Apophyllite - description, magical properties of the stone, who suits the Zodiac, the price of jewelry

Apophyllite (or fisheye, albino, tessellite) is a silicate of calcium, potassium and sodium, with impurities of chromium and vanadium. If you immerse the mineral in water, it becomes almost invisible due to its almost complete transparency.

History and origin

Apophyllite was discovered on the island of Gotland, in the Baltic Sea, in 1783 by the Swede Carl Rinman. The stone got its name, which literally translates from Greek as “after” (“apo”) and “leaf” (“phyllon”), due to its unusual ability - when exposed to high temperatures, it delaminates into plates.


Place of Birth

Various types of apophyllite are found in ancient basalt and lava flows, limestone voids surrounded by intrusive rocks.

Mineral deposits are known all over the world: USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Faroe Islands, Guam, South Africa, Australia, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland, Scotland, India, China, Japan, Russia (Primorsky region, Krasnoyarsk region).

Reference! Despite the prevalence of stone deposits, it is considered quite rare because of its fragility and brittleness. The most beautiful green and transparent specimens are found in some parts of India - Bombay, Nasik, Ahmadnagar, Yalgaon and Pune.

Physical and chemical properties of the stone

Property Description
Formula (KNa)Ca4Si8O20(FOH)*8H20
Hardness 4,5 - 5
Density 2,3 - 2,4 g / cm³
Kink Uneven
Syngonia tetragonal
Cleavage Perfect by {001}
shine Glass, mother-of-pearl
Transparency Transparent to translucent
Color Colorless, white, pale pink, bluish green, green

Varieties and colors

Apophyllite can occur in different forms - prism-shaped, flat, cubic, with corners, with a stepped or uneven fracture; size - from 3-5 mm to 10-15 cm. A fragile, transparent mineral has a glassy luster with a mother-of-pearl tint. The color of the stone can be either colorless transparent or green, white, yellow, brown, pinkish red. There is also a rather rare color - black, which is due to an impurity hematite.

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Reference! An interesting fact is that the International Mineralogical Association does not recognize apophyllite as a separate mineral. Apophyllite is a group of three minerals with different compositions.

Thus, apophyllite is subdivided into the following minerals:

  • fluoroapophyllite - intensely colored, has a high level of potassium fluoride (KF);
  • hydroxyapophyllite - colorless, the composition is rich in potassium hydroxide (KOH);
  • natroapophyllite is a rare brown, containing sodium fluoride (NaF).

However, among collectors, apophyllite is rarely subdivided according to the official classification, and all stones are marked with a common name.


Basically, the mineral is used for collection purposes - among connoisseurs of rare stones, it is considered a real rarity. Usually, druses of transparent or translucent crystals are selected for collections.

light pink

In jewelry, apophyllite is rarely used.

Medicinal properties

The healing properties of apophyllite have been known for a long time. The stone has a positive effect on the respiratory system, relieves asthma attacks, relieves allergic reactions and promotes the rapid regeneration of mucous membranes.

In addition, each shade of the stone has its own special healing effect, for example:

  • green - helps with diseases of the liver and kidneys;
  • blue - restores and strengthens the immune system;
  • blue - fits the state of stress, anxiety, depression;
  • dark shades are good for the prevention of colds.

Reference! Apophyllite is used in the Reiki healing practice, a Japanese technique for relaxation, stress relief and healing. Thanks to the stone, the onset of deep relaxation and receptivity is facilitated, which contributes to the proper movement of healing energy.

In many cultures, water infused on a stone is used for medicinal purposes. For example, in African countries, such water is used for malaria and fevers, and in the East, with the help of healing water, colic and other discomfort in the intestines are eliminated. In addition, it is believed that if you regularly drink this water, you can gradually and without harm to health reduce body weight.

Magical properties

Apophyllite is famous for its special magic, which contributes to the development of metaphysical abilities - improving intuition, sharpening feelings, giving purity and clarity to thoughts.

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Also, each shade of the stone has its own specific properties:

  • red - provides physical and emotional uplift, gives strength to people who are constantly experiencing fatigue and stress, drives away negative thoughts, fear, anxiety and anger;
  • green - serves as a conductor of positive energy, helps to find peace of mind, attracts good events, and also helps in love, friendship, relationships, family and wealth;
  • brown - has a calming effect, gives confidence and faith in good changes, brings joy and good luck in all areas of life, inspires and helps to easily endure life changes;
  • blue - heals the soul and mind from grief, promotes inner peace, facilitates the experience of emotional and spiritual pain, helps to come to peace, understanding and forgiveness of oneself and others;
  • white - used for fortune telling and achieving deep meditation.

Jewelry with mineral

Apophyllite is rarely used in jewelry because of its increased fragility. Despite its prevalence, there are very few specimens suitable for cutting. However, if the mineral has withstood the cut, it becomes an element of exclusive and expensive jewelry.

Stone cost

Apophyllite can rightly be called the most beautiful gem. Large jewelry specimens are of high cost, their price can reach up to several hundred dollars. For example, a soft green mineral mined in India is valued at $300 per carat.


Jewelry care

Apophyllite is a very fragile and capricious stone. It does not tolerate a warm and dry environment, since water, which is very abundant in the mineral, begins to evaporate, as a result of which it loses its strength and color. In this regard, the stone must be stored in an individual box, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

To clean the mineral and jewelry with it, you must use a soft brush and warm soapy water.

How to wear

For the treatment and prevention of diseases of the respiratory system, the stone should be worn on the chest on a chain. Mineral products are recommended to be worn by public people and those whose profession involves any (direct / indirect) contact with water.

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Despite the good energy of the stone, periodically products with it need to be removed. The constant or too long use of apophyllite can drive a person crazy, distort his mind and perception of the surrounding reality.

How to distinguish from fakes

You can check the stone for authenticity by exposure to high temperature or acid.

Reference! The stone looks very similar to the minerals zeolites and carletonite, but an experienced mineralogist will be able to distinguish them upon close examination.

Compatibility with zodiac signs

("+++" - the stone fits perfectly, "+" - can be worn, "-" - absolutely contraindicated):

Zodiac sign Compatibility
Taurus +
Gemini + + +
Cancer +
Virgo + + +
Libra + + +
Scorpio +
Capricorn +
Aquarius +
Pisces +

Green Apophyllite is the patron stone for Gemini, Libra and Virgo. It helps the development of these signs of humanitarian abilities. Blue gives magnetic energy to Scorpions and Capricorns. The stone also has a beneficial effect on Cancers, Pisces, Taurus and Aquarius. But for Lions, Sagittarius and Aries, it is better to refuse a stone.


Interesting about the stone

According to lithotherapists, apophyllite is associated with Anahata - the fourth chakra, which unites the emotional, material, spiritual and intellectual principles of a person. It helps to direct energy flows in the way they are intended by nature (the Creator).

Contemplation of the stone contributes to the development of self-control, spiritual balance, harmony and tranquility. To do this, it is enough to take the stone out into the sunlight and admire it without being distracted for 5 minutes.

To enhance the healing properties and its energy recharging, the stone must be placed together with aventurine in water for several hours.

Apophyllite is successfully combined with transparent quartz, seraphinite and green calcite - this way you can increase your sensitivity and strengthen your connection with nature. But the combination of stone with stilbite gives clarity to thinking, strengthens intuition and helps to achieve peace.


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