Rhodochrosite - description, magical healing properties, who suits, jewelry and price


Minerals have long been endowed with magical powers. They were used in magical rites and in the treatment of ailments. Despite the development of science, the ability to protect against the evil eye and evil intentions is still attributed to stones. The valuable mineral rhodochrosite is no exception.

History and origin

Historians believe that the mineral was known to the ancient Aztecs, not without reason one of its names is the Inca rose. There was a widespread belief among the Indians about the transformation of rulers into stone after death, whose frozen blood was rhodochrosite.

The stone has other names - manganese spar (due to the chemical composition) and raspberry spar (due to color). These terms are obsolete and are now rarely used. The name "rhodochrosite" itself is translated from Greek as "rose color", since the most valuable samples of the ore are colored red or pink.

There are also brown and yellowish-gray specimens. The color of the mineral depends on the nature and amount of impurities. Often found in the composition of rhodochrosite:

  • calcium;
  • iron;
  • cadmium;
  • cobalt;
  • magnesium;
  • zinc.

Finding pure rhodochrosite is a great success. It is usually found in association (compound) with barite, siderite, opal, grenade, calcite and other minerals. The structure of the gem is manganese carbonate.


The first description from the point of view of mineralogy, the rhodochrosite stone was obtained thanks to the scientists who did this work in 1813. According to his work, the formation of rhodochrosite occurs in several cases:

  1. Structural change under the influence of pressure and temperature of manganese ores of sedimentary origin.
  2. In the deposits of zinc, copper, silver, and lead that originate at different temperatures.
  3. During the weathering of iron-manganese deposits.

Rhodochrosite is used as a jewelry and decorative stone. In addition, the use of a gem is common in the chemical industry and metallurgy (steel and iron smelting).

Physical properties, popular deposits

Rhodochrosite is enough material. Small shells (voids) and uneven “steps” are visible on the fracture surface. Samples may be transparent or translucent.


A feature of rhodochrosite is perfect cleavage, which means the ability of the mineral to form mini-crystals when split by impact. This property determines the complexity of the jewelry processing of the stone.

Property Description
Formula MnCO3
Impurities Fe,Ca,Mg,Zn,Co,Cd
Hardness 3,5 - 4
Density 3,69 g / cm³
Cleavage Perfect.
Syngonia Trigonal.
Brilliance Glass.
Kink Shelly, uneven, stepped.
Transparency Transparent or not transparent.
Color Pink, red, yellowish gray, brown.

The most famous and valuable deposit of pink and pale red specimens is located in the state of Colorado near the city of Alma (USA). Large crystals are found in manganese mines in South Africa, Namibia and Peru.

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Known stone deposits:

  • Argentina (Minas Capillitas mine).
  • France (Le Cabesse).
  • Germany (deposits Bockenbrod and Shebenhold).
  • Romania (Sakarymb).
  • Transbaikalia (Dzhida deposit).
  • Kazakhstan.
  • Afghanistan.
  • Yugoslavia.

Important! Argentine copies hide some of the most valuable and rare mineral samples, the prices for which are very high.


Rhodochrosite has also been found in marine sediments off the coast of Scotland and carbonate-manganese mines in India.

Healing properties

There is a whole area of ​​alternative medicine that studies the effect of various minerals on the course of a particular disease. It's called lithotherapy. Its supporters endow rhodochrosite with a wide range of properties that determine a positive effect on human health.


The healing stone rhodochrosite is often a feminine stone because of its delicate coloring. It is suitable for women in the field of health recovery. The mineral helps to normalize the hormonal background during menopause, heals from amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea.

Faceted balls of rhodochrosite are used for facial massage. The procedure in a relatively short time reduces the number of wrinkles, improves skin tone and improves its color. And also the stone relieves skin diseases - psoriasis and eczema of various etiologies.

With the help of a gem, pain is relieved in the area of ​​​​the joints, throat and other foci of inflammation (in particular, arthrosis). Its healing properties are manifested in accelerating recovery after surgical operations and courses of aggressive therapy.

round beads bracelet

Natural stone actively affects the human nervous system, relieving stress and depression, normalizes sleep and has a general calming effect. Cases of curing Parkinson's disease with the help of mineral applications have been recorded.

Rhodochrosite has a positive effect on the visual centers, relieving tension from the eyes and improving vision. This is especially true for people whose activities are associated with prolonged eye strain - drivers, jewelers, office workers, working at a computer.

The mineral restores the health of the cardiovascular system. It cures anemia (anemia) and heart pathologies, helps cleanse the blood and remove toxins from the body, normalizes blood pressure, neutralizing the symptoms and consequences of hypertension.

Even such a serious blood disease as chlorosis, accompanied by a lack of iron in the body and dysfunction of the glands of the reproductive system, is amenable to the healing effects of the gem.

light pink

In addition, rhodochrosite is used in the treatment of:

  • liver pathology;
  • cancers;
  • encephalopathy.

