Interior Design
Folding bed built into the closet
The main task in arranging housing is the rational distribution of space. And this is understandable, because often in modern city apartments you have to save
Interior Design
Creative coffee table - examples in the interior
A coffee table is an indispensable prop in a home interior. Still can't find the right option, having difficulties with the design?
Interior Design
Buffet in the kitchen: cozy design with retro touches in the photo
Surely, for many of us, a sideboard or sideboard is associated with grandmother's kitchen. And if suddenly you find yourself the heir to this item, do not rush to throw it away.
Interior Design
100 ideas for interior decor and furniture made from driftwood, branches, stumps and tree trunks
Fall is the season for gardening. Surely during the cleaning you came across thick trunks, branches, rotten stumps and other debris from the wood.
Interior Design
100 ideas from wooden boxes
Still don't know what to do with those old wooden boxes you have lying around? No place to put it and it’s a pity to throw it away? Then we can definitely help you solve the problem!
Interior Design
Light and elegant rattan garden furniture: design options with interior photos
For a stylish design of the exterior of the site, different elements are used. A worthy choice is garden furniture, which is made from environmentally friendly
Interior Design
Corner cabinets: 100 best photo design ideas
The value of a corner cabinet in the interior is difficult to overestimate. With it, you can functionally organize even a small area of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbthe apartment. Moreover, variety
Interior Design
Applying a green sofa in the interior and 90 photo design
The green sofa in the interior looks quite natural, because it is the color of nature itself. The range of this natural color scheme is very diverse: from light to bright
Interior Design
Beautiful beds - varieties and features of choice
According to statistics, each of us spends a third of his life in a dream. This is one of our physiological needs. Therefore, in the interests of the individual
Interior Design
Hanging chairs in the interior of the apartment - how to choose and design ideas
Creating a cozy, but at the same time beautiful room is an interesting task. Indeed, in addition to the main part in the form of furniture and wall decoration, you need to carefully