Labrador - description and varieties, magical and healing properties of the stone, price

More than two thousand years ago, a mineral of incredible beauty was discovered to mankind, the properties and power of which are being studied to this day, but have not yet been fully disclosed. Having gone through the history of many peoples, the Labrador opened up to new nations and continents gradually, changing the names, properties, and lives of people. Today this stone is a symbol of inexhaustible energy, bodily and spiritual harmony, infinity of consciousness and subconsciousness.

History of origin

The mysterious gem opened the world to the no less mysterious northern people - the Hyperboreans. It was they who, according to legend, were the first to discover not only the mineral, but also its strong magical properties. After some time, it became known that the Labrador faithfully serves a worthy owner, and a dishonorable person leads to an early death.


It is interesting! One of the ancient myths describes the Labrador as the moonlight that fell on the stones near the stream. Lunar glare turned into a scattering of wonderful stones, succumbing to the gaze of the sorceress.

The ancient Greek people revered the nugget as a sacred mineral. Solidarity towards the gem was shown by the Chaldeans - the priests of Babylon and Mesopotamia. The iridescent glare of the gem was considered a divine gaze. They prayed for a nugget, holding it in their hands or placing it over a window opening. Even then, people knew that a Labrador should have only one owner, otherwise the gem would lose its power. Therefore, the best storage for a personal copy was a leather pouch tied around the heart.

Hindus of ancient times discovered in the nugget the ability to protect the love of the family hearth. Spouses were supposed to have a pair of stones - male and female. Gems of greenish-blue tones were considered masculine, and brown-gold minerals were considered feminine.

Labrador acted as a messenger of heaven for the people of Kievan Rus. The gem was endowed with incredible healing power sent down from above. The mineral began to be widely used in the construction of cathedrals, temples, tombs of rulers.

labrador stone

Passing through the centuries, the nugget was called by different names, it was mistaken for other minerals. So the Labrador was called the black moonstone, fish eye, black opal, peacock stone. Later it was confused with labradorite - a rocky rock.

The end of the XNUMXth century was marked by several important stages in the history of stone. People have discovered large mineral deposits in Canada and Russia. As a result, the Labrador has become extremely popular in Europe. Fashionistas sought to adorn themselves with jewelry with a mineral, and complemented their homes with exquisite decor items. Later, during the Soviet era, the labrador became a popular facing material during the construction of the subway and the Mausoleum.

The official name of the stone was given by the Canadian Labrador Peninsula of the same name, where the mineral was discovered. And on the territory of Russia, lumps of a Labrador were found by chance, during the construction of the Hermitage. Popularity was not long in coming - all Russian nobility did not miss the opportunity to decorate their apartments with a gem. However, until now, the mysterious mineral has not revealed to mankind the essence of some of its mysterious properties.

Labradorite or labradorite

In many European countries, a labrador is called a labradorite. This often leads to confusion, as labradorite is also the name given to an igneous rock that slightly resembles a labradorite in appearance and some physical properties.

Here you need to understand that labradorite differs from labradorite in composition, physical and medicinal properties, so it is a mistake to put an equal sign between these minerals.

Labrador deposits

Canada and Ukraine are famous for the largest gem mining sites. In Russia, the mineral is mined on the territory of the Khabarovsk and Krasnoyarsk Territories, Buryatia and Yakutia. The following states also possess Labrador deposits:

  • Mexico.
  • Australia.
  • India.
  • USA.
  • Бразилия.
  • Germany.
  • Greenland.
  • Burma.
  • Mongolia.
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The islands of Sri Lanka and Madagascar have the most beautiful examples with multicolor iridescence. A high-quality ornamental stone is found in Tibet. Unique specimens also come from Finland.

physical properties

A mineral from the feldspar group is brittle, easily damaged by impact, melts at high temperatures, and is also amenable to the destructive effects of acids.

Property Description
Formula 30—50% NaAlSi3O8+50—70% CaAl2Si2O8
Impurities Fe, K, Mg
Hardness 6-6,5
Density 2,69-2,70 g / cm³
Refractive index 1,560-1,568
Syngonia Triclinic.
Kink Uneven, stepped and brittle.
Cleavage Perfect.
shine Glassy to metallic.
Transparency Opaque.
Color Smoky gray, dark gray to almost black with a bright play of colors.

An interesting feature of the Labrador is iridescence - the play of light on the surface of the stone, shimmering in different shades. This effect is inherent in the iris of our eyes, so the Labrador is often called the peacock, fish, cat's eye and other similar names. The phenomenon of iridescence is also called labradorescence or labradorization. Iridescent highlights look more pronounced on the treated surface of the stone.

