Kyanite - description and varieties, magical and medicinal properties of the stone, jewelry and their price

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For a long time, gems have been considered a source of life-giving power that can restore health, happiness, and self-confidence. The magic of kyanite will show the right path.

History and origin

The cornflower blue mineral has been known since the Renaissance. The history of the emergence of kyanite in Russia begins in the XNUMXth century. In those days, gems were delivered from overseas countries.

A variety of gemstone mined in India was often mistaken for a yahont. Merchants at that time could not always distinguish high-quality kyanite from sapphire. Amazingly beautiful jewelry stone was highly valued and popular.


At the end of the XNUMXth century, the German geologist Werner gave a name to the sapphire crystal, which means "blue" in Greek. Another definition of "disthene" was applied by the French mineralogist René Gayuy. The famous crystallographer in the title emphasized the unusual physical properties of the mineral. In Slavic land, the gem was called "baus", like other blue jewels.

Metamorphism of aluminous sedimentary rocks leads to the formation of kyanite. As a result of high temperature and pressure, long-columnar crystals are formed. Elongated, lamellar formations vaguely resemble the structure of a tree.

Kyanite has many synonymous names. Jewelers, collectors and gemologists call it:

  • cyanite;
  • reticite;
  • blue beryl;
  • xantholite;
  • sapphire spar.

Kyanite deposits


Deposits of jewelry stones exist in many corners of the globe:

  • The world leader in the production of kyanite used for industrial purposes is the United States. It is mined: in South and North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Montana, Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut.
  • The most valuable specimens are found in India: in the states of Punjab and Kashmir. This country is the main supplier of jewelry kyanites suitable for cutting.
  • Sky blue and blue kyanites, amenable to jewelry processing, are mined in Russia: in the Urals, in Siberia, in Karelia and on the Kola Peninsula.
  • There are deposits of limiting stones in Europe: in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and France.
  • Jewelry crystals, almost indistinguishable from sapphires, are found in the mountains of Nepal.
  • Large deposits of the mineral are found in Brazil, Pakistan, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Burma.

physical properties

The double indicator of hardness distinguishes the gem from all other minerals. Along the crystal you can scratch it, across it it is impossible to do so. Due to this property, disthene (the second name of the mineral, the unusual double hardness of the mineral) is difficult to process. However, a transparent, translucent gem with a pearly sheen is very attractive and is widely used as jewelry.

yellow-blue mineral

Property Description
Formula Al2O(SiO4)
Hardness 4-7
Density 3,56-3,67 g / cm³
Refractive index 1,72
Cleavage Perfect by {100}.
Kink Splintery.
Syngonia Triclinic.
shine Glass (pearl).
Transparency Transparent, translucent.
Color Blue, green, yellow, violet, colorless, black.

Stone types

It is known that the blue stone has many amazing shades, which is facilitated by the presence of impurities in the chemical composition. If you look at the crystal from different angles, the color in it shimmers and changes into a tone. Natural mineral is found in the following shades:

  • Navy blue;
  • azure;
  • cobalt;
  • sapphire;
  • aquamarine;
  • sky blue;
  • green-yellow;
  • violet-blue;
  • lettuce;
  • Orange color.
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In appearance, kyanite is similar to other stones, but genuine physical properties make a significant difference.

Medicinal properties

The widespread use of the gem in lithotherapy is justified by the high content of healing vibrations in kyanite. The characteristic of properties indicates that the crystal is used for treatment and restorative action.

The healing properties of the gem help to regulate the functioning of the brain. Improve memory, thought process, free consciousness from disturbing thoughts. People prone to panic attacks are freed from this unpleasant phenomenon.

