Belemnite stone – remains of an ancient living world
Belemnite belongs to the category of organic minerals. Millions of years ago, far in the Mesozoic, creatures similar to modern squid inhabited the waters of our planet.
Thunder Eggs - Crystal worlds lurk beneath the ordinary surface of stone!
An article about unusual nodules with the mystical name “thunder eggs”. As the Indian legend goes, the stones were the eggs of thunderbirds.
The countless riches of the deep sea compete in beauty and rarity with the countless treasures of the underground kingdom!Organic
TOP 10 sea shells that are in no way inferior in beauty to precious stones
The countless riches of the deep sea compete in beauty and rarity with the countless treasures of the underground kingdom! You and I, dear readers, admire
Thumbelina pearls: small and beautiful “seed” pearls
A pearl seed is generally defined as a small natural pearl measuring less than 2mm in diameter. Although their early definition was that they
Magnificent malachiteOrganic
15 Little-Known Green Minerals
The color green has a magical effect on people! And there are no esoteric meanings or connotations in this - this is simple reality, green -
The evolution of freshwater pearl shapes
The ideal of beauty and perfection is impeccable purity, inner light, spherical shape… Pearls fascinate people with their beauty!
Natural pearls - splendor in diversityOrganic
Natural pearls - magnificence in diversity
Pearls - mother-of-pearl, pure and beautiful at all times were highly valued by people. For a mollusk to create a natural pearl, it must collide
Vanilla Sky. All shades of pink pearlOrganic
Vanilla sky - all shades of pink pearls
As if the dawns and sunsets of summer days gave all their most delicate shades of pink to these pearls! Today's article is contemplative, not educational.
A pearl like a work of art. What is Maki-e?Organic
A pearl like a work of art - what is Maki-E?
For many pearl lovers, any pearl decoration may seem like overkill. The pearl is already perfect, so there is no need to add anything to it.
Orange "daughter of the sea" - precious shell of the IncasOrganic
Orange "daughter of the sea" - the precious shell of the Incas
And again, dear readers, we are going in search of jewels in the Sea of ​​Cortez! The lands of the Incas, Mayans and Indians are called again "
Pearl lessons. Modern ways to improve pearls, a detailed reviewOrganic
Modern ways to improve pearls
Pearls are known for their light, mysterious shimmer, gorgeous hues. Its lively radiance, natural forms distinguish pearls from other precious stones.
Fine art of pearl carving. Galatea by Chi HuyinOrganic
The Fine Art of Pearl Carving by Chi Huyin
Petals with pearls at the tips of the petals move and open on their own, like a flower meeting the sun. As if the metal came to life on your hand.
“Impossible” is not a fact, but just an opinion. Edison PearlOrganic
Edison Pearl
The cultivation of pearls has become a separate art form in which the Chinese seem to be ahead of everyone again. Look at the color of these pearls.
The oldest known - Basra pearlsOrganic
Basra pearls are the oldest known 
Pearl is a wonder of nature, an organic gemstone painstakingly crafted by a shellfish over many years, has a special allure due to
Rainbow treasure of nature - mother of pearlOrganic
Rainbow treasure of nature - mother of pearl
Mother of pearl is a shiny substance that blinds you when you open an oyster shell. Secreted by some molluscs to coat the inside
Deep blue color and intense shades are a sign of thick mother-of-pearl.Organic
How blue pearls appeared
Japanese Akoya cultured pearls have long won the hearts of women all over the world. And today I want to introduce you to the "ugly duckling"
"What in the world is sweeter than all, all blush and whiter?" Pearl AkoyaOrganic
Akoya pearls - origin, varieties
It's time to talk about white, perfect pearls. I was so carried away by stories about pearls of exotic shapes and shades that I completely forgot about the pristine
The dark side of pearls - radiant blackOrganic
The dark side of pearls - radiant black
The rarest - the complete opposite of white pearls, rebellious black - can not leave anyone indifferent. Let's take a look at the dark side today.
