Sodalite - a description of the stone, magical and healing properties, the cost of jewelry, who suits the Zodiac

Nowadays, quite a large number of people are interested in the magic and properties of stones. After all, they have a certain energy and are able to influence our shell, give energy to the vibration that is needed in a given period of life or a particular day.

History of origin

This stone is rarely found in nature. Related to semi-precious gems. The history of the breed is surrounded by mystery and mysteries. The name comes from the word "soda", translated from English means sodium. Or Sodium - from the Greek "lotus". Natural stone has other names - Alomit and Gakmanit.


The mineral sodalite was named by Thomson in 1810. There is no mention of the stone either in medieval or earlier literature. He became famous not so long ago. Sodalite is a chlorine-containing sodium aluminosilicate.

The rarity in nature is due to the fact that the extraction of the gem is made from alkaline volcanic rocks and pegmatites. It can be found in metasomatically processed limestones in the zone of their contact with nepheline syenite intrusions. Found in meteorites.

Mineral location

The mineral is mined on the Kola Peninsula in Russia, in the region of Vesuvius in Italy, as well as in mountainous areas in Portugal, Germany, Romania, India, Norway, Canada, USA, Brazil, Czech Republic, Kenya.

In the Ilmensky mountains, in the Cherry Mountains massif (Urals). Forms essentially sodalite veinlets in miaskites. Recorded in the Synnyr massif (Northern Baikal region), in Chukotka (Nuleisky, Irguneisky, etc.), in the Mariupol (Oktyabrsky) massif (Ukraine).

physical properties

Property Description
Formula 3Na2O•3Al2O3•6SiO2•2NaCl
Hardness 5,5 - 6
Density 2,29 g / cm³
Syngonia Cubic
Kink Rough or conchoidal
Cleavage Implicit
shine glassy or bold
Transparency Transparent or translucent
Color Blue, white, pink, gray and green
  • It has the ability to absorb water vapor and volatile substances.
  • Participates in ion exchange reactions.
  • Can change color and follow the reverse process. Knowing this property, jewelers intentionally give dark stones a lighter tone. And colorless enhance to bright blue.
  • It has the appearance of a greasy glassy sheen.
  • Can be processed with a file.


Variety of shades

The stone comes in different shades.

  • Blue and blue with white streaks and dots,
  • There are yellow sodalites in nature,
  • green,
  • Greyish-blue tint.

Red-colored sodalites can change color to black when exposed to air. In honor of Victor Gakman, who discovered this reaction in 1903, this species is named hackmanite. Under the influence of chemicals, black stones can be returned to their original color, and colorless minerals can be turned blue.

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Photo gallery of stone coloring

Medicinal properties

The gem is able to protect against radioactive radiation. Lithotherapists use the stone in the treatment of diseases caused by radiation. In China, the gem is used to restore blood pressure by applying it to the head or placing it at the head of the bed.

The therapeutic effect affects the work of the organs of vision, liver, heart, blood vessels, kidneys, digestive system.

Blue mineral eliminates nervousness, they treat insomnia. Lithotherapists use the stone in the treatment of cancer patients, to eliminate infectious diseases. It is placed on the body, in the area where the diseased organ is located.


A long examination of the stone prevents loss of vision. Sodalite has a positive effect on the work of the endocrine and lymphatic systems, normalizes metabolism. It has a powerful effect on the thyroid gland in case of inflammation, the presence of goiter, Graves' disease and strengthens bone tissue.

Magical properties

In magic, sodalite is perceived as a tool that develops supernatural abilities in a person.

Leading people use it for meditative work. Sodalite beads give a lot of attractiveness to women, but not in terms of decoration. Increased sympathy for a woman begins to be experienced thanks to the energy of the stone. It helps men to clearly and quickly navigate in making complex decisions, puts their thoughts in order.

  • Sodalite blue develops intuition. A person has 7 main chakras. The one that is responsible for vision and the thought process is located above the bridge of the nose and has a blue tint. Therefore, the mineral must be of the appropriate color.
  • Yellow sodalite is suitable for achieving inner harmony and spiritual development.
  • The red stone is responsible for the restoration of vitality. The chakra responsible for our health and activity is located in the perineum and has the same shade. The mineral assists in achieving existing goals, performs the function of protection against unwanted events.
  • Yellow and red shades will help to ensure self-confidence. Sodalite reduces the level of aggressiveness of the owner and helps to establish contact with unfamiliar and close people.

How to determine if a stone is right for you

There is an opinion, based on the experience of specialists, that a certain stone suits specific signs of the zodiac. But to generalize all the twins, like any other sign, would be a mistake.

Many factors influence the character, behavior and perception of life - on what day and minute a person was born, in what family he was brought up, and what reaction programs were invested by relatives and friends. For example, there are hard and softer scorpions.

To determine whether the stone is suitable for the owner, you can use the pendulum. Before buying a piece of jewelry, put it on your palm, and with the other hand, place the pendulum over the stone and ask the question: “Does sodalite suit me energetically?”. In your thoughts at this moment, be neutral, do not think about the result of the answer, so as not to influence the behavior of the pendulum.

