Orthoclase - description, magical and medicinal properties, jewelry and price, who suits

Natural formations found in everyday life often do not attract much attention. Rocks used in industry, medicine and other industries are rarely appreciated as a source of miraculous energy. Orthoclase is a love amulet, it is one of the “workers” minerals, indispensable in various spheres of life.

History and origin

The earth's crust is 50% feldspar. These are rock-forming minerals that, when broken down, form clay and other sedimentary rocks.

Orthoclase belongs to potassium feldspars, is found in igneous rocks and is considered one of the main minerals of pegmatites. Natural stone is formed in vein rock ore at the last stage of magmatic crystallization.

mined mineral

Orthoclase is the most common silicate, grows in combination with quartz, resulting in the formation of Jewish stone or "written granite". Syenite pegmatites are found in the Ilmensky and Cherry mountains. The mineral was discovered and described at the beginning of the XNUMXth century by the German scientist August Breithaupt, who was considered the most famous mineralogist of that era.

The name of the gem determines its physical property, the cleavage of planes at right angles, in Greek it sounds like “orthoclase”. The name of the stone was given in 1823.

Stone deposits

Pegmatite veins containing orthoclase are found in igneous formations. The rock-forming mineral in most cases is found in the mountainous regions of the planet. The most famous deposits where the production of minerals is carried out are located on the territory of the Scandinavian Peninsula, in Sweden and Norway.


In the mines located in the States, rock is mined. Sri Lanka produces high-quality gems, but the best crystals are supplied to the world market from adits of Madagascar. Deposits located in Russia are known; ornamental stone is mined in the Urals.

physical properties

The stone looks transparent, with a pearly sheen on the cleavage planes. The structure of the gem is not dense enough, therefore it is brittle, but the hardness coefficient is above average. However, the jewelry mineral is cut, and exquisite jewelry is obtained from it.

Property Description
Formula K(AlSi3O8)
Hardness 6
Density 2,56 g / cm³
Refractive index nα = 1.518 - 1.520; nβ = 1.522 - 1.524; nγ = 1.522 - 1.525
Kink Uneven, or stepped, in cleavage.
Cleavage Perfect in one direction, average in the other, the angle between the cleavage planes is 90°.
Syngonia Monoclinic.
Pleorchoism Not pleochroic.
shine Glass, mother-of-pearl.
Transparency The stone is translucent along a thin edge, opaque. Some varieties can be translucent and even transparent.
Color Glass gray (sanidine), light yellow, pink to meat red (orthoclase), colorless (adularia), yellow, reddish (sunstone), bluish (moonstone). The coloration is often uneven, spotted.
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Medicinal properties

The healing stone is filled with natural power that can work wonders. Orthoclase provides invaluable assistance in the treatment of serious diseases associated with the physical and mental state of the body. Having a healing amulet with you, a person who has suffered from any illness receives a beneficial effect that encourages recovery and restoration.

Orthoclase is one of the most common talismans, the fame of its healing properties is known in many parts of the world. Even the most unenlightened peoples use the power of the gem for good intentions.

A charm with a stone helps to cure the disease and find inner harmony. Know who to approach for personal advice. Lithotherapists provide complete information about the properties and methods of treatment with gems.

The use of a gem to get rid of the following diseases:

  • Mental and nervous disorders. Helps to recover from stress and depression, to get emotional balance. The purer and more transparent the crystal, the stronger the effect.
  • It is recommended to wear jewelry with a stone to anyone who is prone to prolonged depression and apathy. It also has a positive effect on the psyche of people with suicidal intentions.
  • Vibrations of the mineral have a strengthening effect on the body as a whole. Strengthens the immune system, contributes to the cessation of inflammatory processes. Reduces the risk of contracting viral diseases.
  • Jewelry with a stone accelerates wound healing, promotes rapid cell regeneration after cancer treatment.
  • Helps to reduce weight, cleanse the body of toxins and toxins.


Important! The use of minerals in the treatment of severe forms of diseases helps to speed up the healing process, as it enhances the effects of medications and helps the body absorb drugs.

Magical properties

Ancient researchers of occult knowledge believed that stones have magical powers, which were used in practice. Orthoclase has a magical energy that helps solve problems in love.

The gem solves many problems that arise in relationships. At ancient weddings, the gem presented to the newlyweds acts as a powerful amulet that protects love and harmony in the family for many years.

