Lepidolite - description, magical and healing properties of the stone, the cost of jewelry

Few people know this mineral, which came to us from the depths of the earth. A rare natural talent, a young and mysterious miracle. The properties of lepidolite are still being studied - scientists, lithotherapists and astrologers discover new possibilities in the gem.

History of origin

By structure, the mineral is a lithium-containing mica with a scaly structure - flexible thin plates, firmly soldered together, form a solid stone base. Hence the name - lepidolite, which in Greek means "scaly stone".


The first description of the mineral dates back to 1792. Martin Heinrich Klaproth, a chemist from Germany, first dubbed the stone lilalite because of the amazing color that combines a range of shades of lilac. A little later, the gem was called landrin, which means “lilac-lilac”, and the end of the 19th century brought the final name to the mineral - lepidolite, based on the structure, and not on the color.

Since the stone is soft and cannot boast of durability, it did not gain initial popularity among jewelers. However, the value of lepidolite is completely different. This mineral is a source of lithium, which is indispensable in the manufacture of lasers, batteries, and is also necessary for the disposal of waste from the nuclear industry.

Place of Birth

The appearance of the stone is due to volcanic lava, which escaped from the bowels of the earth at the junctions of granite deposits and lithospheric plates.


The states of different parts of the world, in whose territories mountain ranges are located, can boast of lepidolite deposits:

  • Sweden, Stockholm area.
  • Czech Republic, Moravian region.
  • Germany, Saxon Uplands.
  • Madagascar island.
  • Italy, Elba island.
  • Australia, Western Mountains.
  • Central Asian countries - Pakistan, Afghanistan.
  • USA and Canada.
  • Russia - Urals, Transbaikalia, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Kola Peninsula.

These mining sites are exclusively industrial. For jewelers, the mined stones are of no value. The Brazilian state of Minas Gerais is the only place where jewelry specimens are mined.


Due to the scarcity of the mineral, as well as the complexity of processing, jewelers resort to using more durable quartz with inclusions of lepidolite.

physical properties

Lepidolite is characterized by low hardness - with a slight mechanical impact, the mineral breaks up into separate plates, which themselves are flexible and elastic. This stone has a glass-pearl luster, there are completely transparent or translucent samples.

Property Description
Formula KLi2Al(Al,Si)3O10(F,OH)2
Impurities Fe2+, Mn, Cs, Rb, Na
Hardness 2.5
Density 2.84 g / cm³
Syngonia Monoclinic.
Kink Uneven.
shine Vitreous to pearl.
Transparency From transparent to translucent.
Color From white to purple.

The mineral is interesting for such a feature as pleochroism - the shade of the stone changes slightly at different viewing angles. Ultraviolet rays cause a glow of a pale yellow hue. Another interesting phenomenon is observed when the stone is set on fire - the flame becomes carmine-red, while the lepidolite itself turns into white enamel. But the mineral is not affected by acids.

Healing properties

Lepidolite is known in lithotherapy as an analgesic and sedative. The mineral is used mainly in the treatment of such diseases:

  • neuralgia (psychosis, neurosis, tendency to depression, stress and mania, schizophrenia);
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • injuries, injuries of various types.
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The use of the stone concerns problems with sleep disturbance - people suffering from insomnia or nightmares put lepidolite at the head of the bed.

It is interesting! Lepidolite is considered an amulet of athletes, as it is able to stimulate rapid muscle growth.

Traditional healers use the mineral to treat sprains and bruises, claiming that the healing power of the stone increases near the flame of a burning candle.

Magic stone lepidolite

Since lepidolite is one of the late discoveries, little studied, not described in sufficient detail, its magical abilities for a long time did not attract esotericists at all. However, the younger generation of magicians and psychics became interested in the stone, using the mineral at first for meditation, gradually exploring other magical facets.

Today, esotericists focus on such magical aspects of the use of lepidolite:

  • The mineral acts as a sedative, which allows the owner to escape from the routine, concentrating on the main thing. This helps to make important life decisions without falling into despondency or depression.
  • People of art and science can cultivate intellectual potential using this stone. Problems of a spiritual and creative nature can be handled by such a talisman, however, it will not be possible to solve monetary issues with this stone.
  • The mineral is able to harmonize family relationships, for which quarrels are a frequent guest. Wearing an amulet will save the spouses from negativity, prevent the outburst of emotions that give rise to conflicts.


The mineral has a special effect on the beautiful half of humanity - a woman becomes softer, more flexible, wiser. The talisman endows the owner with the qualities of an excellent hostess.

Interesting fact! Esotericists do not advise people whose profession is related to finance or trade to acquire lepidolite as a talisman - material values ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbare alien to this mineral, the solution of monetary issues will be hampered, and plans will be destroyed.

