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How to Wear Chunky Jewelry Every Day
We couldn’t ignore the luxurious Giovanna Batalha-Engelbert and her masterly ability to adapt Swarovski jewelry to suit her everyday life.
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Jewelry with natural stones
We all know that fashion is cyclical. Jewelry trends also replace each other and return to us again in a more modern form. Valuable jewellery
Jewelery and bijouterie
New life for old jewelry: three universal examples
Is it possible to transform your jewelry wardrobe without buying new jewelry? Undoubtedly! We show you with an example of three simple techniques! With a slight movement of the hand we transform
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Bracelet on the leg - what is it called, types and 70+ photos
Very often in jewelry stores you can find bracelets on the leg in addition to the usual models of jewelry. They are called questionnaire. This fashionable decoration is known
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Slave bracelet - design and photo
Ethnic jewelry is now very popular, because with their help you can create a bright and interesting image or emphasize your femininity.
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Jewelry maximalism: three examples for every day
We tell you how to tame and easily repeat an established trend, adapting an abundance of jewelry to your everyday life. Quote verbatim or use
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Except for the flowers: the jewelry we'll be wearing this spring
A moment of inspiration for those who can't wait to start celebrating the onset of the spring-summer season. We collected three categories of jewelry (after excluding
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Fashion bracelets - jewelry models in the photo
Bracelets are jewelry that is very popular with women of all ages. They emphasize the beauty of hands, draw attention to everything.
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What jewelry and accessories will not age - fashion for aged ladies
Let's play associations! Woman, age, accessories. An old lady in a pearl necklace and a hat comes to mind, an elderly lady with heavy rings
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Jewelry trends: “dancing” earrings
We continue to reflect on the topic of the most fashionable jewelry. One of the unexpected items on the list of jewelry must-haves are large-sized “dancing” earrings.
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New trend: personalized jewelry
If we consider jewelry as a tool for self-expression and communication, then there are hardly any items more eloquent than precious numbers and letters.
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Urgent need: jewelry with colorful stones
Let's get acquainted with the unlimited creative potential of bright colors using jewelry with multi-colored stones as an example. We assure you that they are capable of making an impression.
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New trend: “black” jewelry
Plus one item in your basic jewelry wardrobe. It will be useful for fans of the most universal solutions and for those who are not ready to spend too much time
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New – Disney x Pandora x Cinderella
The new Pandora jewelry collection, created in collaboration with Disney, recalls the magical story of Cinderella and restores faith in miracles.
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Trend for jewelry maximalism
We talk about the main jewelry direction and suggest how to follow it. Jewelry combinations Wear your best at once! At a minimum, this corresponds
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Jewelry for a festive night: hard bracelet
An excellent example of a multifunctional decoration that is appropriate anytime, anywhere. If you plan to purchase only one New Year's item, then let it be a hard bracelet.
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Role model: accent earrings like Elsa Hosk
Feeling that the most magical night of the year is quickly approaching, we decided to more actively share New Year's inspiration. Among the ideal role models is a successful
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Gentleman's set: TOP-3 men's jewelry
We strongly disagree with the opinion that men do not need jewelry! The main argument is the most universal products that can be easily
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Crystal body chain: which ones to choose and what to wear with them
Briefly about the new jewelry trend. A few days ago, a presentation of Swarovski’s collaboration with Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS brand took place. Among the guests of the event
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New – MARVEL x Pandora x Infinity Stones
Pandora recalled their collaboration with Marvel by introducing three pieces of jewelry dedicated to the Infinity Stones. Bracelet, hoops earrings
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Jewelry for dresses with bare shoulders: 4 universal options
We are pleased to share several successful stylistic solutions designed to decorate the image with an emphasis on the bare shoulder line.
Silver jewelry and white gold are again at the peak of popularity and the combination of metals has become a fashion trend.Jewelery and bijouterie
How to combine silver and gold - tips from stylists and photos
Silver jewelry and white gold are again at the peak of popularity and the combination of metals has become a fashion trend. But if you have preferred gold for a long time
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Stylistic technique: necklace + high-neck turtleneck
This stylistic device wanders from season to season, acquiring new details and numerous variations. We especially like two of his interpretations
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How to Wear 80's Earrings - 3 Everyday Options
We share our inspiration and, using the example of the famous fashion influencer Lovisa Worge, show how to beautifully integrate earrings in the spirit of the 80s into your everyday wardrobe!
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Must have of the season: how to wear brooches
The only thing that remains unchanged is the choice of several products at once. We suggest starting with a pair of brooches of approximately the same size.
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Is it possible to wear marine-themed jewelry in autumn and winter?
