Sugilite - description, healing and magical properties, who suits the price

Sugilite is a purple mineral that belongs to silicates. This is a young gem with many names and no less mysteries. No one has yet been able to study all the properties of an unusual stone - they are stored behind a mysterious purple veil.

History and origin

Sugilite is a young gem discovered less than a century ago. The birthplace of the first find is the Japanese island of Iwagi. The mineral was named after its discoverer, the Japanese professor of mineralogy Ken-ichi Sugi.

The first samples mined in 1944 were not of high quality. After 10 years, sugilite was found on the lands of India, but the most beautiful specimens of the gem were discovered only in 1976 at an African deposit. Since that time, sugilite has become famous and very popular.

It is interesting! The first attempts to process a new mineral did not bring enthusiasm. Only smooth opaque cabochons came out of the stone, not shining with beauty. But one of the American collections of diamond jewelry with sugilite inserts, presented in the mid-1980s, changed the perception of this nugget. Lenticular-shaped polished gem samples, as well as rare transparent specimens, have skyrocketed in popularity.

For its unusual color, the mineral received several more beautiful names:

  • Lawulite. This is how jewelers call samples of the lavender-colored mineral.
  • Royal Azelle. This name is associated with the area near one of the deposits, as well as the purple color of the nuggets mined there.
  • Purple turquoise. So the gem was named for the veins characteristic of turquoise and matte luster.
  • Wesselsite. This name is given by the name of the largest world mine in Africa - Wessels.

Sugilite is formed by aggregates of densely intergrown prismatic crystals. The lilac gem lies next to such minerals as albite, pectolite, zircon, aegirine and apatite.

Sugilite is young, but mineralogists already know that the reserves of the stone are insignificant and will soon run out. For all the years of development of deposits, the total volume of the mined mineral amounted to about 5 tons. This makes the lilac gem even more in demand.

Mineral deposits

The first discovered field was the Japanese island of Iwagi. Later, mineral deposits were found in India, and then in the Kalahari Desert near Namibia. For many years, the Wessels African mine has supplied the world with the most beautiful sugilite crystals. Today, deposits of African stone are running out.


A small amount of the mineral was found in the territories of Italy, Canada, Tajikistan, Australia (mines Tamworth, Woods mine, New South Wales). The remaining deposits continue to be mined in Japan (in syenite stocks, at the Iwagi Islet mine), India (Madhya Pradesh mine), South Africa (Cape Province, Kuruman mines, as well as the N'Chwaning mines and Wessels mines).

physical properties

Sugilite refers to silicates, which determines the complex chemical composition of the mineral. In addition to the trio of sodium, potassium and lithium, sugilite contains impurities of manganese and aluminum, iron and titanium, which are responsible for the variety of shades of the stone. Sometimes a nugget contains water, the loss of which the stone loses its decorative qualities.

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Property Description
Formula KNa2(Fe,Mn,Al)2Li3Si12O30
Hardness 6 - 6,5
Density 2,7 g / cm³
Syngonia Hexagonal
Kink Irregular to conchoidal
Cleavage Imperfect
shine Glassy to frosted
Transparency Transparent or opaque
Color Brownish yellow to purple

Sugilite is brittle and has weakly pronounced pleochroism. The rarest specimens of the stone are endowed with an alexandrite effect - in daylight the gem is bluish-violet, and under artificial lighting it becomes reddish-purple.

Varieties and colors

Royal azel is rich in impurities of various elements, but it is manganese that gives the stone a distinctive lilac color in all its possible shades. At each deposit, specimens of various shades are mined - pink-purple, blue-violet, lilac, lilac, bright purple. There are even yellowish sugilites. The most valuable are transparent stones of dense color.

Medicinal properties

In a relatively young mineral, stone treatment specialists discovered properties that are beneficial to the human body. Among them:

  • improving the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • help with headaches;
  • elimination of symptoms of depression, anxiety;
  • increasing the body's defenses, which acts as a prevention of colds;
  • alternative to laser therapy for oncological pathologies.

Sessions of lithotherapy using sugilite are carried out in different ways. In order to achieve the best result of treatment, healers slightly warm up the mineral, after lubricating it with special oil. A necessary condition for treatment is the coincidence of the vibrations of the stone with the vibrations of the human body.

Stone bracelet
Stone bracelet

Other healers carry out treatment by contacting the gem with the solar plexus zone and the center of the palm. After a session with the use of purple turquoise, patients feel not only a physical effect, but also spiritual harmony, which ensures a healthy, restful sleep.

It is known that after the session, the sugilite crystal must be cleansed of the negative energy received on it. In order for the gem to still serve, it needs to restore its lost strength. To do this, it is enough to rinse the mineral under running cold water, and then leave it for a while in a secluded dark place.

Important! Lithotherapists do not recommend wearing several products with sugilite at the same time, since the purple gem has a very strong energy, which, in case of an overabundance, will turn good into harm - a person will feel tired and nervous tension instead of peace and tranquility. In addition, regular contact with lavulite is contraindicated for people in such professions as a surgeon, an airline dispatcher or a driver, that is, all those whose activities are associated with the need for constant concentration. The mineral relaxes a person, which can lead to a lulling of vigilance, which means it threatens with an unforgivable professional mistake.

To feel the usefulness of the purple mineral, it is not necessary to wear jewelry with this stone. A few ordinary spherical sugilite beads on the desktop will make the working day calm, protecting you from stress, anxiety, and nervousness. In addition, periodic contemplation of purple pebbles will help relieve tension from the eye muscle after prolonged work at the computer, as well as slow down the process of loss of visual acuity.

It is believed that the sugilite chooses its owner, and not vice versa. For this, the first contact with the stone is important before acquiring a talisman. This amazing mineral is able to feel the state of mind of a person who has touched it, whether it be pain, insecurity or disharmony of feelings. For a better relationship with the mineral, the astrological aspect is also important.

