depending on your goals and finances, you can purchase both cheap wooden accessories (for example, in souvenir shops) and expensive, designer, handmade ones. You can always find natural jewelry in chain stores of various price categories.