Angelite - description and properties, who suits according to the zodiac, jewelry and price


Angelite or "Angel's Stone" - this is how the people called the fragile mineral of heavenly color. A reverent attitude towards him has developed not only because of the tenderness of shades, but also thanks to beliefs. It is believed that it is endowed with magical properties: it protects from troubles, heals and brings good luck. But the main ability is the fulfillment of any desire of its owner.

History and origin

The first official description of the extraction of the mineral dates back to 1987. Fancy blue anhydrite was discovered in Peruvian mines during the extraction of crystalline gypsum. At the same time, trading companies came up with a new, more euphonious name for the find: “angelite” and launched a large-scale trade.

However, there is an opinion that a variety of indigo anhydrite occurred long before the 20th century. Ancient legends describe an easily destroyed "heavenly" stone, pierced with thin veins, which can fulfill a request or protect from misfortune.

Stone deposits

To date, such countries as Chile, the USA and Germany can boast of large deposits of the “stone of angels”. Smaller scale production from Mexico, Switzerland and Russia.

It is believed that this is a fairly common mineral.

Varieties and colors

A real gem has a fairly wide palette of colors: grayish blue, smoky purple, sky blue, light purple and gray-violet shades are acceptable. The intensity of the color is also not strictly regulated.

Inclusions and uneven coloring are acceptable. Crystals can be transparent and translucent. After grinding, the edges acquire an oily sheen or a slight mother-of-pearl overflow.


There are anhydrites of all possible colors of the rainbow: red, bright purple, white. Often, unscrupulous sellers offer them under the guise of angelite, although this is an obvious deception: only the mineral whose color resembled the color of the sky was nicknamed “angel stone”.

Reference! Quite a valuable and expensive variety are cases of coalescence of rocks: blue anhydrite and halite, crystalline gypsum, calcite and dolomite.


In Europe and the USA, the production of figurines on religious themes is common: the mineral is used to create handmade angels and crosses. Often used as a material for caskets, candlesticks and other interior items.

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The jewelry market can offer inexpensive jewelry: cupronickel and silver earrings, beads, rings and pendants inlaid with blue anhydride.

Large bars are used for fine finishing of premises. Low-quality minerals and chips are used as industrial raw materials in the production of sulfur compounds and paper.

Medicinal properties

Angelite has the following medicinal properties:

  • "Stone of angels" is considered a talisman not only from failures, but also from diseases. Its main task is to prevent infection from reaching its owner.
  • In the case of an already existing disease, the “angel stone” improves immunity, restores the body, gives energy, promotes a speedy recovery and prevents complications.
  • The mineral is also endowed with the ability to inform its owner in advance about the disease, provoking a painful attack in the affected organ.
  • There is an opinion that it can help stabilize the condition of a mentally ill person and even cure the disease.


Magical properties

The magical properties of the stone:

  • Esotericism calls angelite a sign of a contract, confirmation of a special connection between a person and an angel. You can whisper your cherished dream to a stone, and a miracle will definitely happen.
  • You can enlist support and light forces with the help of a special prayer. The words are pronounced in a singsong voice, in close proximity to the talisman: “My angel, be with me. You're ahead, I'm behind you."
  • "One stone - one desire" - this is the main principle of action. But it is important to remember that the execution falls on the shoulders of a bright angel, so the dream must be good.
  • It is noted that the "stone of the angel" is able to put the emotional state in order, get rid of depression and failures, drive away pessimistic thoughts, and clear the mind.
  • At the head of the crib, you can hang a small talisman, it will help the baby develop dynamically.
  • Indecisive people, the mineral gives courage and energy to implement the most daring ideas, and calmness and rationalism will give neuroticism.
  • For beginners who decide on their first astral journey, the stone will sharpen their consciousness and protect them from negative influences.
  • For students, the mineral will help strengthen brain activity and increase activity.
  • The silver frame will protect against conflicts.
  • Neighborhood with turquoise will save you from destructive passions.
  • "Angel stones" are a powerful enlightening talisman, but in the company of aquamarine they multiply their effect.
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Jewelry with mineral

As a rule, the stone is used in the creation of handmade jewelry. It goes well with jasper, quartz, pearls and mother-of-pearl.

The most common frame materials are inexpensive metals: cupronickel, silver, brass, steel and nickel. Gold and platinum are not used: this is not economically viable due to the softness of the stone. Products with blue anhydrite are short-lived, which means that their cost is not high.


Most often found as inserts in earrings, brooches and pendants. It is extremely rarely used when creating cufflinks.

Attention! Rings with an “angel stone” come only with a protective fastener that protects the fragile rock from mechanical stress.

Stone cost

A two-hundred-gram Peruvian "angel stone" can be bought directly at the deposit for 3-4 euros

In a European store, a blue anhydrite pendant, 1*1 cm in size, will cost 6-8 euros.

In Russia, silver earrings with an “angel stone” are offered at prices ranging from 2 to 4 rubles. Pendants - from 1 to 2 thousand. Silver brooches - from 1 thousand. One-piece pyramid, 6 cm high - 5-7 thousand rubles. Individual stones can be purchased less often, their cost starts from one hundred rubles per ball, 1-2 cm in diameter, but its quality will be mediocre.

Chinese stores offer the mineral at bargain prices, but you should not trust them: instead of a delicate mineral, the buyer can be sent ordinary plastic.