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The second option for checking for compatibility is a layout on Tarot cards or any oracle system. You can look at one card or three. Feel free to do this in the store, as the sellers understand that people come for stones for magical purposes or to purchase beautiful jewelry.

If it so happened that the stone has already been purchased, you can check for compatibility in the following way. Sleep with a stone for one night, during sleep we are open to energies and vulnerable. If in the morning you feel overwhelmed or worried, although at the same time you have had a sufficient number of hours of rest, then the stone is contraindicated in use.

How to store sodalite

Stones have their own energy and character. They are able to choose a person whom they are ready to help and serve. These are animate objects.

Depending on the rock, minerals like different storage conditions. It can be water, earth, sand, a breathable fabric bag. If you are serious about your magical instrument, make sure that it is comfortable to exist with you. The pendulum will help you get the answer, where is the best place to store it. Do not keep items together with incompatible stones.

If it happened that the stone cracked and lost its integrity, its magical properties are lost. Do not try to glue the mineral. He did not want to help you, or he took on too much negative energy.

For the same reason, the stone can be lost. During magical work, you can notice how the stone visually increases. To remove unnecessary information, put it under running water and say: "I am removing alien information from sodalite."


Important! The purity of the stones must be observed after each performed ritual.

Compatible with other stones

Sodalite is combined with:

Try to keep separate from other stones.

What products are used and the price of jewelry

Sodalite stone is made from:

  • Bracelets - can be purchased for 5 euros.
  • Beads - fluctuate within 10-20 euros (depending on the massiveness of the jewelry).
  • Earrings - estimated at 8 euros.
  • Rings - exhibited at 5-8 euros.
  • Figurines of various kinds (souvenirs) can be purchased for 7 euros and more.
  • Amulets and amulets are valued up to 6 euros.
  • Small beads for needlework are created from stone. The set costs 4 euros.
  • A rosary 30 cm long is estimated at about 35-40 euros.

Fake stone

Sodalite is considered an inexpensive material, they do not try to create fakes on it. More often they try to pass it off as lapis lazuli. Distinguishing stones is easy. Lapis lazuli is opaque and may have gold inclusions. Sodalite has a glassy luster and is translucent.

How to recognize a fake

Almost always, plastic or glass is offered instead of natural sodalite.

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You can identify the origin by several signs:

  • A plastic fake is lightweight; it melts over the flame of a candle or match, emitting a “chemical” smell.
  • Glass is easily distinguished from stone by its strong transparency and brilliance.
  • Sodalite leaves a white line on the glass.

Care of products

Sodalite is brittle, easily dissolved by acids, and has low hardness. Therefore, you need to take care of him reverently:

  • Protect from falls, bumps. In case of mechanical damage, a white mark will remain on the colored mineral.
  • Wash off the dirt with warm water and a mild detergent.
  • Do not expose for a long time under the scorching sun, do not wear to the beach or to the pool.
  • Only rock crystal can be a neighbor in the box.
  • If sodalite has become cloudy, it is placed in water for several hours or overnight, along with rock crystal.

Energy purification of the mineral is carried out weekly, if it has faded, changed color. Or immediately after a magical attack (when such a suspicion arose). To do this, it is rinsed with running water. If it does not help, then the stone is "overloaded". It needs to be buried: the accumulated negative will go into the ground.

Compatibility with zodiac signs

For each sign, the gem will suit as much as possible according to a certain parameter.

("+++" - the stone fits perfectly, "+" - can be worn, "-" - absolutely contraindicated):

Zodiac sign Compatibility
Aries +
Taurus + + +
Gemini +
Cancer +
Lev +
Virgo + + +
Libra +
Scorpio + + +
Sagittarius +
Capricorn +
Aquarius +
Pisces +
  • The mineral will teach Pisces and Lviv to establish contact in society, which will lead the bearers of the signs to success.
  • For Sagittarius, Scorpio and Taurus, it will become a healing stone and help get rid of many diseases.
  • Gemini and Virgo will find inner peace, get to know themselves better and experience harmony, the stone will tune in to nature and teach you to love life.
  • For Cancer and Aries, it will become an assistant in focusing on important matters, which will lead to abundance and success.
  • Aquarians will acquire a sense of justice, become more responsible.
  • Capricorns will help at the right time to show their best qualities, hiding character flaws.
  • Libra will develop their intellectual, mental abilities.

Useful Tips

Delving into the world of magic, be careful and try not to harm yourself. Check if the stone suits you. Decide in advance why you are purchasing it and whether this is really the tool you need. Explore stone options. If you are making a gift, study the properties of the stone and whether it suits the donee.

Magic is an ancient and serious science, it does not tolerate mistakes. Working with stones is by no means the last place in it, since minerals are living materials that can absorb information and share their individual vibrations. If you want to add magic to your life, start studying gemology and related literature.



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