Mineral varieties

Labrador is classified not by the shades of the mined specimens, but by the optical properties. Depending on the spectrum of light reflections, the following types of mineral are distinguished:

  • Spectrolite. A stone that shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow spectrum. This rare miracle of nature is mined in Finland.spectrolite
  • Black Moonstone. A mineral endowed with blue or blue irisation. Madagascar is considered the birthplace of this nugget. This kind of gem was identified with a peacock feather, for which it was also called moonstone
  • Sun stone. The gem comes from the United States of America with amazing golden iridescence.Sun Stone

It is the shimmering highlights that give the Labrador beauty and charm. The color of the stone varies between dark blue and gray shades, approaching black.

At that time, Russia was already swallowed up by the fashion for labrador decor - jewelry, interior items, interior cladding. Even the dresses of noble fashionistas were sewn from a special type of silk called "tausin". The color of the fabric accurately conveyed the shade of black moonstone.

Healing power

Labrador contains a number of medicinal properties that affect not only individual problem areas, but the entire body as a whole. The stone is used by healers in cases of:

  • hypertension;
  • eye diseases;
  • infectious and viral diseases;
  • disorders of the nervous system (psychosis, stress, insomnia or disturbing dreams, depressive states);
  • problems with bones, muscles or joints.


In addition, lithotherapists note a positive result after a massage using any type of stone - the joints become more mobile, muscle and other types of pain in the musculoskeletal system disappear, salt deposition slows down.

Among the possibilities of the Labrador, doctors note a general strengthening effect on the body. The stone ensures the smooth functioning of the immune system, normalizes metabolism, improves memory, and increases the efficiency of the brain. This makes the mineral indispensable for people engaged in mental work.

On this, the healing abilities of the gem do not dry out. Labrador acts as an assistant for women and men when there is a problem:

  • infertility;
  • impotence;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • kidney disease;
  • drug or alcohol addiction.

Labrador will help a woman not only conceive, but also bear a healthy child. And also experts are inclined to believe that the stone is able to prevent the development of oncology.

The unimaginable play of light makes the mineral not only outwardly attractive. Spectral changes on the surface of the mineral directly affect the emotional state of a person. Constant interaction with a Labrador improves mood, helping to enjoy life without stress, insomnia or nightmares.

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magical aspects

It is not surprising that with such a set of medicinal properties, the Labrador is no less powerful magically. Since ancient times, it has been used by magicians and sorcerers in order to enhance the ability of divination. Modern psychics use the gem for seances, penetration into the minds of people in order to read thoughts, reveal the secrets of the past or present. It is also known that a mineral placed next to a pillow causes prophetic dreams.

It is not easy to tame this gem, because the Labrador reveals all the hidden traits of the owner, and they are not always good. Wherein it must be remembered that the owner of the stone can be only one. This applies not only to the constant wearing of the mineral - even touching the talisman is undesirable for anyone if you do not want to destroy your tandem.


A sparkling nugget acts as a talisman of the family hearth. Moreover, for complete harmony, it is recommended to have stones of male and female belonging. The lightest shades of the stone are considered male minerals, and the dark ones are considered female.

Any kind of Labrador is able to develop intuition, which protects a person from wrong decisions and rash actions. The talisman activates the imagination, giving rise to new ideas, contributing to the development of a personality that is in harmony with itself and the outside world.

Since ancient times, the mineral was considered the keeper of creative natures - poets, musicians, painters, sculptors. Nothing has changed over the centuries. Revealing talents, the stone pushes people to accomplish the impossible, moving beyond the limits of their dreams.

Based on this, experts do not advise young, emotionally immature individuals to wear a labrador amulet. Such an alliance is fraught with the emergence of a craving for adventures, which can lead to disastrous consequences. Another thing is a person with a wealth of life experience, who understands what and why he is doing.

Compatibility with Zodiac signs

The main requirement of a Labrador is character. The stone will destroy the wicked person, leading him to a dead end in life.

("+++" - the stone fits perfectly, "+" - can be worn, "-" - absolutely contraindicated):

Zodiac sign Compatibility
Taurus + + +
Gemini +
Cancer + + +
Virgo + + +
Libra +
Scorpio + + +
Capricorn +
Aquarius +
Pisces + + +

The nugget is ideal for water signs:

  • Fish.
  • Scorpio.
  • Cancer.

For representatives of Water, the gem promises harmony, happiness, becoming a protector and friend.

