Bowenite - description of the stone, magical and healing properties


From time immemorial, this stone has been a talisman against human evil and the influence of otherworldly beings, protected from poisoning. Today, bowenite stone is almost exotic and an affordable analogue of elite jade. Jewelry, talismans and gizmos that adorn life are made from it.

What is bowenite

Bowenite is an interesting, not quite ordinary stone:

  • For a mineralogist, this is a type of serpentine, similar to jade.
  • The origin of the mineral is hydrothermal. In nature, it is formed as veins, layers, inclusions.
  • The range of colors is greenish, bluish, ashy, light yellow.
  • The stone is named after George Bowen, who discovered it in his native America (1822). He classified the gem as jade, but after researching deeper, he recognized it as a type of serpentine. A stone with jade was related in color and structure, the hardness turned out to be much less. According to Mohs - below average.

Bowenite has been the official stone of the state of Rhode Island since 1966, where it was first discovered.

The best are considered yellowish-green, with a silky or oily sheen bowenites. They are taken by jewelers and collectors.

Physico-chemical characteristics

According to the chemical classification, bowenite is magnesium hydrosilicate.

It is no coincidence that George Bowen took bowenite for nephritis: their physical properties are largely the same.

bowenite mineral

The color and texture of the stone is formed by impurities: pale green, yellowish green.

Title History

Bowenite and jade are indistinguishable for the layman. Therefore, the Americans use the term "Boven jade". Europeans prefer to call it antigorite, after the place of deposits in the Antigorio Valley (Italian province of Lombardy).

There have been attempts to officially separate the European and American Bowenites on the basis of external differences. But most mineralogists have decided: this is one stone.

Their external differences are insignificant, the composition is identical.

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Other names for the mineral are bowenite, Bowen jade, tangawaite. Popularly known as the serpentine.

There is a mineral with a consonant name. But bavenite and bowenite are different stones. Viscosity and color scale allow to distinguish one from the other.

Deposits of the mineral bowenite

Bowenite was first discovered in the USA. There are two of the largest deposits of the mineral. Another solid one in Italy.

bowenite stone

In Russia, stone is mined in Kamchatka, in Buryatia, Siberia (Malyshevsky mine).

Where is the stone used?

The spheres of use of bowenite are determined by the aesthetic conditions of raw materials from a particular place of extraction.


Translucent with a glassy or matte sheen, specimens from the American continent are valued by world jewelry brands. The mineral is cut cabochon or faceted.


The most popular products are pendants, pendants, bracelets.

The frame is inexpensive: silver, cupronickel, brass, bronze. Sets made of gold are made to order.


Viscosity, shape retention plus the ease of polishing bowenite do not limit the flight of fantasy of stone-cutting masters. They create elegant plastic art, vases, crockery, candelabra, photo frames.

Bowenite was valued in the workshops of Carl Faberge. The most famous examples are Easter eggs for the Russian imperial family and a collection of animal figurines for the British.

For decorators-designers, European raw materials (antigorite) are important. Its rough layering, large contrasting inclusions-grains form an unusual surface pattern with a rich range of shades. Such material becomes the lining of panels, fireplaces, countertops.

bowenite products

Other areas

This is a sought-after collection material: a full range of bowenites of all colors from different deposits is the goal of collectors. Moreover, the stone is inexpensive.

The material rejected by the beauty industry and collectors is being taken away by “practical” industries. It is added to obtain safe quality asbestos.

Magical properties

The energy of bowenite has a XNUMX% positive effect on a person.

Everyone can fearlessly use its magical properties:

  • Meditation on a stone pushes to rethink the inner worldview, helps to open the "third eye".
  • This is a channel of "communication" with the subtle world and its inhabitants.
  • Endowed with the energy of the Earth, which is gradually shared with a person.

A dreamed bowenite portends good changes in fate.

  • Suitable as a talisman against the evil eye (especially for children), the hostility of the leadership.
  • Having become heavy or cloudy, bowenite signals intrigues against the owner (conspiracy, betrayal, fraud).
  • Yoga adherents claim that bowenite is associated with the heart chakra.
  • It was impossible to poison the owner of bowenite utensils, so it was expensive, it was available only to the nobility.

Since ancient times, bowenite has served as a "marker" of poisons in food. It was believed that if the food was poisoned, bowenite utensils would crack.

This is the talisman of scientists, teachers, doctors, lawyers, priests.

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Therapeutic effect

The healing properties of bowenite have been studied. This is a traditional strong amulet that positively affects the physical processes in the body:

  • Activates the absorption of calcium and magnesium.
  • Normalizes the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, genitourinary, cardiovascular, respiratory systems.
  • Makes menstruation less painful.
  • Increases the flow of milk during breastfeeding.
  • It helps to calm down, relieve the effects of stress, to believe in yourself more.

Bowenite is suitable for those who are recovering from a heart attack.

But the help of the stone is rather palliative, not canceling the prescriptions of traditional medicine.

Bowenite and Zodiac

Astrologers say that bowenite suits the signs of Water and Earth:

  • Virgo ladies should pay special attention to it: the stone will protect from adversity, suggest a solution to problems.
  • For Capricorns, the magic of the stone will help to quickly improve physical condition, for Taurus - not to make a mistake when making a decision.
  • For water signs of the Zodiac - Crayfish, Scorpions, Pisces - this is a universal talisman.

Bowenite compatibility table with zodiac signs (“+++” - fits perfectly, “+” - can be worn, “-” - categorically contraindicated).

Zodiac sign Compatibility
Aries +
Taurus + + +
Gemini +
Cancer + + +
Lev +
Virgo + + +
Libra +
Scorpio + + +
Sagittarius +
Capricorn + + +
Aquarius +
Pisces + + +

To the rest of the inhabitants of the zodiac circle, the mineral is neutral: it will not harm, but it will not help either.

Affordable in price and outwardly aristocratic, bowenite is a popular gift. It has long been recognized as a talisman of fidelity, so a pendant, cufflinks or a ring with a stone is given to newlyweds or on a wedding anniversary.

Caring for a gem is easy, the rules are similar to the serpentine.