Uvarovit - description and properties, jewelry and their price, who suits according to the zodiac


The bewitching green of this mineral is comparable to the green of an emerald. Uvarovite was discovered not so long ago, compared to other gems, but the royal stone managed to win the hearts of people around the world. In addition, the Ural nugget has unique properties that no green mineral from the bowels of the Earth can boast of.

History and origin

Uvarovite is a rare variety of the mineral grenade. The gem was discovered in 1832. The deposits of the emerald nugget are located on the territory of the Saranovskoye deposit - a place where many Ural gems are mined. In the same year, the chemist Hermann Hess introduced uvarovite stone into mineralogy with a detailed description and classification. They named the mineral in honor of the godson of Empress Catherine - Count Sergei Uvarov.

Ekaterina herself appreciated the extraordinary beauty of the Ural emerald. And Count Uvarov, being president of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, played an important role in the extraction and study of the properties of uvarovite.


A distinctive feature of the mineral are small crystals, 2-3 mm in size, forming fine-grained brushes. Later, deposits of the nugget were also discovered on other continents of the planet, however, the gem is rightfully called the “Ural emerald”, after the place of the first find.

Uvarovite very quickly gained popularity in the world. The demand for jewelry with Ural emerald has not subsided for almost 200 years. In the literature, the gem is found under the names: “trautvinite” (in honor of the American geologist J. Trautwein), “chromium garnet”, “imperial stone” and hanleyite (mined in India on the territory of the Hanli deposit).

Place of Birth

The best gems in the world are still considered Russian stones from the Saranovsky deposit in the Urals. High quality specimens are also mined in the mines of Scotland.

Small-scale mining sites are located in the United States, Canada, South Africa, Turkey, Norway. Uvarovite is also mined in the deposits of Italy, India, Finland, and Poland. There is a gem among the mountain ranges of the Himalayas and the Pyrenees.

physical properties

Uvarovite, like all garnets, is a quartz silicate. Emerald color is achieved due to the high content of chromium. Iron impurities make the stones dark. Some specimens contain titanium, which gives the stone a yellow tint or inclusions that look like rusty streaks.

Property Description
Formula Ca3Cr2(SiO4)3
Hardness 6,5 - 7
Density 3,4 - 3,8 g / cm³
Syngonia Cubic (planaxial)
Kink Irregular to semi-conchoidal
Cleavage No
Brilliance Glass
Transparency Transparent or translucent
Color Green and other shades of this color

Nature forms druses or brushes from crystals of the mineral, with a crystal size of up to 3 mm.

It is interesting! Finnish deposits are rich in extremely large uvarovite crystals. There are stones up to 1,5 cm in size.

A distinctive feature of uvarovite from other fellow garnets is that the stone is not exposed to temperatures and acids.

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Varieties and colors

Uvarovite does not have a mineralogical classification. The stone differs in shades depending on the place of extraction:

  • Bright green stones, reminiscent of emerald color, are mined in the Urals. They are otherwise called Ural emeralds.
  • Dark green with a gray tint, nuggets are considered Scottish and are found at the Glen Skiag deposit. Such a mineral is called skiagite.
  • Brown-green stones are mined by Indians at the Khanle deposit. Such uvarovite was called hanleite.

The transparency of the stone, as well as the color, is different. There are instances of "pure water", as well as translucent or cloudy samples with various inclusions.

Medicinal properties

Uvarovit was known to healers long before its official discovery. Previously, the stone served men to return and strengthen male power. Modern lithotherapists confirm the beneficial effect of the Ural emerald on male potency.

In addition, uvarovite is endowed with a range of studied therapeutic possibilities:

  • Improving circulation and blood composition, normalizing blood pressure. The gem helps hypertensive patients, as well as people suffering from anemia.
  • Normalization of metabolism and the work of all vital functions of the body. Uvarovite cleanses the body of toxins and toxins, therefore it is used to regulate weight, as well as to maintain healthy skin, nails and hair.
  • Restoration of hearing and vision. The stone helps with eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma.
  • Headaches. The mineral applied to the temples relieves migraines. It will also help wearing a pendant with uvarovite.
  • Treatment of a number of neurological diseases. The green nugget is responsible for healthy sleep, getting rid of fatigue, mood swings, depression, anxiety.

ring and earrings

Despite such a number of positive properties, there are also contraindications to wearing a stone - diseases of the kidneys or gallbladder. Uvarovit negatively affects the work of these organs. Prolonged wear of the gem sometimes leads to the formation of gallstones.

The magic of the Ural greenery

The Ural emerald, according to esotericists, is very strong in two areas - family and finances. In these areas of human life, a nugget reveals his abilities in full.


Uvarovite attracts a fortune to the owner. In a short period of time, a person will be able to get rich, but the stone has one condition - the mineral helps only those who earn a living by their labor. This means that lovers of passive income, such as gambling, for example, the Ural gem is not a helper.

A nugget promotes career advancement or helps in finding a job with decent pay. In addition, uvarovite protects against waste, thanks to which the owner of the mineral learns to spend money wisely.

Love and family

Here, uvarovite works as a family talisman, as well as a magical attribute for love rituals. It is believed that the Ural mineral helps a person meet his true love and start a strong family. In an existing marriage union, the gem revives faded feelings, protects spouses from conflicts, betrayals and partings.