Rare Sun Pearl. Melo MeloOrganic
Rare Melo-Melo pearls
The most amazing pearl, like a small, flaming sun, is a rare gift from the South Seas. If ordinary pearls resemble the light of stars and the moon
Pearls of the Sea of ​​Cortez - unique marine treasures
To get acquainted with the rarest cultured pearls, we will have to go with you, dear readers, to the shores of sunny California and again
Ocean rainbow. Shades of Tahiti pearlsOrganic
Shades of Tahiti pearls
Tahitian pearls shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow! And what can be a pearl born in such heavenly places? Tahitians can be just as flamboyant and
How Souffle Pearls Came to Be
The history of the Souffle cultured pearl is incredible. Souffle pearls are definitely a fluke in pearl culture techniques.
Violet pearl. The rarest QuahogOrganic
Quahog - Violet pearls
Many experts believe that this is the most unusual of all wild pearls. The rarity of the Quahog pearl is matched only by its originality and beauty.
Queen of the Caribbean - Pink Conch PearlOrganic
The pink pearl of Conques is the queen of the Caribbean
Pearls of the color of a gentle, dawn morning, produced by the Conch Royal Clam, which is a large snail enclosed in a beautiful mother-of-pearl
Kasumi pearls from Japan's Misty LakeOrganic
Kasumi pearls from Japan's Misty Lake
Kasumigaura is the name of a lake in Japan, the name of which translates as "Water covered with mist". This is where Kasumi pearls are grown.
Birmit - the origin and properties of Burmese amber
Birmite is a rare variety of amber, characterized by good hardness, which allows it to be cut like other precious stones.
Blue amber. Photo: blueamber.jpOrganic
Blue amber is the rarest amber in the world
An unusual variety of amber with a delicate celestial hue, which is mined in only one place on earth. Many of us are accustomed to associate amber
Amber pendantsOrganic
Amber - the history of the sun stone
The amber stone is called the gold of the North. This is a solid resin of coniferous trees, containing carbon, hydrogen and oxygen in the main composition. Amber has yellow
Dunite - volcanic rock
Dunite is an intrusive ultramafic igneous rock. It is an extremely environmentally friendly stone that does not contain harmful impurities and does not emit
Gneiss - description and origin, properties, scope
Among the modified rocks, the Gneiss rock is well known and widespread. It is a granite-like stone.
Anhydrite - description and properties, who is suitable, price and scope of application of the stone
Anhydrite is the closest relative of gypsum. This sedimentary rock is dehydrated gypsum, differing only in the absence of water in the chemical composition.
Andesite - properties of the stone, where it is applied
Andesite is a unique igneous rock. This is a creation of nature, obtained as a result of volcanic eruptions. Eco-friendly, natural and durable
Diorite - features of volcanic rock
Diorite is an igneous plutonic rock of medium composition, normal alkalinity series. In ancient times, for example, in ancient Egypt, it was used
Syenite - types of rocks, scope and price
Syenite is a magmatic full-crystalline quartz-free rock of medium composition, moderately alkaline alkalinity. Externally, the stone resembles granite
Pegmatite is a unique volcanic stone, properties where it is used
The formation of pegmatites began during the turbulent youth of the Earth, when the planet's crust was still being formed. Young crust broke, molten magma
Coral stone - origin and varieties, decorations and price, who suits the zodiac
Coral is a semi-precious stone of organic origin. It is formed by the oldest groups of multicellular organisms - coral polyps, located
Lava stone - born of the forces of the four elements
Lava is a molten mass of rocks that comes to the surface as a result of volcanic eruptions. For many centuries in a row, the lava stone was identified
Diabase stone - origin, properties, varieties and scope
Diabase is one of the most ancient volcanic rocks, found in nature in the form of granular masses or - quite rarely - crystals. This unusual
Zoisite stone: its properties, varieties, how to distinguish from a fake
The combination of green and purple always looks great. These words also apply to the mineral called zoisite. The mineral looks very
Abellite - description and properties of the mineral
Abellaite is a hydrocarbonate mineral found in a uranium mine in one of the galleries of the long-abandoned Eureka deposit in the southern Pyrenees.