At the same time, the amulet attracts success, gives the ability to gain recognition. This is important for artists, musicians, poets. These people are more prone to depression than others, they are able to go into a fantasy world, forgetting about reality. Lepidolite will protect the psyche of such a person, help to cope with emotions, and protect physical health.

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Compatible with other stones

As for the neighborhood of other gems, skillful jewelers safely frame lepidolite cabochons in precious metals. The gem goes well with:

Jewelry with mineral and their price

Jewelry with natural stone is hard to find. Samples suitable for jewelry processing are mined only in one deposit and in small quantities.

And jewelers prefer to work with quartz, which contains inclusions of lepidolite, since it is harder, it is easier to give it the desired shape, and the resulting cabochons make it possible to contemplate the beauty of lepidolite shrouded in a quartz shell.

Jewelry from pure lepidolite can still be purchased, the price for them will be low, since jewelry is mainly made from the mineral:

  • a lepidolite pendant without a metal frame will cost from 20 euros;
  • beads from the Brazilian mineral from medium-sized beads will cost 35 euros and more;
  • alloy earrings cost 2-25 euros, but you can find an item for 90 euros;
  • with rings, a similar range is from 7 to 50 euros, depending on the quality of the jewelry alloy.

You can not find jewelry with a lepidolite insert everywhere. It can take a long time to find a product of decent quality, but the result will certainly please the eye.

Mineral varieties

The main color of the gem is lilac, as well as different shades of lilac and purple. Rare natural specimens are stones of white, gray and yellow colors. There are also combinations of pink with blue, red, white or gray shades.

mail white

The structure and color of the mineral is heterogeneous - often stones have a bright middle, losing color saturation closer to the edge. Due to the scaly structure, the stone does not have a purity of color, you can see a variety of beautiful patterns in it, which makes it unique and mysterious.

How to distinguish a natural stone from a fake?

Lepidolite is a rare natural phenomenon, so it is easy for a buyer who is not armed with the necessary knowledge to slip a fake. If it is not possible to consult with a reputable jeweler, you need to know a few rules that will help you purchase a natural mineral:

  1. The main color of the stone is lilac-violet. If this is still a rare natural nugget, say, of a white hue, then this color should be the main one.
  2. Natural stone should have a uniform structure, without inclusions, translucence or bubbles.
  3. The surface of a natural gem should shine - mica is never matte.
  4. Unlike fakes, natural lepidolite is perfect, without a single flaw on the surface.
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There are cases when lepidolite itself is passed off as another, more expensive mineral - muscovite. These minerals are outwardly difficult to distinguish, the chemical composition is also similar. Only a special study will help to distinguish these stones by the amount of lithium in the composition.

How to wear and care for products with a mineral

Wearing jewelry with a mineral is advised not only to complement the image. Each product in its own way helps with health problems:

  • Earrings are recommended for people with sleep problems, as well as those suffering from headaches and other brain diseases.
  • Pendants will relieve depression and mania.
  • Rings are indispensable for heart disease, as well as for strengthening the muscles of any group.
  • Bracelets have a calming effect.


A rare natural phenomenon requires the same special care. Beautiful single handmade products should be stored in boxes with soft walls that correspond to the size of the item. During transportation or transfer, the jewelry should not roll or hit the walls of the box.

It is better to clean the mineral with clean water and a soft cloth. If the contamination is not amenable to water cleaning, you can wipe the stone with pure alcohol. Lepidolite jewelry should not be exposed to acidic or chemical compounds. Overheating of the mineral is also contraindicated.

Stone compatibility with zodiac signs

Astrologers, along with esotericists, scientists and lithotherapists, are at the stage of studying this extraordinary mineral. So far, lepidolite is attributed to universal stones that representatives of any zodiac constellations can wear without fear.

("+++" - the stone fits perfectly, "+" - can be worn, "-" - absolutely contraindicated):

Zodiac sign Compatibility
Aries +
Taurus +
Gemini +
Cancer +
Lev +
Virgo +
Libra + + +
Scorpio +
Sagittarius +
Capricorn +
Aquarius +
Pisces +

The only sign of the Zodiac, which is undeniably patronized by a gem, is Libra. People born under this sign are often indecisive, changeable natures. Lepidolite helps such individuals overcome these barriers with peaceful calmness. It is best to cope with this task with an amulet in the form of a pendant.



For industrialists, lepidolite is important as a valuable source for the extraction of lithium.

Without this element, it is impossible to create:

  • batteries;
  • laser devices;
  • special types of glass;
  • pharmaceutical preparations;
  • pyrotechnics (carmine-red gamma).

Lithium provides safety in the disposal of spent nuclear fuel.

It is involved in the synthesis of organic compounds, the manufacture of artificial mineral waters, and the purification of air-conditioned air.

In lepidolite, the isotopic saturation of certain elements is determined without problems. This enables scientists to calculate the age of other breeds.


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