Grossular - description and varieties, properties, who suits, decorations and price of the stone

Grossular is one of the many varieties of garnet, a calcium-aluminum mineral. This gem is not as famous as its garnet counterparts. However, a fragile nugget with a rich color palette of the most delicate shades has qualities that are useful for humans.

History and origin

The first find of grossular is dated 1790. Scientist E. Laxman, working in Sakha-Yakutia, discovered a mineral on the banks of the Vilyuy River. The nugget received its official name in 1808 thanks to A. Werner. The name of the gem is translated from Latin as "gooseberry", since the first specimens found looked like this berry. A nugget is formed under the influence of relatively high temperatures in metamorphic rocks of contact or regional origin.

Mineral - Grossular
Mineral – Grossular

In the countries of the East, it was customary to use the gem for medicinal purposes, as a blood thinner. Ancient healers used stones of green hues to improve the course of pregnancy and facilitate childbirth. It is believed that this type of pomegranate helps men of military professions to concentrate energy and strength. And the effectiveness of the stone is higher if a person has dark skin.

Mining sites

Due to the prevalence of sedimentary rocks (dolomites, limestones, Cretaceous deposits) and vast areas of volcanic activity, grossulars are found everywhere on our planet. The best deposits are:

  • Mali.
  • South Africa (border of Tanzania and Kenya).
  • Namibia.
  • Madagascar.
  • Pakistan.

Beautiful gems are mined in the United States, Canada, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Brazil and Finland.

Russia is also rich in worthy specimens of the mineral. The distribution areas of the Russian grossular are quite extensive - Karelia, the Urals, the Caucasus, Siberia, Sakha-Yakutia, the Krasnoyarsk and Primorsky Territories, the Murmansk Region.

physical properties

Property Description
Formula Ca3Al2[SiO4]3
Hardness 6,5 - 7,5
Density 3,53 g / cm³
Syngonia Cubic (planaxial)
Kink Crustaceous
Cleavage Imperfect
shine Glass
Transparency Transparent or opaque
Color Colorless, golden yellow, brown and green

The main component of grossular is calcium oxide, along with silicon and aluminum dioxides. The mineral is saturated with various impurities, which leads to a rich color variety. Inclusions are elements such as titanium, manganese, chromium, iron.

Grossular is formed by small crystals, often twinned. Despite the high hardness index, the mineral is brittle. It melts at 1260°C. Grossular powder mixed with cold water gives an alkaline reaction.

Varieties and colors

Varieties of grossular are classified depending on the color. For each shade, a certain element in the composition of the mineral is responsible. A gem without inclusions will be transparent. Each stone from this family has its own name:

  • Hydrogrossular or hydrogarnet. Green opaque mineral, translucent along the edges with all shades of the sea wave. Such a nugget contains up to 5% water in bound form. Formed in large aggregates.
  • Rosolit. The Mexican variety is a vibrant pink or crimson. Rosolite is formed by opaque crystals and has a collection value abroad.
  • Leucogarnet. Transparent colorless "noble" grossular, devoid of impurities. There are opaque white specimens.
  • Hessonite. A rare variety, little known to jewelers. The shades of the mineral vary from yellow, orange to brown. A stone of granular structure with a pronounced alexandrite effect.
  • Tsavorite. An unusually beautiful, emerald green stone, which is often confused with diopside and the emerald itself. The mineral owes its color to vanadium oxide. The most expensive of all grossulars. The price per carat of tsavorite in the world market reaches $500.
    Mineral - Tsavorite(Tsavorite)
  • Succinite. A honey-yellow opaque mineral that is difficult to distinguish from amber. It is not in demand among jewelers due to the complexity of processing.
  • Rumiantsevite. Brown-red opaque aggregate, refers to common ornamental stones. The name of the nugget was given in honor of the archaeologist N.P. Rumyantsev.

There are also beautiful and valuable deep green grossulars called Pakistani emeralds. And green with a golden sheen stones from West Africa are known as mali garnets.

Medicinal properties

In alternative medicine, green grossulars are widely used. These gems are used for problems such as:

  • Nervous disorders, including panic attacks. A stone set in silver works more efficiently.
  • Sleep disorders. To solve the problem, the gem is stored under the pillow or near the place of sleep.
  • Violations of visual acuity. The green mineral is good for the eyes and is also used for recovery after eye surgeries.
  • Meteorological dependence, migraines, diseases of the cardiovascular system.

With skin diseases or allergic reactions, a gem of warm colors - orange or yellow - will help to cope. Healers also claim that the grossular crystal, squeezed in the palm of your hand, relieves toothache.

