Carnelian - varieties of stone, medicinal and magical properties, jewelry and price, who suits


Carnelian is an amazing mineral of the color of the sun, pleasing to both the heart and eyes, has a unique property - to attract the love of his life to his owner. Carnelian stone is a love talisman that can not only attract love, but also preserve romantic feelings for many years, as well as increase happiness.

And the gem manages to revive already extinct feelings, enhancing the sexuality and attractiveness of both partners. The miracle stone has other amazing properties. More about all this.

What kind of stone - description

carnelian stone

Carnelian is a natural gem, one of the most attractive varieties of agate. It is characterized by a remarkable coloration, which varies from light orange to brown. The stone is not precious.

It is most likely considered ornamental, although it also looks great in jewelry. Due to the amazing coloring, similar specimens are never found in nature.

Even in ancient times, the mineral was considered magical for being fraught with incredible power and many hidden possibilities.

History of origin


Carnelian rightfully belongs to the most ancient minerals, as it served as a material for adornments of the first intelligent human ancestors. Archaeological finds at the sites of ancient settlements indicate that the gem was found and used about 40 thousand years ago.

Later, with the flourishing of ancient civilizations, carnelian became a favorite stone of the Egyptians, Hellenes, and Asians. Only the inhabitants of China preferred another mineral to carnelian - jade, more suitable for the culture of the people of the Middle Kingdom.

Ancient Egypt dubbed carnelian the stone of the mother of the gods, Isis. Clasps in the form of a clover with three leaves were worn by all wealthy residents of the country. It was believed that this symbol helps a person to stay under the protection of the goddess.

Interesting fact! Carnelian is one of the twelve stones that adorned the pectoral (breastplate) of the high priest of Judea. Therefore, this mineral is one of the Biblical stones and its significance in the history of mankind is invaluable.

It is also known that the ancient prophet Muhammad owned a ring adorned with carnelian, considering the decoration to be his talisman.

The name of the mineral "carnelian" has Greek roots. There is also the name "carnelian", which in Latin means "cornel berry". Most often, carnelian is called specimens of a deep red color, reminiscent of a shade of ripe dogwood.

The biblical name of the stone sounds like "sardis". The philosopher Pliny the Elder believed that this name was given to the stone in honor of the Lydian city of Sardis, on the territory of which the mineral was first discovered. However, there is an opinion that the word "sardis" or "sarder" has Persian roots. Today a stone is called a sard sardonyx - a variety of carnelian brown shades.

Among the people, carnelian is also known as the "July stone" or "stone of the sun." These names gave rise to associations with the hot July sun. But in Russia, carnelian became famous as the “stone of the heart”, because in the Old Slavonic language the name of the gem sounded “face of the heart”.


The origin of the mineral is purely volcanic. The nugget belongs to chalcedony, which, along with agate, are considered its "ancestors". The characteristics of the stone are identical to those of agate. These gems differ only in color.

Today, carnelian is considered an ornamental mineral. The glory of the precious stone has remained far in the past. However, this does not prevent the nugget from being a favorite material for jewelers and stone cutters, as well as an excellent talisman for those who need it.

Physical properties, characteristic

Carnelian is a natural gem chalcedony, silicon oxide with the chemical formula SiO2. The stone is transparent or translucent with a waxy or resinous sheen and white stripes.

From a chemical point of view, carnelian is a silicate, silicon oxide. This mineral is listed in the numerous order of silica. His "ancestor" is considered quartz. However, carnelian, unlike quartz, is not a crystal.

Property Description
Formula SiO2
Hardness 6,5 - 7
Density 2,58 - 2,64 g / cm³
Refractive index 1,530 - 1,539
Syngonia Trigonal
Kink Irregular or shelly
Cleavage No
Brilliance Wax
Transparency Translucent in thin sections
Color Pink or brown red

The gem, to a greater extent, owes its color to evenly distributed inclusions of hematite. The hardness of the mineral is equal to the hardness of glass, which, combined with a low density index, makes carnelian an easy-to-work material.

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Stone deposits


The most valuable specimens are mined in India. There are Carnelian deposits in the USA, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Uruguay and Brazil. The largest deposits of stone in Russia are in the Crimea, Buryatia, Khabarovsk Territory, the Urals and Eastern Siberia.

