Quartz - description and types, for whom it is suitable, magical and medicinal properties, jewelry and price

Quartz rock is the basis of most of the minerals found in the bowels of our planet. The lion's share of ornamental and semi-precious gems is nothing more than a variety of quartz. Speaking about the magical or healing properties of this nugget, one cannot mean quartz as such in its pure form. Each of its varieties has an independent name, as well as a completely distinct appearance, properties and features.


History and origin

Quartz is a unique creation of nature, which is the parent rock for the minerals of our planet. This nugget is found everywhere and everywhere, occupying 60% of the Earth's lithosphere. It is not surprising that all ancient nations knew about the existence of this stone, from the western peoples of the Saxons and Celts, ending with the Hindus and Japanese far in the East.

Of course, without modern chemical research, ancient people could not find out that most of the gems found belonged to the quartz family. Therefore, any kind of mineral was rightfully considered an independent stone. People considered quartz only colorless or pale-colored translucent nuggets. The mineral was highly valued by alchemists and magicians, who carefully studied the properties of every known variety.


Later, when science reached the highest stage of development, scientists discovered new valuable qualities of quartz. Having studied the physical properties of the mineral, people began to use the stone to create optical elements of technology, as well as a generator of electromagnetic and sound waves in piezoelectric devices. Quartz is used to make fire-resistant refractory materials and is used in the manufacture of glass.

In the XNUMXth century, artificial production of quartz crystals became available to science. The new method of mineral synthesis made it possible to obtain a stone of the desired shape, size, symmetry, which is very important when creating high-precision instruments. Of course, a synthetic stone has not bypassed jewelry, because the artificial cultivation of a mineral makes it possible to obtain shades that are not characteristic of a natural nugget.

Quartz deposits

Quartz rock is found on all continents of the globe. Many states are mining various types of minerals. Development is carried out in a quarry way or manually. Quartz occurs in dolomites, limestones, placers of rocks. The location of the mineral is different - mountains, plains, seashores, river deltas. Quartz monomineral sand is of great value for industry.

quartz mineral

Large-scale deposits of valuable industrial and jewelry gems are famous for:

  • Бразилия.
  • Russia.
  • Ukraine.
  • Kazakhstan.
  • Uruguay.
  • Mexico.
  • Sri Lanka.
  • Madagascar.
  • USA.

physical properties

The chemical basis of quartz is silicon oxide. However, part of the pure mineral in the bowels of the earth is only 12%. The remaining nuggets contain impurities that cause a variety of shades. Quartz transmits light through itself, but there are a number of opaque varieties of this mineral. In terms of hardness, quartz is second only to diamond or corundum.

Property Description
Formula SiO2
Density 2,6-2,65 g / cm³
Refractive index 1,544
Hardness 7
Syngonia Trigonal.
Kink Crustaceous.
Cleavage Imperfect.
shine Glassy in solid masses, sometimes greasy.
Transparency Transparent or opaque.
Color Colorless, pink, white, purple, grey, yellow, brown and black.

Mineral varieties

The variety of varieties of quartz is due to the ability to come into contact with all nearby elements, regardless of their origin. The union with manganese, calcium, iron, nickel, chromium and other chemical components gives the newly formed miners a characteristic color, as well as a different appearance. Thus, the "brainchildren" of quartz become independent subspecies with their own names:

  • Citrine. Considered a semi-precious mineral. The stone is transparent, endowed with a yellow color of various shades.stone
  • Pink quartz. Gem of rich pink color, highly valued by jewelers.pink
  • Chalcedony. A group of minerals, in turn, numbering many individual varieties. The bulk of subspecies are opaque minerals, characterized by characteristic patterning due to various inclusions (sardonyx, agate, onyx).chalcedony
  • Rhinestone. This is pure quartz. The mineral is a transparent colorless crystals, the only ones from the family that belong to the category of precious stones.rhinestone
  • Hairy. The crystal has small crystalline inclusions, has a golden tint and a delicate sheen. Another name for a stone with rutile crystals is rutile quartz.hairy quartz
  • Amethyst. A semi-precious mineral of lilac or violet color, which acts as a material for decorating jewelry, as well as a collector's item.amethyst
  • Morion. First-class ornamental and semi-precious stone of dark brown or black color, endowed with a matte luster.Morion
  • Aventurine. Shimmering yellow or brown-red quartzite. There are also specimens of gray and blue colors. The mineral is opaque, and its surface is strewn with silvery or golden dots, which makes the stone look like a starry sky.white
  • Rauchtopaz or smoky quartz. A translucent nugget of light shades of gray or brown. The stone is endowed with a light haze, for which you get your name.rauchtopaz
  • Heliotrope. A gem of blue-green or green color with bright red patches, for which the mineral was called blood jasper. There are samples interspersed with yellow.
  • Sapphire quartz. Transparent gem with a bluish tint.minerals
  • Cat's Eye. A translucent mineral with a variety of shades (pink, white, gray) and a characteristic vertical line in the form of a cat's pupil.cat's eye
  • Falcon и eye of the Tiger. "Eye" gems, fellow cat's eyes. They differ from the latter in opacity and color palette - the hawk eye is blue-blue, and the tiger eye is endowed with a golden brown or reddish color.Hawkeye
  • Prase. A rare green mineral with a variety of shades - there are stones of gray-green, grassy, ​​emerald color. The amount of impurities determines the transparency of the nugget.
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With all the variety of shades, nature has not created transparent blue quartz, and similar stones of a green or blue palette are very rare and unique.