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It happens that feelings cool down in long-formed couples, the action of the talisman helps to ignite the former passion.

For spouses who feel tenderness and deep affection for each other, the talisman preserves the idyll. Orthoclase has the ability to inspire lovers and protect from envious glances, and also protects a happy union from destructive factors such as jealousy and adultery.


The mineral subtly reacts to the ongoing changes in relationships. The crystal, changing, gives a signal of an impending threat, and if you react in time, you can avoid unpleasant consequences.

Spouses who live in joy and harmony, the amulet serving them remains clean, with a characteristic crystal brilliance. In another couple, in case of betrayal, discord, the gem begins to fade.

Magic stone orthoclase is a favorite attribute of magicians. The artifact is used for protective amulets and rituals.

Practicing wizards with the help of an amulet enhance existing feelings, and also help single people find a mate. The stone is spoken for success, discovery and development of talents. Feldspar is known to energetically support creative people.

Important! Despite the amazing properties of the stone that attract love, it is dangerous to use it in love magic. The noble power of the mineral is not recommended for use in rituals such as love spell, lapel and binding.

Jewelry with mineral

Jewelry orthoclase is mined in deposits on the island of Madagascar. Examples of prices for cut specimens indicate that the gem is highly valued on the world market.

  • A yellow, triangular-cut stone weighing 2,83 carats costs $515.
  • Orthoclase colorless, Asscher cut, weighing 5,8 carats, costs $385
  • A baguette-cut crystal weighing 4,2 carats costs $260.

To get a strong talisman, it is not necessary to pay a very "round" amount of money. For this purpose, modest-looking fragments of ornamental stone are used, the price of which is reduced significantly. You can buy an amulet for only 30-50 $.

Stone types

The color of orthoclase is affected by the impurities it contains. There are several types of minerals.

  • Moonstone - this valuable specimen has a delicate silver color, with a bluish tint.
  • Adularia is a colorless, transparent crystal, of less value than the first sample.
  • Sunstone - This feldspar has a golden or yellow color.
  • Sanidine is beige, sometimes there are stones of brownish hues.
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Jewelry gems are greenish, pearl and even red.

How to distinguish a fake

Natural stone is characterized by minor flaws, such as inclusions, cleavage, microcracks. To distinguish natural orthoclase from a fake, it is recommended to take a closer look at the stone, directing it to sunlight or using a magnifying glass.

If cleavage is found during examination, giving the original refraction, bubbles or cracks, the conclusion suggests itself that the stone is of natural origin. But if the stone does not have any defects, is absolutely clean and bright, then the sample is a fake.

Care of stone products

It is known that the mineral is fragile, so you have to protect the jewel from mechanical damage, try not to hit or drop the jewelry. In order not to inadvertently damage the crystal, it is better to store it separately from other treasures. For this purpose, a box or case lined with velvet is suitable.

Feldspars are soluble in acid, therefore it is best to avoid getting chemical components on the orthoclase. It is recommended to wash off the dirt with a soapy solution and running water.

worked stone

Dry at room temperature or with a soft cloth. It is advisable to protect the jewel from direct sunlight and hot air flow, hair dryer or heating device. This destroys the structure, makes the stone dull and changes color.

Compatibility with zodiac signs

Having studied the astrological properties of the stone, the conclusion suggests itself that the ideal compatibility of the mineral is possible with some representatives of the zodiac circle.

("++" - the stone fits perfectly, "+" - can be worn, "-" - absolutely contraindicated):

Zodiac sign Compatibility
Aries +
Taurus ++
Gemini +
Cancer ++
Virgo +
Libra +
Scorpio +
Sagittarius +
Capricorn +
Aquarius +
Pisces ++
  • Pisces - orthoclase favors this sign. The mineral awakens creative abilities, pushes them to their immediate development, strengthens the love relationship.
  • Cancer is fueled by the energy of the mineral, which is in harmony with this sign. The amulet enchants lovers, increases sensuality, ardor in relationships.
  • Taurus gains moonstone artifact support. The mineral awakens a fading romantic mood. Helps in the development of intuition.


The mineral is widely used in industry, is part of glass, ceramics, porcelain. It is added to varnishes and paints, rooms are lined with it, magnificent decorative elements are made.


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