Jewelry with pearls (including baroque ones) is always a good solution. They will never go out of fashion, and the variety of shapes and design interpretations leaves
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What to give a young mother - gift ideas
The birth of a child is a special event in the life of every woman. Friends and family who congratulate a family on a new addition usually give a lot of gifts.
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Jewelry in the style of Marie Antoinette: how to wear and what to combine with?
One of the results of New York Fashion Week was a confident course towards Marie Antoinette's wardrobe. To support the trend, it is enough to wear corsets, ruffles
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New Swarovski x Disney collection
Swarovski is celebrating Disney's centenary with the release of a new collection dedicated to beloved childhood characters. At the moment, three products are presented - crystal
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How to wear jewelry correctly - learned from Giovanna Batalha-Engelbert
In preparation for the change of seasons, we decided to turn to a virtuoso of unusual jewelry compositions. Useful for those who are in an endless search for inspiration
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New Disney x Pandora x Pixar collection
The new Pandora collection, created in collaboration with Disney and Pixar, is dedicated to the cult cartoon Monsters, Inc.
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Tomato-Girl Summer: what is this trend and how to decorate it?
At the end of the summer season, another trend emerged. Natural habitat is social networks. Among the famous adherents were Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner
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Casio x Stasto Stand Stones watch rings
The result of an unusual collaboration between Casio and Japanese toy manufacturer Stasto Stand Stones is a unique collection of Casio toy watch rings
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Fashionable jewelry of the year - trends and 51 photos
Jewelry is exactly what gives the image beauty and individuality. In addition, all girls love various trinkets. Fashion jewelry will be pretty
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Precious insects: the most beautiful decorations in the form of beetles, butterflies and dragonflies
Cartier was one of the popularizers of insects in jewelry. A little later, Faberge used them in his works and used them more than once
Goutte de Ciel necklace from Boucheron. Goutte de Ciel necklace by BoucheronJewelery and bijouterie
Modern jewelry “out of this world”
Let's take a deep breath and turn our gaze to modernity. But, as always, let's look at unusual modernity. Look at this foggy clot -
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Source of serotonin: jewelry that makes us a little happier
We believe endlessly in the conscious choice of jewelry, built on mutual attraction and the value of the resulting sensations. And although this is largely history
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Hi Barbie! Barbicore jewelry you'll love
Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" continues its triumphant march at the worldwide box office, setting records and winning audience sympathy along the way, and we
Summer, as sad as it is, ends too quickly, at least it flew by faster than I had time to tell you, dear readers, about all the wonders of this fabulous time of year...Jewelery and bijouterie
Ocean waves turn glass into jewelry
Summer, no matter how sad it is, ends too quickly, but you can remember all the wonders of this fabulous time of year in decorations. Summer -
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Stylish trick: back necklace
We kindly remind you that there is an interesting option for styling necklaces, chains and necklaces. It will definitely appeal to those who strive for refined
Rose brooch with diamonds, aluminum and white gold HemmerleJewelery and bijouterie
“Precious” foil - decorations using aluminum
The idea of ​​sparkling jewelry dates back to ancient times, and gold has always been a constant. However, the innovative use of new materials that is so popular today is not new.
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Sustainable trend: laconic earrings in vintage style
A sustainable trend that cannot be ignored. Moreover, it is incredibly easy to adapt it to any preferences or use it as a solution
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Mermaidcore style jewelry - instructions for use
The renewed wave of heated discussions about the movie adaptation of “The Little Mermaid” has thrown the main summer trend ashore. Mermaidcore (or “mermaid” aesthetics)
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Jewelry classics - 2 reasons to buy a rigid bracelet
From the obvious - the category of hard bracelets has a lot of incarnations, ranging from extremely laconic products to extraordinary creations
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New! Pandora x Little Mermaid
Pandora Jewelry House has announced a collection dedicated to the release of the new "The Little Mermaid" from Disney. Jewelry (in addition to traditional charms, the collection includes
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Pendants, quartz and silver with spinel: TOUS seasonal update
The Spanish jewelry brand TOUS once again pleases with a seasonal update of collections designed to refresh and fill with emotions even the most discreet jewelry wardrobe.
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Beautiful Italian costume jewelry Boccadamo
Boccadamo Italian costume jewelry is a luxury costume jewelry. Jewelry has an exquisite design, delight with the brilliance of Swarovski crystals and precious stones.
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Fashion jewelry autumn-winter
Fashionable autumn-winter jewelry will become an important component of stylish and relevant images. We share the main novelties that are worth paying attention to
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Fashion chokers - trends and novelties of the season
The choker is an exquisite piece of jewelry that fits snugly around the neck. In fact, this is one of the varieties of the necklace. Chokers have been popular for a long time, including
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Beads and necklaces - trendy models
The vast majority of women love jewelry. Bracelets, earrings, rings, anklet, body chains - all this has long been part of the everyday looks of many