Small gems of rare beauty are mined in the Crimea, which are used for the production of exquisite jewelry.

Varieties and colors

The color of Carnelian depends on the amount of iron in it. It can range from soft pink to blood red and brown.


A beautiful stone of blood-red, brown or red-brown color.


The gem, which has a darker color, is closer to chestnut color and brown.



The most common variety, characterized by an orange color with various shades and patches.


Yellow stones.

Medicinal properties

Carnelian bracelet

Carnelian is a strong natural healer. The effect of this mineral on the human body is confirmed even by traditional medicine, although without substantiated scientific evidence. And in lithotherapy there is a special direction - carnelian therapy.

Carnelian is known to lithotherapists for its ability to restore damaged areas of the body and not only. The stone is used:

  • for the treatment of inflamed and festering wounds;
  • treatment of soft tissue injuries of different origin and severity;
  • elimination of various inflammatory processes.

The method of getting rid of these problems is to apply a heated stone to a sore spot. Besides, some experts recommend taking carnelian powder internally - it is believed that such a medicine helps the body recover faster after an injury or surgery. In addition, this powder, in combination with drugs, enhances the effect of any of them.

And you know what! The regenerating abilities of carnelian were used by physicians in Siberian, as well as some other military hospitals during the Great Patriotic War. Warm mineral compresses helped wounded soldiers get back on their feet faster.

The ability to restore is not the only healing virtue of the “stone of the sun”. The notes of ancient scientists in the field of medicine indicate that the spectrum of action of the "July" gem is wide:

  • nugget strengthens and maintains healthy teeth, and also relieves toothache;
  • normalizes metabolism;
  • supports the health of the female reproductive system, curing infertility and restoring the menstrual cycle;
  • strengthens male potency.

Beads made of gems of red or brown-red tones, when worn for a long time, help to normalize the functioning of the thyroid gland.

stone amulet

Many scientists are inclined to believe that the healing properties of the nugget are due to the radioactive component of the mineral. The chemical composition of the stone contains a small amount of radium.

The dose of impurities is not harmful to the human body, but rather the opposite. However, for people who suffer from oncological diseases that have undergone radiation therapy, the use of the gem is categorically contraindicated.

The magical properties of carnelian

The magical powers of the gem manifest themselves in different ways, depending on the shade of the mineral. The most energetically powerful are carnelian. Lincuria has a slightly different spectrum of action.

It is believed that carnelian is a stone of love. This gem is responsible for carnal feelings, for the intimate component of relationships. At the same time, the degree of strength of the nugget increases with the degree of saturation of the color of the stone - the brighter and thicker the red tint, the more powerful the magic. Therefore, this kind of carnelian is used by esotericists to create love amulets, as well as protective talismans that protect a person from the effects of love spells.

As for linkurium, this mineral patronizes businessmen whose goal is to always stay at the top of their activities. In addition, yellow carnelian will help talented, but shy people to acquire the necessary qualities to manifest their abilities and realize their creative inclinations.

It is interesting! According to astrologers, such a distinct line of activity of lincurium is associated with the belonging of the gem to two forces - the Sun and Mercury. Mercury has long been revered as the god of trade. He was worshiped by merchants, businessmen, but also by thieves. The sun is responsible for the energy of the human body.

In this way, who wants to become more self-confident, more sociable, more courageous and psychologically stable, astrologers recommend getting an amulet made of dark yellow stone. However, you should pay attention to the purity of the mineral - any dark blotches will bring trouble to the owner, attracting negative forces.

Although carnelian acts as a strong amulet against any kind of evil (damage, curses, evil eye, love spells), this mineral does not protect a person from physical injury, natural disasters or other dangerous situations. The spectrum of action of the gem extends to the energy level of the human body.

Carnelian is recommended for pregnant women. It will not only protect mothers themselves from diseases and troubles, but will also bring happiness to babies.

Men wear a gem of dark red, brown and brown tones. Women are most suitable stones of orange and pink shades.

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Who is suitable for the sign of the zodiac

Mineral carnelian

Star prophets have determined that the carnelian is absolutely incompatible with only one sign of the Zodiac - Scorpio. Even a short interaction with a mineral will awaken the most negative qualities in Scorpions, aggression and anger.

