Eudialyte - description and varieties of stone, properties, who suits the Zodiac


Eudialyte stone belongs to the group of silicates - a mineral, a ring silicate of sodium, calcium, zirconium. It boasts a unique structure that is not found anywhere else in nature. It literally attracts people of all ages.

History and origin

Eudialyte is of igneous origin and occurs in agpaitic nepheline syenites and their pegmatites. It is a rock-forming mineral in eudialytic lujavrites of the Lovozero massif (Kola Peninsula).


The name goes back to ancient Greek roots: eu - "good", dialitos - "decomposable", that is, well decomposed, easily soluble. Eudialyte can be easily melted in any acid (except hydrochloric). It can also be affected by high ambient temperatures. If the mineral is kept in direct sunlight for a long time, nothing will remain of it at all.

REFERENCE! The scientific name for the stone was given by the German chemist Friedrich Stromeyer (1818).

The second name of eudialyte is Sami blood. One beautiful legend is connected with this: once the Swedes attacked the Sami land, but received a worthy rebuff. However, not all Sami leaders survived such an onslaught. And in place of their shed blood, stones appeared: they became real talismans for people.

On the Kola Peninsula, it has a third name - "Lapp blood".

Stone deposits

If we talk about a stone deposit in a scientific language, it is worth mentioning volcanic activity. The mineral was formed as an igneous rock. The largest place of eudialyte deposits is located on the Kola Peninsula. It can also be found in the following geographic locations:

  • USA;
  • Austria;
  • Canada;
  • Greenland;
  • Norway;
  • the island of Madagascar.

Small specimens of stone are practically not found; large sizes predominate.


physical properties

The main characteristics of eudialyte can be described as follows:

  • The stone is a ring silicate of calcium, sodium and strontium.
  • In its pure form, it is almost never found. Titanium or potassium can act as impurities.
  • Eudialyte is recognized as semi-precious.
  • The nugget has a glassy luster and a transparent granular structure (partially or completely).
  • The mineral is soft.
  • Representative of the alkaline group of rocks.
  • The vast voids of the stone are occupied by water particles and anions.

He often attracts jewelers with his glow inside, but processing eudialyte can be very dangerous - due to the inclusion of radioactive elements in its composition. The greatest activity of radiation is seen in stones of bright red color.

Property Description
Formula Na4(CaCeFeMn)2ZrSi6O17(OHCl)2
Impurity Sr, Nb, Ti, K
Hardness 5 - 5,5
Density 2,8 - 3 g / cm³
Refractive index 1,598 - 1,602
Syngonia Trigonal
Kink Rough or conchoidal
Cleavage Imperfect by {0001}
Brilliance Glass
Transparency Transparent or translucent
Color Red, yellow, tan, purple
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Varieties and colors

In nature, most red and brown shades of stone; they have white patches on them. Outwardly, eudialyte resembles a pomegranate. There are also purple, brown and yellow-brown specimens.


Depending on the deposit and color, several subspecies of eudialyte are distinguished:

  • Barsanovite - Khibiny massif, tones from red-brown to rare yellow-green.
  • Eucolite - Norwegian deposits, dark colors predominate due to iron oxide.
  • Ikranite - dumps of the Lovozero massif, the mineral occurs in the form of yellow grains.
  • Rastsvetaevit - Khibiny massif, reddish-pink shades.

The colors will directly depend on the formation process, as well as on the depth under which the stone was located and the location.


For the manufacture of jewelry, eudialyte is not used very actively. There are two reasons for this: the rarity of the mineral and the presence of strontium in its composition. It is not allowed to process large stones. But because of its magmatic origin, the nugget is still considered a valuable raw material in terms of finding rare metals.

The most common form of cut stones is a polished cabochon, which is then inserted into rings, earrings and pendants. Only this method allows you to maximize the play of color impurities contained in the mineral. In the second half of the 19th century, a massive flourishing of spiritism took place - magic balls began to be made from large crystals.

In stone-cutting, the mineral is used to make souvenirs, candlesticks, figurines and ashtrays. Masters generously decorate various products with eudialyte. Beads go well with the stone.

Medicinal properties of eudialyte

Official medicine is wary of stone treatment, but fans of non-standard methods of fighting diseases are ready to challenge the opposite point of view.

  • Traditional healers called eudialyte "the stone of the heart country" - it affects the state of the cardiovascular system in the most positive way. The work of the heart muscle improves, vascular pathologies disappear, blood pressure normalizes.
  • If you wear this mineral in the form of a pendant at the level of the abdomen, it will help to cope with diseases such as ulcers and gastritis.
  • Eudialyte is used for vision problems: an unusual pattern on the stone relieves eye strain.
  • The nugget is a means of prevention in the fight against pancreatitis.
  • It also lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood and generally improves its composition and saturates with oxygen.
  • The stone relieves obsessive thoughts.
  • Depression and stressful situations with eudialyte fade into the background.

ATTENTION! Stone healing can only be used as a means of prevention or as an addition to the main treatment. In case of serious problems, you need to contact the doctors.

The magical properties of eudialyte stone

The magical properties of this stone have been fully studied by esotericists.