An energy charge that improves the general condition of a person, increases tone and helps to regulate vital processes in the body:

  • balancing metabolism, metabolism and cell regeneration gives a “rejuvenating” effect, leads to energy conservation, promotes a surge of vigor;
  • the ability to strengthen immunity at any age, helps the child's body avoid infectious diseases;
  • sedative effect normalizes sleep, relieves nightmares;
  • daily wearing of jewelry, in which there is a healing stone, leads to healing from nervous disorders;
  • with the help of jewelry with a stone, a depressive state is forced out, in return comes a charge of optimism and self-confidence;
  • impact on the genitourinary system relieves ailments of both women and men;
  • to eliminate sore throats and get rid of respiratory diseases, it will help those who can approach kyanite as an amulet;
  • normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, acceleration of digestive processes, promotes weight loss;
  • regulation of blood pressure, beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.


Important! In the treatment of complex diseases, where the use of medicines is required, the mineral helps the body absorb nutrients, which helps to speed up the healing process and complete recovery.

Magical properties

It is known that the mineral favorably affects the state of the physical body and the emotional background. The same applies to the human mental field. An endless stream of thoughts can be streamlined with the help of the energy of the gem.

To do this, it is enough to take a comfortable, relaxed posture, you can lie down or reclining. Place the right hand on the back of the head, and place the left hand on the crown of the head. The main thing is to have an amulet with a stone with you, which primarily gives a pacifying effect.

Natural stone definitely affects the existence of a person. The magical stone kyanite helps in the main areas of life. A beneficial effect on consciousness improves concentration, reduces the risk of rash acts, mistakes and other troubles. The choice of the only correct solution is also one of the merits of the magic stone.


The compatibility of the mineral with the energy of the owner contributes to the settlement of internal and external conflicts. It helps to reason with negative manifestations in character, improves relationships with other people.

The wonderful properties of the crystal have a positive effect on personal life, bestow romanticism on a bored couple. Recommendation to the union on the verge of breaking due to betrayal to purchase an amulet with kyanite. Since ancient times, the baus has been a symbol of devotion to the senses.

Prudence and prudence contribute to the repayment of brewing quarrels and scandals, help to direct the dialogue in the right direction. The upcoming meeting or interview, which is of no small importance for a person, will be successful if you have a magic stone with you.

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Talismans and amulets

A ring with kyanite, which is under the protection of Saturn, should be worn on the middle finger of the working hand. In this case, its owner will feel a surge of vivacity, optimism and self-confidence.

A ring with a kyanite insert, worn on the index finger, will save its owner from indecision and strengthen his faith in himself.

Brooches with a gem are best placed in the heart area.

Talismans with kyanite, which make their owner prudent and prudent, are recommended to be kept by people who are capable of adultery, making adventures and making hasty decisions.

The gem will become an excellent talisman for people engaged in mental work: politicians, teachers, lawyers and doctors.

For a long time, kyanite has gained a reputation as a talisman for travelers and adventurers. It is believed that one face of the crystal, hanging on a thin thread, always turns to the north.

Esotericists believe that a gem endowed with the ability to activate mental abilities should be carried by schoolchildren, students and teachers.

Orange crystals will have a beneficial effect on everyone whose professions are related to art. They will give creative natures the inspiration necessary for the realization of the most ambitious ideas. The stone can protect its owner from betrayal and deceit, but only under the condition of honest behavior of the owner himself.

As a talisman, you can use exclusively whole crystals that do not have chips and cracks, since damaged stones will attract failures and all sorts of troubles. Having taken on a truly formidable danger that threatens the owner, kyanite can crack. Such a stone should be replaced immediately.


Compatibility with zodiac signs

The astrological properties of the gem help to acquire the missing qualities, experience and knowledge of the following representatives of the zodiac circle.

("++" - the stone fits perfectly, "+" - can be worn, "-" - absolutely contraindicated):

Zodiac sign Compatibility
Aries +
Taurus +
Gemini ++
Cancer +
Lev +
Virgo +
Libra +
Scorpio +
Sagittarius ++
Capricorn +
Pisces +
  • For Gemini and Sagittarius, kyanite helps in self-improvement, calms impulsiveness, protects against making rash decisions. The crystal protects from external irritants that provoke outbursts of rage and anger, this prevents the occurrence of conflicts.
  • Cancer, Pisces and Libra - disten "takes care" of everyone to whom this zodiac sign belongs. A person under the influence of a talisman gains self-confidence, a charge of optimism and stimulus.
  • Taurus and Aries from the baus will receive a boost of energy that awakens the desire to create and create.


