Wedding in boho style: images, design, decorations, decor
The last few years have seen a trend towards themed wedding events, and boho weddings are the most stylish and freshest trend.
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Interesting handicrafts for the home - rugs, toys, flowers, decorations, paintings, etc.)
Creating a cozy atmosphere in your home is truly an exciting experience. With the help of various little things and decorative items you can complement the interior or
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Beautiful handmade candles
Every year decorative candles are becoming more and more popular. They are used as decor at photo sessions and special events, and in winter
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Christmas tree in Fashion style do it yourself
The Christmas tree is the central decoration of the whole holiday. The Christmas tree is decorated with toys, sweets and luminous garlands, gifts for children are placed under it.
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100 ideas for interior decor and furniture made from driftwood, branches, stumps and tree trunks
Fall is the season for gardening. Surely during the cleaning you came across thick trunks, branches, rotten stumps and other debris from the wood.
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Stand for knives: handmade and creative designers
Functionality, convenience, comfort and safety are the main principles of the kitchen interior. Therefore, the first rule of a good cook is that knives should have
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Christmas crafts from cones
Among the great abundance of accessories, interesting things and crafts for the New Year's home decor, cones occupy one of the most honorable positions.
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Painting ideas for the interior: photos of decor
Decor plays a very important role in the design of a room. With it, you can create an atmosphere of comfort or focus on the freshness, modernity of the interior.
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Xnumx ideas from wooden clothespins
For those who are fond of various crafts, we have another interesting idea on how to make a beautiful, original item out of ordinary wooden clothespins.
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Simple and original chopping boards for the kitchen
It's hard to imagine a modern kitchen without a cutting board. Although there are often few requirements for this attribute, it is only
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Beautiful decor vases do it yourself
Flowers in the house are always wonderful, and especially if they decorate the room on the occasion of the celebration, and even in unusual vases. Today we'll talk about
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90 original ways of folding napkins
If you are planning a party, a wedding or just a holiday with friends, proper table setting, in addition to food and drinks, is part of success
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Beautiful candles: unusual home decor
A beautiful candle is an essential attribute of a cozy home, romantic events and special occasions. It is also often presented as the main
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Unusual Christmas trees do it yourself
For the New Year, I want something completely unusual. This also applies to the venue of the holiday, and goodies, and possibly some exotic country.
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DIY door decor: ideas and photos in the interior
Decorating the door with your own hands is not only a great idea to diversify the interior of the house, especially on the eve of the holidays, but also a great way to eliminate
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Mirror tiles: decor ideas in a modern interior with photo examples
The use of mirrors as interior decoration is not a novelty for a long time. However, thanks to modern technology, the mirror has become more than just a decoration.
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Metallized wallpaper: advantages, disadvantages and features of sticking
Although metallized wallpapers are somewhat different in structure from any others, they still have much in common with paper or non-woven.
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DIY candlesticks
Often, when visiting accessories stores in search of candlesticks, we do not always find something that will look harmonious in a home interior - it does not suit
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Interesting things from wine corks do it yourself
Got a collection of wine corks? We know how to make a beautiful and even very useful household item out of a simple trinket.
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Original kitchen decor - ideas for home comfort in the photo
Most of the time almost all members of every family spend in the kitchen. Here they cook, meet guests, talk about family problems
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Flower pots do it yourself
Surely each of us has several cute flower pots at home, and often these are terracotta varieties made from clay. Of course, they have their own charm.