With your own hands
DIY beaded brooches: making beauty
Handmade items are in trend right now. It can be both decorative items for the home and handmade beaded brooches.
With your own hands
How to make a choker around your neck with your own hands: stylish, beautiful and unusual
Choker is one of the most stylish and original neck jewelry. Fashion for them exists far from the first decade and not even the first century.
With your own hands
How to make beads with your own hands from scrap materials
An original stylish accessory is the best way to emphasize your individuality and complete your look. But sometimes it happens that you can not find the right decoration
With your own hands
DIY beads from natural stones
Making beads from natural stones with your own hands is a very interesting and exciting job. But it will take a long time, knowledge of some
With your own hands
DIY beaded necklace: learning to make beautiful
The attitude to beads today is twofold. Many girls do not perceive neck jewelry from these small elements, as they consider them not fashionable enough.