Healing properties of quartz

It is impossible to generalize the medicinal properties of so many varieties. Each of the stones of quartz origin is special, differing from the others not only in appearance, but also in its effect on the human body. Therefore, when describing the healing capabilities of quartz, we are talking about transparent minerals of light shades or colorless stones. These subspecies are considered the closest to "pure" quartz.

The main areas of action of the mineral are the respiratory organs, the nervous system, and the skin. It is interesting that water infused with quartz has the maximum therapeutic effect. In this case, the gem is placed in a container with liquid for a period of 24 hours, after which this “infusion” is filtered. The resulting product is used both externally and internally.

External use is effective for dermatitis, various inflammations. Also, quartz water perfectly fights acne and acne, improves the general condition of the skin. Some cosmetology centers use such water as a means for rejuvenation.


Compresses with quartz "tincture" promote rapid regeneration, healing wounds, cuts, abrasions, resolving hematomas and bruises. The internal use of quartz water helps to treat colds.

Did you know that one of the varieties of stone slows down aging and promotes longevity. Pink gem has a positive effect on all body functions, making a person immune to disease. In addition, the stone heals mental wounds, improves the psycho-emotional state, and normalizes sleep. Due to the combination of effects on the body, the mineral becomes a source of a long and healthy life.

Gems of green shades calm the nerves, help overcome depression, relieve stress. To do this, it is recommended to wear jewelry made of such stones in the head or wrist area.

Mineral Magic

The magical properties of quartz, along with healing abilities, are different for each type of stone. It is impossible to generalize the influence of this or that nugget on human life. Therefore, when it comes to the abilities of a nugget, the most “pure” varieties of it are meant - transparent or translucent stones of light shades or colorless minerals (rock crystal). The remaining subspecies in mineralogy and esotericism act as independent stones, so each of them is carefully studied and described separately.

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First of all, the magic of quartz manifests itself in the field of clairvoyance and divination. Rose quartz, together with rock crystal, are guides to the other world, so it is from these nuggets that magic balls are made. In addition, the pink mineral attracts good luck on the love front. Such a stone, in particular, like red, is used to make love potions.

rose stone jewelry

Rauchtopaz, also known as smoky quartz, is an amulet for merchants. This mineral makes the owner a strategist, helping to make important right decisions. But milky crystals are an attribute of meditation. Such a stone helps a person to relax, concentrate on internal sensations, immerse himself in his world.

Amethyst is a stone of truth. The lilac mineral literally unties a person's tongue, even if it is contrary to his own will. In addition, amethyst reveals a poisoned drink - a gem immersed in a poisoned liquid immediately becomes cloudy.

It is interesting! From ancient times, noble nobles decorated their dishes with amethyst, so as not to become a victim of insidious poisoning with poisons. Today, lithotherapists have revealed the positive effect of amethyst on alcohol and drug addicts - the stone helps them get rid of addictions.

Green quartzites are suitable for diplomats. With such a talisman, a person in any situation will feel confident in his own abilities.

Many minerals from the quartz family are relatives. However, most of them belong to different elements, characterized by distinguishable properties from each other. Amulets from different nuggets act differently on a person. Some are able to attract good luck, while others, on the contrary, bring misfortune. Therefore, choosing a quartz talisman for yourself, you should carefully study the influence of each of its subspecies, choosing the most suitable one for yourself.