Other signs of the zodiac, except for Aquarius, can use the talisman as a shield against negative manifestations or wear it as an ornament.

Compatible with other stones

Kyanita is ruled by the planet Jupiter. This celestial body is the patron of the following stones, which also have a blue color:

Kyanite goes well with the stones of Mercury: emerald, malachite, sultanite.

And also with the stones of Venus: a diamond, zircon, pink tourmaline and quartz, white disgrace.

Jewelry with mineral and their price

The product with kyanite looks great, the frame is made of silver or white gold. A high-quality stone is used in expensive jewelry if it is possible to perform an exquisite cut.

It is mainly performed in the form of cabochons or inserts of arbitrary shape. However, for stylish amulets, a crystal fragment can be used. The main thing is to connect the imagination and complete the original design of the artifact.

Jewelry crystal is expensive and is sold mainly in finished products. But ornamental exhibits are very accessible to everyone. Examples of samples that can be bought on store shelves are offered.

  • the price of kyanite tumbling from Brazil, 2,5-3 cm in size, is only $3,5;
  • a fragment of Karelian fuchsite, 4–5 cm in size, costs $4;
  • Brazilian black kyanite, 5-2,5 cm in size, costs $7;
  • a ball of fuchsite and kyanite, 49 mm in diameter, costs $37;
  • pendant from disten, Brazil deposit, valued at $10;
  • a beaded bracelet costs $23;
  • a silver ring with a round stone costs $35;
  • beads can be bought for $40.
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The more elegantly the work is done and the more expensive the material used, the higher the cost of jewelry. For example, elegant 925 sterling silver earrings with sapphire crystals cost $100, while a string of green kyanite beads costs $135.

Another use of kyanite stone

Snuff boxes, caskets and small figurines are made from ornamental stones, and they are also used as a facing material.

The main value of kyanite, which has high strength, hardness and fire resistance, lies in its use as an important industrial material, in casting:

  • enamels;
  • plastic;
  • porcelain and ceramic tiles;
  • refractory cement;
  • electrical insulators;
  • automotive spark plugs;
  • sanitary products (baths, toilet bowls and sinks);
  • crucibles for steel smelting.

How to distinguish a fake

When buying a jewel or an ornamental stone, you probably would like not to make a mistake in choosing and purchase a quality product. Natural kyanite can be independently distinguished from a fake in the following ways:

  • The coloring is carefully examined. A natural gem has a non-uniform shade. Inside there are spikes in the form of strips, with the help of which light is refracted.
  • The dual hardness of the mineral is checked using the point of a needle. When the tip is drawn across the pebble, no trace remains, if the needle is drawn along the crystal, a scratch is formed.


Important! Natural stones, which have a low cost, are given out as expensive specimens. Fraudsters use baus as an imitation of sapphire.

How to wear and how to care for products

Fragile stones require careful care. This also applies to kyanite, since it has a dual hardness and, in the event of an impact, is capable of cracking. A damaged gem will not be useful, but on the contrary, it can harm the owner. In order to preserve the beauty and properties of the magic crystal for a long time, you should protect it from blows and try not to drop it.

On the hand

Rules for wearing and caring for kyanite products:

  • Wear jewelry carefully so that the crystal does not come into contact with other stones.
  • Wash items with soapy water and running water.
  • Do not use brushes or abrasive compounds.
  • Dry at room temperature.
  • Store in a separate case or case lined with a soft cloth.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep away from heating devices.

Important! When using an amulet for protection or treatment, it is required to additionally cleanse with water.

Kyanite has amazing power and properties that can change people's lives. However, there is a contraindication. True, this applies to those who wish to use the crystal with malicious intent. In no case should a bous be used to the detriment of others, otherwise the process will turn into big trouble for the instigator.


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