Mosaic stone Rhodusite - description and properties, price and who suits


Rhodusite - this rare mineral belongs to the silicates of the group of alkaline amphiboles containing magnesium. Despite the fact that not all modern collectors and connoisseurs of minerals are aware of the existence of rhodusite, this gem was popular with our ancestors. Today, jewelers, as well as artists, are admirers of the stone.

History and origin

Archaeological excavations of ancient settlements say that in ancient times, rhodusite was widely used both by natives of native tribes and by residents of ancient megacities. On the island of Sri Lanka, as well as on the Indian Peninsula, this mineral was equal in value to diamond. A large number of samples found during the excavations, according to experts, are talismans and amulets that were used for rituals by magicians of that time.

A nugget is formed by a hydrothermal method among rocks of alkaline origin. It occurs in recrystallized aggregates or fibrous, earthy, felt-like masses. The name "rhodusite" was given to the gem in honor of the place of the first production - the majestic Greek island of Rhodes, spread out in the Aegean Sea.

Place of Birth

There are not so many places where a rare gem has been explored on Earth. The most famous places of extraction:

  • West of Siberia.
  • Center of Kazakhstan (fields Zhelantobe, Kumola, Kyzylkopay, Uzhbulak).

The gem is also brought from the lands of Bolivia, the Australian mainland, Africa (Zimbabwe).

physical properties

Property Description
Chemical formula Na2(Mg3Fe23+)Si8O22(OH)2
Hardness 6
Specific weight 3,40 - 3,75
Opening year 1891
Silt Stepped
Syngonia Triclinic
Cleavage Perfect by {110}
Brilliance Glass, on cleavage planes with mother-of-pearl shimmer
Transparency Not about
Color Pink, sometimes pinkish gray, grayish blue, bluish blue to dark blue

Rhodusite refers to silicates. The strength of the stone is equal to the strength of jade. The degree of color saturation is affected by the percentage of opal, which appears as inclusions or completely replaces rhodusite. The luster of the mineral also depends on the degree of silicification.

Rhodusite is characterized by variability in structure and texture, as well as a variety of crystalline forms. These can be tabular or columnar elongated grains or very fine fibers.

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Varieties and colors

Rhodusite, unlike other minerals, is distinguished primarily by textures. Structural differences cause the external dissimilarity of each variety. The stone happens:

  • Spotted. This type is considered the most common. This is an inequigranular mineral, small, medium and large grains of which form samples of gray-blue, sometimes almost black.
  • Homogeneous. A rare and valuable type of gem, also called the hawk's eye. Such a gem stands out among others with a silky-pearl luster, cast on a bright blue or blue-blue surface of the stone.
  • Vein-spotted. Such a mineral was called "brocade" due to the unusual pattern. A stone is formed due to opalization. Partially replaced by opal, rhodusite is endowed with a dull indigo-yellow color. Pale yellow spots scattered over the blue-gray surface create a "brocade" coloration, which is a distinctive feature of this variety.

Each variety of nugget is used by masters of different directions. Masterpieces created by skillful hands make the mineral even more attractive.


Despite the low popularity, the stone has become interesting not only to jewelers and collectors, but also to artists working in the Florentine mosaic technique. This type of art involves the creation of paintings from sawn, sized pieces of various minerals. Due to the color scheme and patterning of some samples of rhodusite, the variations of the created landscapes are quite diverse. Masters use this gem to depict mountains in a foggy haze, the sea during a storm, forests at the edge of the horizon, or the water surface of a lake on a cloudy day. Brocade rhodusite perfectly conveys the shades of the autumn forest.

In addition to mosaics, stone cutters make small plastic, boxes, pyramids, balls.

Collectors strive to get copies from all places on the planet and of different conditions.

Jewelry with stone

Jewelers love the gem no less than artists. This stone is perfectly processed and polished. In this case, it is impossible to find two identical copies. The gem is used to create flat or convex cabochons, which serve as inserts in silver or cupronickel jewelry. The inserts are always large - this is how the beauty of the stone is conveyed as much as possible. Rhodusite cannot be cut.