("+++" - the stone fits perfectly, "+" - can be worn, "-" - absolutely contraindicated):

Zodiac sign Compatibility
Aries +
Taurus +
Gemini + + +
Cancer +
Lev +
Virgo + + +
Libra +
Sagittarius +
Capricorn +
Aquarius +
Pisces +

The rest of the constellations can wear amulets and talismans, only the action is not the same for everyone:

  • Gemini is one of the favorite signs for carnelian. The stone promises them the acquisition and preservation of family happiness, increased physical endurance and performance, as well as the disclosure of "sleeping" talents.
  • A lion. The amulet will endow representatives of this sign with success in any business. The stone will protect Leo families from conflict, betrayal or breakup.
  • With Virgo, carnelian has perfect compatibility. These people will receive from the gem not only an increase in intuition and positive qualities, but also the disclosure of clairvoyant abilities.
  • Aries will become more confident and optimistic.
  • Taurus will get rid of excessive aggression, and will also meet a life partner suitable for them thanks to red carnelian.
  • Cancerians will develop intuitive thinking and a gift for divination with orange or yellow carnelian.
  • For Libra, the gem will become a stone of love. Thanks to the talisman, Libra will be able to make the right decisions, gaining self-confidence.
  • Sagittarians will find the peace and harmony they need. Carnelian will envelop Sagittarius with a protective field against life's failures.
  • Capricorns will become more confident, revealing their dormant abilities.

Only the sign of Pisces will not feel any influence of the gem at all. Carnelian will serve for them only as a beautiful decoration.

Who suits the profession

This gem will also become an indispensable talisman for people of the following professions:

  • For drivers, truckers, and just those who, on duty, have to be on long business trips;
  • Judges, lawyers and other people connected with jurisprudence. It is Carnelian that strengthens the craving for justice;
  • Speakers, poets, writers, as well as those who often have to contact other people. He will give them self-confidence and enhance eloquence.

Talismans and charms

Jewelry with carnelian

Carnelian is used as amulets and amulets. If a stone figurine is placed in a dwelling not far from the front door, then the house will be reliably protected from any evil from the outside, including damage, the evil eye and other magical negativity, as well as from the machinations of ill-wishers and the fury of the elements.

The Carnelian ring worn on the finger is a powerful talisman that attracts material wealth. In addition, the stone is used as a talisman to protect against sudden death, accidents, accidents, etc.

To enhance the effect of the talisman, you need to perform the following exercise daily - visualize the flow of cosmic energy that passes through the stone and spreads with warmth over all the cells of the body, healing them, filling them with strength and energy.

The stone has special vibrations that can bring only positive moments to a person’s life.

They wear talismans, amulets and amulets in contact with the naked body. It is thanks to this wearing that Carnelian manifests itself most effectively.

At the same time, it protects its owner from diseases and promotes good health and mood.

Jewelry and their price

carnelian stone

Carnelian is loved by jewelers. But since the stone is inexpensive, it serves to inlay jewelry or silverware. Indian craftsmen set the stone in bronze, brass or medical alloy.

carnelian stone

Carnelian is a semi-precious stone, and its price is low. The most valuable rough specimens of the rarest color cost no more than $10 per carat.

Those pebbles, whose color is simpler, cost about 6-7 dollars, and opaque gems with various inclusions are even cheaper, only 3 dollars per carat.

Silver items are affordable and very beautiful. Any woman can afford such a decoration. The average cost of such accessories is approximately as follows:

  • Rings, rings - 30-50 euros.
  • Earrings - from 25 to 40 euros.
  • Pendants are sold in the range from 20 to 45 euros.
  • Bracelets are slightly more expensive - from 40 to 100 euros.
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decoration and mineral

Also, carnelian beads are in demand among handmakers. Therefore, you can always buy handmade designer jewelry for yourself or your loved ones. In addition, figurines and other pleasant little things, in particular talismans and amulets, are carved from any type of stone.

Other uses for carnelian

The very first use of the stone was noted even before our era. Ancient people made tools from it. Later, it was used by jewelers to make jewelry. It was also used as an ornamental stone.

