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Wallpaper for the kitchen: the most appropriate types, which to choose
The kitchen is probably the room for which it is most difficult to choose wallpaper. Here, not only the aesthetic component comes to the fore, but also practicality.
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Kitchen in Provence style - ideas and interior photos
Imagine you are returning from a hard day at work or a long drive home. A glass of good red wine is relaxing but not intoxicating, mild aroma
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Kitchen in a studio apartment: 5 important moments of planning and interior design
Today, the popularity of studio apartments with a free layout is gaining momentum, where instead of a small isolated kitchenette in a common space, they equip
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Design of a kitchen combined with a balcony: expanding the space competently, beautifully and functionally
Probably, every housewife will agree that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, a place where culinary masterpieces are created during the day, and in the evenings they gather
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Kitchen in Scandinavian style - the warmth and comfort of the northern interior in the photo
The harsh climate of Scandinavia has left a huge imprint on the traditional interior of these countries. Decoration of houses and apartments of average residents of Denmark
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Buffet in the kitchen: cozy design with retro touches in the photo
Surely, for many of us, a sideboard or sideboard is associated with grandmother's kitchen. And if suddenly you find yourself the heir to this item, do not rush to throw it away.
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Two-color kitchen - fresh, fashionable, stylish
Any room will look original in two colors. This design is especially suitable for the kitchen, as there are no restrictions on mood.
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Kitchen design: the best interior novelties and 250 photos
Do you want your kitchen to be not only comfortable, but also stylish? Has cooking gone from a chore to a real magic? Then find out about all
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Loft style kitchen: 100 best interior ideas in photos
Speaking about the interior of a modern loft-style apartment, it is worth noting the fact that the attic-mansard design specificity did not immediately find its admirers.
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Scandinavian style kitchen: interior ideas for aesthetics and comfort in the photo
It is the kitchen of a good hostess that is associated with home warmth, coziness and comfort, because here she spends a significant part of her time.
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In cramped conditions, but not offended: we think through the interior of a small kitchen competently
Unfortunately, not every apartment is equipped with a spacious kitchen. However, every experienced designer will say that when it comes to arranging the kitchen area
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Kitchen interior in black and white
Of course, the use of black and all kinds of dark shades in the interior requires considerable effort, design professionalism and knowledge, unlike
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Small kitchen design
Small kitchens do not at all limit designers in developing interesting and original projects. Even if your kitchen area is 2 or 4 square meters.
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Bistro style kitchen: 10 spectacular examples
Cafeterias attract us not only with fragrant coffee and delicious desserts, but also with a cozy friendly atmosphere, which seems to be created for long sincere conversations.
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Wallpaper for the kitchen: modern ideas and interior design photos
So, since you have already decided to use wallpaper for wall decoration in the kitchen, we have prepared another collection of new, interesting and very useful ideas.