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In the magical world, uvarovite is used by sorcerers to make love drinks, to conduct rituals to attract a betrothed. There is also a simple ritual where the wife sews a crystal of uvarovite into the corner of her husband's pillow. Thus, a man will always desire only his wife and his attraction to her will not fade over the years.


Europeans also have their own tradition associated with emerald stone - the engagement groom gives his bride a ring with uvarovite. It is said that such a gift gives rise to strong feelings in the girl's heart that will not disappear for many years.

In addition, uvarovite protects the house in which the owner of the stone lives from all sorts of misfortunes - robbers, elements, fires. Keeping the mineral at home, you can save the man living there from alcohol addiction.

If you wear a ring or a ring with a mineral on your left hand, intuitive thinking will reach a new level and the owner of the jewelry will learn to catch deceit. A pendant with a stone will help a person find answers to difficult life questions and make the right decisions.

Jewelry with mineral

The jewelry industry is the only area of ​​application for uvarovite. This stone is loved by craftsmen, so incredibly beautiful jewelry is created with its participation. The exclusivity of the gem is that for products it is used the way it is extracted from the bowels of the earth. This is due to the fact that uvarovite crystals are very small, it is almost impossible to cut them. Often, nature itself took care of the cutting.

Thus, the gem is inserted into jewelry in whole aggregates, which are brushes made of crystals. In addition, each of these jewelry is exclusive, because repeating the frame is a simple matter, but it is impossible to insert an identical uvarovite aggregate into this frame. In nature, there are no identical garnet brushes.

The value of uvarovite jewelry is different. Silver is affordable, and a good work of gold from a good master is many times more expensive.


  • A pendant made of silver with dark green uvarovite is estimated at around 170-220 euros, gold can reach 1200-1300 euros.
  • Earrings. Silver - from 180 euros, gold - 1800-2000 euros.
  • Rings. From 200 euros for silver items.

In addition to jewelers, uvarovite is no less valued by collectors. The rarest specimens of the stone flaunt in private collections.

How to distinguish a fake

Ural emerald is not among the expensive minerals, just as it does not stand next to cheap stones. Therefore, fakes happen quite often. You can distinguish uvarovite from glass or plastic by several signs:

  • Color. Ideally clean, transparent, uniform color crystals indicate falsification. Natural stone does not look perfect.
  • Hardness. Glass is inferior to uvarovite in hardness, so a natural gem will easily scratch it.
  • Crystal size. The brushes of the Ural nugget consist of stones 2-3 mm in size. Larger specimens should alert.

Do not forget about the general rule that helps to distinguish any natural mineral from a fake - thermal conductivity. Real uvarovite will remain cool in the hands, and glass or plastic will quickly heat up.

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How to wear and care

Uvarovite is naturally endowed with the color of the noble mineral emerald. Therefore, jewelry with this stone will always highlight the hostess, emphasizing the nobility of the image.


Bright green uvarovites look great with white, black, gray or golden clothes. The style should be classic, elegant. These accessories look good in combination with a formal suit or delicate dress. It is inappropriate to wear uvarovite with jeans, jumpers and similar everyday wardrobe items. An exception to the rule will be neat stud earrings worn for a walk or in a cafe.

Regarding care, uvarovit is unpretentious. The stone is durable, wear-resistant, resistant to temperatures and chemistry. Jewelry with such a mineral will last a long time, but you should not forget about frugality.

Cleaning uvarovite implies not only a hygienic aspect, but also an energy one. The mineral is cleaned of contaminants with a soft brush and soapy water. After the product is rinsed with running water and dried in the air or with a soft cloth. For energy cleansing, salt-herbal baths or only running water without any impurities are used.

It is better to store the Ural nugget separately from other minerals so that its magic is revealed in full. From exposure to direct sunlight, the gem should also be protected - uvarovite loses not its color, but its energy.

Astrological Compatibility

Uvarovit, according to astrologers, is ideal for the Leo family. The mineral will help the Lions improve the course of their lives, as well as achieve their goals.


But it is strictly forbidden for Pisces to use the Ural stone - the mineral will make Pisces whiny, irritable, aggressive, emotionally unstable.

("+++" - the stone fits perfectly, "+" - can be worn, "-" - absolutely contraindicated):

Zodiac sign Compatibility
Aries +
Taurus +
Gemini +
Cancer +
Lev + + +
Virgo +
Libra +
Scorpio +
Sagittarius +
Capricorn +
Aquarius +

Other signs will accept their gifts from uvarovite:

  • Gemini, Aquarius and Libra will find themselves, achieving success in the business they have begun.
  • Sagittarius and Aries will become indicators of lies.
  • Protect Capricorns, Virgos, and Sagittarius from negativity, give confidence, bring harmony.

For Scorpios and Cancers, uvarovite jewelry will become only beautiful accessories, without bringing any benefit or harm.

Good to know

The largest natural crystals of uvarovite are extracted from aggregates and faceted with an emerald cut. However, such stones do not serve as an independent insert for jewelry. Their jewelry weight reaches a maximum of 1 carat. Typically, such gems serve as an addition to diamonds or emeralds.

Of all the jewelry, the uvarovite pendant or necklace has the greatest magical power. Such a talisman helps those who are desperate to find help. A product worn around the neck attracts the right people to life, and the right decisions to the head.