Various figurines, figurines, even furniture and decor items were made from Carnelian. Souvenirs are made of stone, and it is also used for the production of church paraphernalia.

What stones is it combined with?

carnelian stone
Jasper and carnelian

Carnelian refers to those minerals that are difficult to find a pair. Firstly, the gem is a reflection of two elements - Air and Fire. Secondly, it is a stone of contradictions. The nugget contains inclusions of hematite, however, when these two stones interact, a conflict zone arises - hematite and carnelian are incompatible.

Besides hematite, carnelian does not tolerate proximity to water minerals as:

  • alexandrite;
  • topaz;
  • emerald;
  • pearl;
  • opal;
  • aquamarine;
  • adularia.

With the minerals of the Earth, carnelian is selective. A gem can behave calmly, or maybe negatively. Therefore, with caution approach the combination with minerals such as:

The "stone of the heart" will show friendliness to fellows in two elements - to spinels, charoita or amber. Minerals of Air impress the solar carnelian:

Semi-Precious Fire Gems - Heliodor, Garnet, Pyrites - cute carnelian.

Recommendations for care and wearing

In care, the gem is not whimsical. The rules for the preservation of carnelian are simple:

  • Don't hit.
  • Don't scratch.
  • Store separately in a soft container.
  • Clean with mild soapy water and a soft sponge.


Once every few months, a solar nugget needs the energy of our luminary. Therefore, it is worth recharging the mineral with direct sunlight. And it is better to buy a stone on a bright and clear day.

When choosing jewelry made from natural stones, in particular from carnelian, the rules for the image are unchanged:

  • No need to wear everything at once, especially if the jewelry is massive. The image will become heavy and vulgar.
  • The color scheme of carnelian goes well with brown eyes, dark or red hair. Blondes like light lincurium.
  • Large stones are an attribute of evening dresses.
  • It is necessary to combine different types of products, based on the color and elemental compatibility of stones.

On an energy level, carnelian rings are best worn on the middle, index fingers or on the little finger, but not on the ring finger.

Clean it up like this:

  • keep a couple of hours under running water;
  • placed on a sunny windowsill. But they keep it like this for no more than an hour, otherwise the color of the stone may fade;
  • for three days they are placed under the light of the night star;
  • keep about 30 minutes in saline solution.

How to distinguish from fakes

Carnelian is rarely faked, because the price of the stone is low, and there is simply no point in fakes. In addition, fake technology is much more expensive than natural stone.

If there are fakes, they can be easily identified.

On fakes:

  • There are no characteristic light stripes.
  • There may be a lot of scratches if the fake carnelian is made of plastic.
  • There is an unnatural sheen. Natural stone, most often, is matte.
  • A natural gem always has some defects, but its fakes do not.
  • The color of natural stone is also not perfect. In most cases, it is uneven.
  • If the fake gem is made of glass, it will shatter upon impact.

In addition to plastic, fakes are also made from a natural mineral - striped agate, painted in the appropriate color. Such an imitation will be much more difficult to recognize. It will have to be split.

Interesting Facts

Carnelian necklace

Carnelian has a curious past that makes it even more interesting:

  • It is believed that the most extraordinary product made from a gem is an octagonal seal, which depicts the biblical legend of Abraham.
  • In ancient Egypt, a stone was hung around the neck of the dead, because they believed that the gem would protect them during the transition to another world.
  • Carnelian has always been considered the stone of creative people. It was worn by many poets as talismans. They believed that the gem enhances creativity and brings inspiration. In addition to Pushkin, Byron, Tsvetaeva, Mandelstam had amulets with Carnelian.


  1. Carnelian is an amazing creation of nature, which brings not only benefits, but beauty and joy to the heart and eyes.
  2. He is able to both protect against negativity and bring good luck in all matters, including love.
  3. If the decoration with Carnelian was stolen, then it will not benefit, but only harm. A real talisman or amulet must be bought with honest money or donated from the heart by a loved one.
  4. Bring joy to your near and dear person - give him from the bottom of your heart a wonderful decoration made of the most beautiful Carnelian stone, which will become for him not only an exquisite decoration, but also a faithful protector.