  • Experts came to a consensus that eudialyte protects against injuries and various injuries (bruises, abrasions, bruises).
  • The mineral contributes to making the right decision. To understand yourself, you just need to take eudialyte in your hands, turn off emotions and think about the current situation.
  • The stone develops intuition and teaches you to trust your own feelings.
  • Eudialyte helps to solve career guidance issues, and also improves thought processes.
  • Such a talisman is responsible for spiritual development and creative self-determination.
  • Eudialyte increases the attractiveness of men in the eyes of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.
  • It is a stone of inexhaustible and immense passion. You need it if you want to strengthen love feelings for your partner.
  • “Saami blood” is needed by people who risk their lives every day: policemen, rescuers, firefighters. It is good to take such a trophy with you on a long journey.
  • Magicians believe that this mineral helps develop psychic abilities.
stone jewelry

REFERENCE! Ancient warriors believed that eudialyte turns cowardly people into brave men, so they always kept it near them in battles.

Jewelry with mineral

Eudialyte cannot be worn simultaneously with other minerals: it is able to enhance the magical properties of foreign stones, which is not always a plus. After all, many minerals, along with positive properties, are endowed with negative ones.

In order for the stone to have the opportunity to maximize its potential, it is best for women to wear eudialyte in a silver frame in the form of jewelry (rings or bracelets), and for men - in the form of a key ring.

Given the radioactivity of the mineral, it should be kept away from the thyroid gland and those areas of the skin on which moles are present.

Eudialyte is also known as a jewelry "double stone". This applies to those specimens where the predominant shares are immediately occupied by 2 minerals - eudialyte and some other (for example, apatite). After processing, a unique white-red gem is obtained. It is highly regarded by collectors.

How to distinguish a craft

This stone is rarely faked. It is rare, but it does not enjoy high consumer demand. To be 100% sure of the authenticity of eudialyte, you can bring it to the light. The nugget should radiate red, as if droplets of blood are visible on the gray stone. Fake stones will not have this effect.

How to wear and care

Eudialyte needs careful care. The stones subtly feel the care of the owner: over time, they will definitely reciprocate:

  • Eudialyte is stored in a cool place: the stone may not tolerate high temperatures.
  • Wash it in cool running water; no additional cleaning agents are required.
  • Be careful when wearing: the stone is soft and easy to scratch.
  • If washing the eudialyte does not bring tangible results, take it to a professional jeweler for cleaning. The specialist should help.
  • Be extremely careful: if the eudialyte is damaged, the level of radiation around it may increase.
  • Store it in a soft bag, which is best stored in a dark place.
  • Be sure to remove your jewelry if you are going to play sports or visit the beach.

Astrological Compatibility

Each person from birth has a specific set of stones that helps to skillfully manage internal energy, and replenish it at the right time. Possessing rare magical abilities, eudialyte is “friends” with almost all signs of the zodiac.


("+++" - the stone fits perfectly, "+" - can be worn, "-" - absolutely contraindicated):

Zodiac sign Compatibility
Aries +
Taurus +
Gemini +
Cancer +
Lev +
Virgo + + +
Libra +
Scorpio +
Sagittarius +
Capricorn +
Aquarius +
Pisces +
  1. The mineral is most recommended to be worn by Virgos. Especially if they have experienced a serious shock. The stone will take away a depressed state.
  2. As a talisman-amulet, it is ideal for Sagittarius. The main thing is to always carry it with you and not lose it.
  3. Lions eudialyte will help to establish a personal life. However, to save the relationship, you will have to change a lot in yourself.
  4. For Aries, the stone acts as a means of protection. Bad dreams will stop tormenting you, and two-faced people will gossip behind your back less.
  5. For Aquarius, the nugget will tell you how to direct the indefatigable flow of energy in a peaceful direction. Perhaps you will finally find the business that you have always dreamed of.
  6. For Pisces, this mineral will become synonymous with calm. You should not take any trifles to heart and pass them through yourself.
  7. Gemini with eudialyte will find love. But what it will be depends only on the representatives of the sign themselves. It can be love for a particular person, life or cause.
  8. Libra knows harmony; will be less fussy.
  9. Scorpios will increase willpower. Also, eudialyte advises to reconsider the circle of his friends. Perhaps one of those is considered to be only formally.
  10. In Capricorn, under the influence of the stone, negative character traits will become softer. Disadvantages can also sometimes be advantages.
  11. Crayfish, acquiring eudialyte, will reconsider their views on life and realize their mistakes.
  12. Taurus will value their loved ones more and will place the main emphasis on the family.

Interesting to know

  • Artificially, under the influence of certain conditions, scientists obtained an analogue of eudialyte.
  • In 1890, Wilhelm Ramsay, a professor at the Imperial Alexander University, published a description of nine different minerals in one of the scientific journals (among them was eudialyte). All of them were discovered by him as a result of the study of the Lovozero massif. For this, the geologist was awarded a special prize of Alexander II.

A bright stone keeps and protects its owner from wounds and blues. Jewelry with eudialyte is unforgettable and expressive. Such beautiful talismans open the way to new knowledge. Due to its characteristics, the mineral is considered almost the most fragile. So his intimidating appearance is just a mask.