In addition to these signs, a sparkling nugget is suitable for:

  • Virgins. The female half of the representatives of the sign will extract only good things from an alliance with a Labrador. Virgo women will become prudent, cautious in their actions, bright, energetic. The talisman will highlight only the best qualities of the Virgin.
  • Taurus. The mineral will bring them new knowledge, invaluable experience. Taurus will become more open, bold, saying goodbye to old complexes.

Astrological incompatibility is observed with the minerals of the element of Fire - Lions, Sagittarius, Aries. The stone will slow down such people, preventing them from achieving goals, building a career, family, and so on. At the same time, all negative qualities will be multiplied and brought to the attention of others. The addition will be suddenly increased outbursts of anger, nervousness.

Compatible with other stones

The Labrador belongs to the element of Earth, which makes him compatible with his earthly counterparts:

Favored by the Labrador to the gems of Water (disgrace, moonstone и alexandrite) and is neutral with Air stones (amazonite, citrine, rock crystal). Categorical incompatibility only with fiery representatives - pomegranate, topaz, onyx, carnelian and emerald.

Jewelry with mineral

The Labrador is widely used by jewelers. The price of a gem depends on its variety, degree of iridescence. Accordingly, the cost of a piece of jewelry comes from the price of the stone, the material of the setting, and the work of the craftsman.

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The averages fluctuate within the following limits:

  • A silver ring - from 120 euros, a gold ring with the highest grade stone reaches 2 thousand euros.
  • Silver pendant - from 100 euros.
  • Silver earrings - 100-160 euros, gold - up to 2200 euros.
  • A silver bracelet will cost an average of 200 euros.

Souvenirs are also made from Labrador. The average cost of a small figurine is 80-90 euros.

How to distinguish a fake

On sale you can find fake Labrador. Also, some sellers put up for sale stones of unknown origin (rock crystal is most often used for this), calling them an artificial labrador.

Here you need to understand the following - today there is no artificial Labrador that would be indistinguishable in all respects from a natural stone. Therefore, buying such a stone is stupid - if some artificial stones reproduce natural stones very accurately, then an artificial labrador is actually a cheap fake.

You can distinguish a real mineral from a fake as follows:

  1. A real labrador stone shimmers in the light with blue, blue-green and iridescent colors, while a fake does not have such an effect.
  2. Also, you should ask the seller to provide a quality certificate that confirms the origin of the Labrador. If the jewelry seller refuses, then it makes sense to refuse the purchase.

How to wear and care

Labrador goes well with business style. An impeccably white shirt is accentuated by neat earrings with a mineral. Thus, it will be possible to create a discreet, intellectual, but at the same time very seductive image.

A charming evening dress will certainly cause a sensation, combined with a shimmering stone. It can be a massive necklace, a sophisticated pendant or a set of jewelry.

Labradors must be handled with care. The stone is very sensitive to acids, so it is not recommended to use chemical cleaning agents, it is enough to rinse the gem with running water.

The Labrador Retriever needs regular polishing. For these purposes, a soft cloth or brush is suitable. Polishing is necessary to maintain shine and shimmer.

It is better to store the stone separately from other jewelry, especially if the neighboring minerals are harder. A box with soft walls is perfect.

The gem is resistant to temperature extremes, however, it is not worth deliberately exposing the mineral to such changes. It does not hurt to periodically charge the mineral in the light of the moon.


It is not recommended to wear a stone continuously and daily, as strong energy can be unpredictable, turning either in a positive or in a negative direction.

Labrador is a stone that connects the Earth with the Cosmos, consciousness with the subconscious, the astral body with the physical. Not everyone is given to make friends with him, for someone friendship can be fatal. However, this wonderful creation of nature is an invaluable gift of our planet, created to protect, heal, guide a person, bringing each ward closer to the ideal.

Interesting Facts

Let's learn some interesting facts about the Labrador:

  • Lithotherapists believe that the Labrador can somehow accumulate the energy of the moon. Therefore, during the full moon, it must be placed in an open place so that it recharges.
  • In Kyiv, at the end of the XNUMXth century, the Church of the Tithes was built, which was decorated with small fragments of a labrador. Scientists still do not know where these stones were mined.
  • Seven centuries ago, it was believed that every wealthy Indian woman should have a Labrador bracelet.
  • At the end of the XNUMXth century, a small Labrador found in Russia was sold for huge money. The uniqueness of the stone was that in shape it is very reminiscent of the profile of the famous French king Louis XIV.
  • It is believed that Labrador owners can sometimes dream things.

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