Epidote - description of the stone, healing and magical properties, suitable for whom, mineral jewelry


Epidote is a complex silicate of calcium, aluminum and iron, which is difficult to process. It can be difficult to look away from such a nugget: it is distinguished from other stones by a characteristic glassy luster.

History and origin

The name of the mineral came to us from the Greek language and literally translates as "increase" or "increment". The crystal was first described more than three hundred years ago: during this time, he managed to change about 10 names. For a while, it was generally considered a species tourmaline. The official name was given to the stone in 1801: at this time, the French physicist Gayuy mentions it in his works. The scientist proved that epidote is an independent stone, which has its own varieties.


REFERENCE! At the end of the 18th century, epidote was described by the traveler P.S. Palace as a "green schorl".

This gem is the initial product of the change in the main rocks. It can be completely opaque, slightly illuminated and completely transparent. The natural complex silicate contains a significant amount of calcium, aluminum and iron.

Epidote deposits

Epidote is widely distributed throughout the world - it is mined on an industrial scale. The deposits in the Ural Mountains are considered the most valuable: these nuggets have a rare green color and a transparent texture. They know about the stone in the Kumachinsky and Nazyamsky mountains. You can also call the Kola Peninsula, Kemerovo and Irkutsk regions.

Today epidote is also mined in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Norway and Australia. Samples of decent quality are found on the territory of these countries.

Physical and chemical properties of the stone

Property Description
Formula Ca2Al2Fe(SiO4)3OH
Hardness 6 - 7
Density 3,4 g / cm³
Refractive index 1,733 - 1,768
Syngonia Monoclinic
Kink Shelly, spiky
Cleavage Perfect
Brilliance Bright, glassy
Transparency Transparent or translucent
Color Green, dark brown
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Varieties and colors

The stone boasts several varieties:

  • Pistacite - have a pistachio color, are considered one of the most common of all types.pistacites
  • Piedmontite - stands out in a dark red color: they contain natural manganese.
  • Clinozoisite is characterized by a different color - from light green to gray-brown.clinozoisite
  • Chromepidote is colored yellow: the presence of chromium in the composition makes them so.chromeepidotes
  • Stones with a dark green color are called Pushkinite.Pushkinite
  • Mukhinite - discovered by the Russian geologist Mukhina in the deposits of Western Siberia.
  • Picroepidote - contains a large amount of magnesium oxide, is mined near Lake Baikal.
  • In nature, allanite is found, which has an almost black color. It was named after its discoverer T. Allan.

REFERENCE! Due to the color similarity with the green tint of pistachios, epidote is sometimes called pistacite, which is translated from Greek as “pistachio”.

Depending on the angle of illumination, the mineral can cast in different colors.


Epidote is an ornamental stone, and therefore is used in various fields.


Due to its prevalence, it is used in precious jewelry. Most often, jewelers use a transparent or translucent epidote. Remarkably, this mineral does not require careful cutting and processing. It is used mostly by women: in earrings, rings, beads.


The physical properties of the chemical make it possible to make interior items from it, it is used in figurines, caskets. Things made of epidote give the house coziness. Epidote paints the owner of the house in the eyes of others.


There are many types of a wonderful mineral, epidote, in the world, many collectors, as soon as they find a suitable stone, immediately put it on the shelf. For many years, such a hobby turns into a passion of a person, to find as many new discoveries in mineralogy as possible.

Collectors are ready to buy unique samples of epidote even for several tens of thousands of dollars.

Medicinal properties

With serious health problems, stone therapy is not able to remove a medical diagnosis from a person, but as a preventive measure, it will work perfectly.

  • Experienced healers apply epidote on the head during migraines. After such a procedure, it must be cleaned: just lower the gem for a few minutes in cold water.
  • With arrhythmia, the stone helps to normalize heart rhythms; angina attacks disappear.
  • If the nerves are pinched, the epidote will quickly remove the spasm.
  • The talisman copes with diseases of the oral cavity and with a variety of cases of skin pathologies.
  • Depressive states will fade into the background; the general psycho-emotional state improves.
  • During the regular wearing of jewelry with epidote, the immune system is gradually strengthened; visual acuity improves.
  • Severe pain during problems with the spine fade into the background.
  • It has a positive effect on the well-being of the expectant mother.
  • Natural epidote improves the natural complexion. This makes women incredibly attractive.
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REFERENCE! Lithotherapists (specialists in the treatment of stones) have found that if you wear an epidote along with silver, this will increase its healing effect several times.

Magical properties

Epidote multiplies all the positive aspects of a person's character; with a stone, he becomes kinder and more merciful.

  • The fortress of the epidote, according to esotericists, contributes to the creation of a harmonious internal atmosphere around the one who surrounds him.
  • A person opens the opportunity to free himself from envy, negative thoughts and irritability.
  • The owner of the epidote is improving his financial situation.
  • The pebble is recommended for wearing by creative individuals: this will be their source of inspiration. The owner will have many new ideas.
  • A pessimist will cease to perceive the world only in gloomy colors.
  • The mineral releases from mental trauma: with it, new relationships will come into your life faster.
  • Epidote helps in finding lost things.

Jewelry with mineral

In the jewelry industry, the stone is actively used: it is inserted into rings, earrings and necklaces. Masters try to preserve the natural grace of the epidote as much as possible, subjecting it to only minimal processing. Not all samples are taken for jewelry, but only those that have an interesting appearance are chosen.


Transparent crystals are cut, but more often they are still processed cabochon. After that, the epidote may have the effect of silk or a cat's eye.

How to distinguish from fakes

Epidote has a low cost and is considered quite common. Fake stones are almost never found. But it is still worth consulting with a specialist before buying, so as not to mistake another gem for an epidote.

How to wear and care

Good hardness provides resistance to all kinds of damage to the stone, so it does not require any special conditions for maintenance. However, during a sharp blow, a split can form.

The most active energy of the stone will begin to open up if you wear it in the form of a jewelry-ring worn on the middle finger of your right hand. The cut in this case must be made of precious material. If, upon contact with the epidote, you feel dizzy or have other unpleasant sensations, it is better to refuse to wear it.

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Astrological Compatibility

The properties of stones are studied not only by doctors and magicians. Astrologers are no less active in this.

("+++" - the stone fits perfectly, "+" - can be worn, "-" - absolutely contraindicated):

Zodiac sign Compatibility
Aries + + +
Taurus +
Gemini + + +
Lev +
Virgo +
Libra +
Scorpio +-
Sagittarius +
Capricorn +
Aquarius + + +


  • Epidote is considered the stone of Gemini: it protects them from frivolous acts and suggests those talents that people themselves did not even know about.
  • Libra gem will help overcome shyness. Gradually, life will be filled with confidence and stability.
  • Aries need a stone to protect themselves from envious people.
  • But experts do not advise Cancers and Pisces to acquire such a talisman: it can have a depressing effect on the body.
  • Creative Aquarians with epidote will multiply their talents.
  • And powerful Lions will be able to direct all their best qualities to achieve career goals.

Interesting to know

  • Epidotes are characterized by an abundance of facets, which can include up to two hundred simple shapes.
  • The stone melts to form a brown magnetic ball. It is difficult to dissolve in acid.

Buying an epidote jewelry, a person simultaneously receives both a beautiful thing and a powerful talisman. After all, magic and attractiveness are skillfully intertwined in this nugget. The owner of the stone finds harmony with himself.