Jewelry care

It should be remembered that the hardness of the mineral is approximately equal to three units according to Mohs. This is an extremely fragile material, so any mechanical stress is contraindicated for it.

An equally important point: hydrophobia. Once in the water, the “angel stone” absorbs liquid, swells, cracks and becomes ordinary plaster.

Stone cannot be

  • clean with a brush or hard sponge;
  • expose to chemicals;
  • to water.
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To clean the dirt, a velvet cloth or a slightly damp terry cloth is suitable.

Removing small scratches is effectively done at home with a thick cotton cloth and a milligram of vegetable oil.


In case of minor damage, it is enough to intensively rub the affected area with a cloth, then repeat the procedure, adding an oil drop to the fabric.

Important! It is recommended to store jewelry with blue anhydride in a separate box, in a dry place.

How to wear

The mineral feels great in the sun and in bright light. Esotericists advise wearing a recently acquired stone often and for a long time, allowing it to get used to the owner and absorb the energy of the sun's rays.

Jewelry with an “angel stone” looks aesthetically pleasing not only in everyday life, but also at major celebrations. It is appropriate for social events and evening walks. Many shades allow you to choose an accessory that matches the outfit. Small defects in the surface of the stone, inevitable with prolonged wear, create a noble effect of antiquity.

But it is important to always remember the features of "angelic" jewelry and follow the rules:

  • Avoid prolonged contact of jewelry with skin, otherwise sweat will destroy the structure of the mineral.
  • Avoid wearing in places with high humidity.
  • Remove jewelry from hands during physical work.
  • Do not wear pendants under outerwear, especially if it is a jacket that closes with a zipper.

Beads from Angelite
Beads from Angelite

How to distinguish natural stone from a fake

Natural anhydrite has a rough surface and tiny inclusions that are visible to the naked eye. After grinding, the stone sometimes acquires a slight glassy sheen, but more often the surface has a waxy glow. Elongated veins, chips, scratches and microcracks are acceptable and even desirable.

This stone cannot be perfectly smooth. Glossy shine is alien to him, as well as the absence of any inclusions. The uniformity of color is also a sign of a fake.

Confirm the natural origin and weight of the stone. The weight of a plastic bead is much less than the weight of an "angelic" bead of the same circumference.

Blue anhydrite is easily scratched, with a small amount of white dust present in the damaged areas.

As you know, the "angel stone" does not tolerate water. In the case of checking untreated pebbles, you can easily separate a small piece and place it in water. Natural stone will increase in size and turn into a piece of gypsum.

Mineral takes much longer to heat up than plastic. If a bead held in the palm of your hand quickly absorbs body heat (in 5-6 seconds), then you can make an unambiguous conclusion: it is a fake.

Compatibility with zodiac signs

Astrologers do not endow the "angel stone" with any negative properties, so the stone will take root in the hands of a representative of any sign.

("+++" - the stone fits perfectly, "+" - can be worn, "-" - absolutely contraindicated):

Zodiac sign Compatibility
Aries +
Taurus +
Gemini +
Cancer +
Lev +
Virgo + + +
Libra +
Scorpio +
Sagittarius +
Capricorn +
Aquarius +
Pisces + + +

Cancer will help to curb emotions and give confidence. Aquarius will save you from failures and rash acts. Pisces and Virgos will help to unlock their potential. It will balance the Scorpios and support the Gemini, temper the ardor of the Lions, and will be a good good luck talisman for Capricorns and Taurus. Aries and Libra will receive a faithful companion in their endeavors, and Sagittarius will benefit from an additional boost of energy.

Interesting Facts

Angelite - this name is not in the reference book of rocks, nor in the list of semi-precious stones.

According to the adherents of esotericism, only those whose thoughts are pure and free from deceit can wear the “angel stone”. The owner of the mineral should under no circumstances commit evil, otherwise the stone will speed up and toughen the punishment.

The Catholic Church does not consider this mineral special and does not attribute magical properties to it. However, she does not deny that after decades of veneration, the "angel stone" can indeed become a "prayed" attribute of Catholicism.

Despite the rather large deposits of the mineral, increased demand and fragility make this mineral a valuable breed. The cost of stones is gradually increasing.


The reference to angels was taken not only because of the sky-blue color. Small light streaks of rock resemble feathers and have a slight sheen.

It is recommended to give an angelite talisman to a baby, thereby strengthening the connection between the baby and his guardian angel.

Breaking the “angel stone” in half is not a bad omen at all. The belief says: if the newlyweds divide the stone into two parts and each takes a piece, then this will strengthen the relationship between the spouses.

Angelite is composed of anhydrous calcium (CaSO4). In nature, its deposits look like small grains, or they are crystals fused in the form of a brush.

Buying jewelry with blue anhydrite in pawnshops and thrift stores is strongly discouraged. Mystics claim that the mineral keeps the energy of the owner for many years. From a practical point of view, such a purchase is also impractical: over a long life, the product could fall, getting deep cracks. Such a stone is able to fall apart into pieces in the shortest possible time.

The “Angel Stone” is amazing not only for its history, but also for its useful properties: being easily processed, it is able to convey all the artistic ideas of the carver. In modern stores, you can already find a panel or fresco made of blue anhydrite. The finest work in combination with a noble color turn the product into a real masterpiece. Such gizmos are bought as talismans or just to decorate the interior. European fashion is gradually flowing to the east, where the stones covered with legends will always find admirers.