Magic abilities

Grossular is known in the esoteric world as a mineral of peace and tranquility. This nugget helps to build relationships between family members, friends, build communication with new people. With such a talisman, it is easier to get the location of the interlocutor. At the same time, the stone works as a guard against damage, the evil eye or other negativity.

In the event of complex life troubles, grossular restrains anxiety, fear and panic, clarifies the mind, clearing the way for making the right decisions. Thus, this nugget becomes an indispensable amulet for those who are overcome by stress, depression, emotional burnout.

In addition, the gem sharpens intuition, helps develop logical thinking, which is important for people in research professions.

Grossular is in excellent contact with other minerals and makes its owner equally sociable. Thanks to this mineral, everyone will be able to discover hitherto unknown talents, learn to dream and look positively at this world. Such a talisman will help its owner to remain pacified externally and filled with energy internally.

Jewelry with mineral

Most often, transparent stones are used to create jewelry, setting faceted crystals in gold or silver. The cost of such products is different:

  • Rings. The silver item starts at 220 euros.
  • Earrings. From 250 to 400 for silver.
  • Bracelets. A product made of opaque stones without precious metals costs up to 20 euros.
  • Beads. The average price is 40-50 euros.

Necklaces, brooches, rings, buckles are also created with the mineral.

How to distinguish a fake

Garnets, like many of its varieties, are often counterfeited, passing off cheap minerals or glass as them. Only an experienced specialist can distinguish a grossular from a fake. It is independently possible to identify only a fake made of glass by the following signs:

  • Grossular is harder than glass, so it will leave a scratch on it.
  • Natural stone heats up longer in the palms than glass.
  • Often a natural gem has inclusions in the form of dark spots.
  • Uniform, too bright coloring is only for a fake.

Most of the grossulars are rarely large. A standard crystal reaches a size of 1 centimeter. Stones measuring 3-4 cm are very rare.

Care instructions

Grossular must be protected from bumps, falls and household chemicals. Use soapy water and a soft cloth for cleaning. The stone does not like direct sunlight and sudden changes in temperature, so it is worth storing products in a separate container with an appropriate microclimate.

Astrological Compatibility

Grossular is universal in every way. Each of the Zodiacs will be able to find a common language with this stone.

("+++" - the stone fits perfectly, "+" - can be worn, "-" - absolutely contraindicated):

Zodiac sign Compatibility
Aries +
Taurus +
Gemini +
Cancer +
Lev +
Virgo +
Libra +
Scorpio + + +
Sagittarius +
Capricorn +
Aquarius + + +
Pisces +

The best relationships are with those who are born:

  • Aquarius. The talisman will direct the thoughts of Aquarius in the right direction, helping to find a way out in any situation and at the same time be in harmony with oneself.
  • Scorpio. The amulet can cool and calm the vengeful Scorpios. The stone will bring good luck in everything, including the love field, and also protect from evil.


The rest of the signs will benefit from friendship with the grossular as follows:

  • Leos will forget about indecision, vindictiveness and anxieties hidden behind a veil of external confidence.
  • Gemini will keep the balance of internal energy and the stability of the psychological state.
  • For Cancers, the mineral is useful for the prevention of diseases that eat the body from the inside, as well as protect against the accumulation of negative emotions.
  • Libra will notice a beneficial effect on the mind, logic, philosophical thinking, creativity.
  • Grossular will help virgins to develop all the best qualities, without loss helping to get out of their usual comfort zone in order to achieve their goals.
  • Capricorns are natural-born entrepreneurs, whom the stone will help to adapt to the pitfalls in a difficult commercial business.
  • Sagittarius will receive from the talisman the protection of family well-being and love relationships.
  • A grossular amulet will help Pisces to gain strength of mind, form an inner core in order to learn how to unwaveringly make important decisions.

The only sign with which it is very difficult for a grossular to find a common language is Aries. The nature of people born under this constellation is absolutely opposite to the essence of the gem. However, having felt the benevolence of Aries, the mineral will definitely give its full energy to the new owner.

Interesting Facts

Despite its low popularity, grossular has left a noticeable mark in history. The British, who were known as colonizers, felt the hatred of the Indian natives in conjunction with the natural forces of the mineral. The Indians knew that the wounds that the mineral leaves on the human body are hard and take a long time to heal.

Therefore, in order to drive out the enslavers, the inhabitants of the colonial lands produced grossular bullets. The plan worked - the British left the colony. Since then, for Europeans, the grossular has become a symbol of purity of thought.

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