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Magic abilities

A beautiful purple gem could not remain on the sidelines, unnoticed by esotericists. At all times, minerals of such a color as lavulite were considered guides to the world of spirits. Purple stones are used during seances today. And although magicians did not reveal outstanding magical properties in sugilite, the veins of the stone, which can change shade with a change in the angle of rotation, are truly considered a sign of a magical gift.

It is believed that the lilac stone opens the gift of clairvoyance, telepathy, extrasensory perception in a person. This is an ideal gem for meditation, magical rituals associated with the travel of the astral body through time limits.

In Hinduism and Buddhism, any purple stone is responsible for the consciousness chakra. Therefore, the sugilite is credited with the ability to connect a person with a higher mind, which will lead the owner of the talisman to the harmony of the spirit with the body. In addition, the purple gem is an excellent protector from negativity, envy, anger, or energy vampires. Thanks to lavulite, a person is visited by a sense of security, calmness, well-being.


Esotericists notice that sugilite plays the role of an adviser in difficult life situations that require the adoption of the only right decision. This is a kind of mineral of wisdom that warns the owner about the "pitfalls" and the consequences of possible solutions to the problem.

The very color of the mineral speaks of its importance - from time immemorial, purple has been the color of judicial robes. Based on this, purple turquoise will be useful to all representatives of such professions as a judge, lawyer, prosecutor, or those who have a direct influence on the fate of people - military leaders, politicians.

Important! The best form of embodiment of wisdom will be the Sugilite rosary. They should have an odd number of beads, the basis for which is horsehair. In moments of decision-making, you should slowly sort through the pebbles, thinking about the possible outcomes of the situation. The talisman will help you find the only true path.

In addition to magicians, the properties of sugilite are also explained by experts in the field of color therapy. In their opinion, the shades of the mineral act as a recharge of the brain, namely its creative "department".

Therefore, those whose life is connected with art will get the maximum benefit from this nugget - moving up the career ladder, strengthening potential and inspiration, reinforcing inner self-confidence. The ring on the ring finger is the best way to do this.

The royal azel will not leave without help those who seek to reveal the secrets of our world - scientists, travelers, journalists, as well as students.

Jewelry with mineral

Sugilite has gained popularity among jewelers. This precious mineral is endowed with qualities that are so important for craftsmen - an unusual and beautiful color palette, the necessary hardness, pleochroism. Therefore, the assortment of sugilite jewelry in various variations of precious settings is very wide.

The price of purple turquoise products is not small, and the upward trend in the cost of the stone is getting stronger every day. This is due not only to the beauty of the gem, but also to its rarity - the existing deposits are drying up, but, unfortunately, there are no new ones. So, the average rating of jewelry with sugilite:

  • Silver rings - about 180-300 euros.
  • Silver earrings - 320-400 euros.
  • The bracelet costs from 200 euros for silver.
  • Pendant - from 180 euros.
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Beads with faceted large beads cost about 700 euros. But the price of such a product can reach 1200-1800 euros.

How to distinguish a fake

Sugilite is often confused with minerals such as charoite, lilac amethyst or sogdianite. In addition, the modern market is rich in glass and plastic fakes. And if you can distinguish a natural mineral from glass or plastic, guided by general rules (the severity and coldness of natural stone compared to plastic, the dubious naturalness of color), then it is more difficult to distinguish two similar minerals.


Here, gemological expertise will come to the rescue, since any of the similar gems is radically different from sugilite in chemical composition. In addition, it is not profitable to pass off charoite as sugilite, since charoite is an even rarer mineral with the only deposit on the planet.

Care instructions

Nature tried to ensure that a rare gem served people as long as possible. However, royal azel items should be treated with care. This mineral is hard but brittle. Therefore, any mechanical impact (shocks, scratches) is undesirable.

The mineral is cleaned with a soapy solution, then washed with running water and dried in air. You can also use soft cloths for cleaning and drying.

Sugilite beads

Jewelry with lavulite is stored separately from other products, in an individual container with a fabric backing. It is not recommended to expose the purple gem to long exposure to sunlight.

Astrological Compatibility

In order to pick up a talisman from any mineral of the Earth, it is worth knowing the compatibility of a particular stone with the sign of the Zodiac.

("+++" - the stone fits perfectly, "+" - can be worn, "-" - absolutely contraindicated):

Zodiac sign Compatibility
Aries +
Taurus +
Gemini +
Cancer +
Lev +
Virgo + + +
Libra +
Scorpio + + +
Sagittarius + + +
Capricorn +
Aquarius + + +
Pisces + + +

Sugilite will be the perfect talisman for the constellation Pisces. This sign is very controversial, and the mineral will help to cope with these contradictions by choosing one right or compromise solution. Silver is considered a lucky metal for the Pisces family, so its combination with a mineral will bring maximum benefits.

With special favor, Sugilite will treat Aquarius - freedom-loving and creative natures. Some astrologers believe that the mineral is also suitable for Scorpio, Sagittarius and Virgo. In any case, not a single sign of the zodiac circle has contraindications to wearing this stone. Moreover, the gem will choose its owner at the energy level. If you feel warmth and attraction to a certain stone, this is your talisman.

Interesting Facts

Sugilite's natural color speaks of its ability to overcome odds. The famous theologian and philosopher of the XNUMXth century, Nicholas of Cusa, once studied the color purple, describing its abilities as a harmony of contradictions.

The American Smithsonian Institution holds the largest faceted royal azel. The weight of the stone is 23,5 carats.

The most valuable and expensive gems are densely colored specimens with inclusions of richterite, a mineral of the group of alkaline amphiboles.



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