Zodiac Compatibility

Since most quartzites belong to the elements of Water and Earth, then the favorites of these stones will be people born under the signs of these elements. Astrological affiliation means quartz stones of white or pink color. Each of the other subspecies of the mineral appears in astrology independently.

("+++" - the stone fits perfectly, "+" - can be worn, "-" - absolutely contraindicated):

Zodiac sign Compatibility
Taurus +
Gemini + + +
Cancer +
Lev +
Virgo +
Libra + + +
Scorpio +
Capricorn +
Aquarius + + +
Pisces +

Rose quartz is a positive, peaceful mineral. Therefore, no one has contraindications to wearing this stone. The stone will give each of the constellations something of its own, however, the pink gem has perfect compatibility with Libra and Taurus. The talisman will bring good luck, happiness, love to these people, while protecting them from negativity.

In the case of rock crystal, things are a little more complicated. This mineral acts as a strong magical and energy source, therefore it is not suitable for all signs. Rock crystal is suitable for such constellations:

  • Libra, Aquarius, Gemini. With them, the stone has perfect compatibility. The talisman will direct energy to the powerful protection of the owner from negativity, bring good luck, and reveal talents.
  • For Scorpions, Pisces and Cancer, the nugget promises happiness. Rock crystal will give such people self-confidence, help them achieve their goals, overcoming all obstacles.


Capricorns and Virgos can also wear rock crystal, with the exception of the smoky variety (rauchtopaz). Smoky quartz can only be worn by those representatives of Virgo and Capricorn who suffer from harmful addictions (alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking). For them, the mineral will become a lifeline, helping to overcome bad habits. And here Aries and Sagittarius are undesirable owners for any kind of rock crystal.

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Compatibility with other minerals

Talking about the combination of quartz with other stones is as difficult as talking about the magical or healing properties of this mineral. Since the name "quartz" implies a whole group of related, but completely different stones in terms of energy, it is difficult to find a "friendly company" for it. Indeed, even some quartz "brothers" are completely incompatible with each other, like citrine with morion.

The compatibility of minerals is considered based on the belonging of the stones to a particular element. The vast majority of quartz are stones of the Earth and Air.

These elements are neutral to each other. Earth gems include agate, morion, chalcedony, prase and onyx, these varieties are friendly with each other:

Air quartzites include rauchtopaz, citrine, rock crystal, sardonyx, and also rose quartz. These minerals favorably relate to fiery stones, are neutral with the Earth, but cannot stand the representatives of Water. Among the compatible minerals (in addition to the quartz "brothers" of the earth group):

Jewelry with mineral

Quartz is widely used in the manufacture of magical attributes, amulets, talismans. Some of the most beautiful varieties of quartz are used by jewelers to create jewelry. For example, citrine and amethyst are used as an insert in silver products. The cost of jewelry is not prohibitive, since quartz is not an expensive mineral:

  • Amethyst beads cost an average of 12 euros. If the lilac quartz is accompanied by a pink mineral, rock crystal and citrine, then such a tandem jewelry will cost about 30-45 euros.
  • The bracelet varies in the range of 9-13 euros.
  • Earrings made of alloy start from 8 euros, if the item is made of silver, then the cost will reach 40 euros.
  • Rings with amethyst in silver will cost an average of 20-25 euros.
  • Silver pendants with quartz start at 13 euros.

In addition, online stores offer a wide range of quartz beads, cabochons for needlework. Therefore, every skilled handmaker will be able to independently make an author's jewelry from this gem.

How to distinguish a fake

Faking quartz is impractical due to its low cost. However, sometimes there is still a risk of stumbling upon a lime mineral. Especially when it comes to blue quartz, which simply does not exist in nature. It is also worth remembering that transparent green or blue quartz is a very rare natural phenomenon.

The most common counterfeit material is glass. You can check the imitation using another glass or metal object, trying to scratch the gem with them. A natural nugget or an artificially grown mineral (which is not considered a fake) will remain without the slightest scratch.

How to care and wear

Quartz is an unpretentious stone in care and wearing. You can buy products with a mineral in any weather, lunar phase, with any solar activity. And also the stone does not succumb to the destructive effects of alkalis and acids, so household chemicals are not afraid of gems. However, deliberately exposing jewelry to such an influence is still not worth it. You can clean quartz with soapy water and a soft sponge or cloth.

On the hand

In nature, one cannot find more many-sided stones than quartz, just as one cannot find a person who would not make friends with at least one of its varieties. Mother Earth did her best to provide humanity with unlimited energy and healing protection for many centuries before and after our generation. Thank her for this.


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