Magical properties

Rhodusite was famous for its extraordinary magical abilities even in ancient times. Magicians of past centuries used this gem to strengthen family ties, to preserve relationships between a man and a woman that were on the verge of collapse. The mineral in a silver frame served as an adornment helping to preserve the main value - the family. The power of the stone was the ability to influence human decisions by holding back negative emotions. Having extinguished excessive emotionality, the amulet made it possible to soberly assess the situation and draw the right conclusions.

Important! More magical abilities will manifest a new mineral that did not belong to another person before. The stone reads and stores human negativity, therefore it is impossible to transfer or give such a gem - such a gift will only bring misfortune to the new owner.

An important mission of the gem is to protect a person from the negative effects of ill-wishers. If on the path of life you were not lucky enough to meet an “energy vampire”, then a mineral held in the palm of your hand will help to avoid undesirable consequences from the communication that happened.

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Rodusite will serve as a family amulet for a person. Peace, harmony, tranquility and stability will reign in the house where the mineral is stored. Households will forget about scandals or petty conflicts. And the owner of the mineral will become more stress-resistant, thereby protecting himself from depressive states.

Important! After each application, the mineral must be cleansed of negative energy. To do this, the nugget is thoroughly rinsed under running water.

The manifestation of some of the magical properties of the stone depends on the nature of its owner. So, strong, strong-willed individuals will receive assistance from the talisman in the development of insight, as well as clairvoyant abilities. The nugget protects the weak in spirit from the surrounding negativity, the evil eye, and other manifestations of malevolence. Rodusite also awakens in a person the instinct for self-preservation, helping to navigate correctly in life-threatening situations.

Medicinal properties

Rhodosite is known to lithotherapists as an anti-inflammatory, as well as an immunomodulatory agent, which generally strengthens the human body. In addition, the mineral protects the nervous system, which creates a barrier against the destructive effects of stress. There is also an opinion among healers that the nugget contributes to the speedy fusion of broken bones and the healing of open wounds.

The positive effect of the gem on the human nervous system is also noted by experts practicing meditative therapy and alternative medicine. It is noted that rhodusite is responsible for the throat chakra, called Vishudha. Meditation using a muted blue pattern helps to relax the neck and throat muscles, calm the nerves, and normalize the respiratory rhythm. This practice relieves a person of nervous tics.

Astrological Compatibility

("+++" - the stone fits perfectly, "+" - can be worn, "-" - absolutely contraindicated):

Zodiac sign Compatibility
Aries +
Taurus +
Gemini +
Cancer +
a lion +
Virgo +
Scales +
Scorpio + + +
Sagittarius +
Capricorn + + +
Aquarius + + +
Pisces +

Rhodusite is little known to astrologers. Some consider this mineral to be universal for all signs. Some tend to think that the gem will be the most useful talisman for Scorpions, Aquarius and Capricorns. Some of the astrologers do not include the nugget in the list of zodiac stones at all. In any case, rhodusite will be a wonderful decoration and a talisman for someone who truly believes in the miraculous power of the mineral.

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How to distinguish a fake

The uniqueness of the pattern and silky sheen make it possible to distinguish rhodusite from imitation.

However, uniformly colored stone often looks like plastic. You can identify the origin by holding the sample in your hands. If it seems lightweight, immediately warms up in the hands and barely shines, it is a fake.

How to wear and care

The rules for wearing rhodusite imply aesthetics and safety:

  • The gem is more suitable for people starting from middle age.
  • Jewelry can be worn in sets.
  • They are appropriate in the office, at a party, a walk, friendly gatherings.

Rhodusite is energetically strong, so it is not recommended to wear jewelry or pebbles with you all the time.

It's easy to take care of him. Dirt is removed with warm water and soap, without chemicals. Protect from falls, sun, long contact with water.

From the negative, the stone is cleaned with cold running water.


The rhodusite stone is classified as ornamental, so the price is low.

A set of two or three cabochons can be bought for 8-10 euros, a silver ring - 30-35 euros.

Interesting Facts

Florentine mosaic, as an art form, appeared during the Renaissance in Florence. In addition to rhodusite, rocks such as jasper and marble, rhodonite, porphyry, and lapis lazuli are used. Creating paintings from pieces of minerals is a laborious and painstaking process, and finished masterpieces retain their beauty for centuries.