For the most effective impact, rhodochrosite is used as an application and charging water, which the patient should use. Also, the stone shows its healing effect, located close to a person. Specimens are stored in places of the most prolonged pastime (ie, neck, arms), or worn close to the body in the area of ​​the disease focus.

Magical properties

Rhodochrosite is of great importance for a person in the field of influence on his life. This rare gem brings good luck to the house and to everyone who possesses it.

The mineral gives self-confidence and increases self-esteem, so it is recommended to have it with you at important events - exams, interviews, business negotiations. The magic stone rhodochrosite successfully copes with protection from the evil eye and black thoughts, being an excellent amulet.

The gem helps to establish relationships between close people, including lovers. With its help, quarreling spouses can save their families, and single people can find happiness, it is not for nothing that rhodochrosite is considered a symbol of love, tenderness and fidelity.

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in the form of hearts

The mineral literally heals the nervous system, restoring calm and helping to control negative emotions.

Anyone who suits this stone (creative and ready for change of personality) will be able to develop their imagination and existing skills, as well as discover new talents.

Important! Rhodochrosite is not suitable for people who are not ready for change and who do not want to make an effort to change their lives. This stone only reveals and enhances talents, but in itself it is only a sample of the rock.

Compatibility with zodiac signs

Like other stones, rhodochrosite has certain astrological properties.


("++" - the stone fits perfectly, "+" - can be worn, "-" - absolutely contraindicated):

Zodiac sign Compatibility
Aries +
Taurus +
Gemini ++
Cancer +
Lev +
Virgo ++
Libra +
Scorpio +
Sagittarius +
Capricorn +
Aquarius +
Pisces +

Rhodochrosite is best combined with Libra, Virgo and Gemini:

  • Virgos with the help of this gem will quickly reveal the talent of the organizer.
  • The amulet will help the twins to know the true purpose and life path.
  • Libra rhodochrosite will allow you to gain the missing self-confidence, and at the same time happiness in your personal life and success in business.

Jewelry with mineral

You can buy jewelry from a rare gem not everywhere. And the price for them is high because of the difficulties in processing. However, those who can afford such a luxury are always satisfied with the purchase.

Jewelry made from this mineral is distinguished by grace, tenderness and texture of the pattern, even in a polished form. The processed surface of rhodochrosite resembles the structure of wood, representing a combination of intricately curved lines and closed areas.

Products with stone will be more expensive than those that are more valuable. Some of the most expensive samples are mined in Argentina. Not everyone can afford such products:

  • the cost of rings with rhodochrosite in silver and gilded frames ranges from 50 to 280 euros;
  • mineral earrings cost about 130-200 euros;
  • small beads are valued at around 180 euros.

Even Argentinean specimens of the breed are of great value. The price for them can reach the order of several hundred and even thousands of euros.

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How to distinguish a fake

Due to the high price, it is possible to purchase a fake, so first of all you need to know what the stone looks like. Rhodochrosite has a sedimentary structure, so it is softer than many other minerals.

This structure does not allow the paint to be well absorbed into the rock layers. Therefore, artificial coloring can be easily determined by rubbing the product with a cotton swab dipped in acetone or another solvent.

You can also find an imitation of rhodochrosite made of plastic, painted in pink or raspberry color (like the stone itself). In order to distinguish a fake, it is enough to hold the mineral over the flame of a candle or lighter. Natural stone will never begin to melt under the influence of high temperatures.

Care of stone products

Jewelry with a stone requires care and periodic cleaning. All minerals favorably perceive cleansing, and rhodochrosite is no exception. In addition to physical pollution, cleaning will also remove negative energy that is concentrated in the stone.


The cleaning procedure must be repeated depending on how often the product is worn. If the stone often touches the body, it is necessary to clean the products from it several times a week.

It is also necessary to clean the mineral samples used in the massage procedure or therapeutic actions, as they absorb a lot of dirt, both physical and psychological. Cleaning is desirable to be done immediately after the procedure.

To store products from rhodochrosite, as well as other gems, you need to take your place. It can be a wooden or wicker box, a bag made of soft dense fabric. The main thing is to minimize the risk of damage to jewelry, since rhodochrosite is very fragile.

Mineral products can be washed under running water (slightly warm or cool) no more than once a week, since its polishing tends to fade when exposed to moisture. Do not use water of contrasting temperatures for cleaning. This will negatively affect the structure of the product.

Clean jewelry and exotic methods:

The cleaning procedure should reflect the owner's attitude towards the stone. The more carefully you care, the more forcefully he will respond with kindness.

Useful Tips

In order for rhodochrosite to fully reveal its wonderful properties, it is advisable to wear it by the body for at least half a day for several months. In residential premises, it is installed in the visibility zone of all households.

To enhance the effect of a rhodochrosite amulet, it is advisable to make it yourself. Then the energy of the stone will merge with the energy of the person who worked with it, which will only benefit the latter.