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Ultimately, it is not style, design or color that remains in fashion, but exceptional craftsmanship. This opinion is also shared by Swiss Military Hanowa, presenting rather laconic and very restrained products, nevertheless demonstrating an extremely responsible and attentive attitude to every detail. This explains the presence of individuality and character even in the most minimalist models of the brand, and also confirms a deep understanding and adherence to the canons of Swiss watchmaking.

And it is not just words! The high quality standards observed by the company since its foundation have been recognized throughout the world, and have also earned the approval of the Swiss Confederation, a special accreditation of the Swiss government, which is awarded only to selected brands.

We have collected the most characteristic, in our opinion, models that will always be in trend. Note!

Swiss Military Hanowa SMWGA2100402 & Swiss Military Hanowa SMWGA2100403

An example of Swiss reliability, enclosed in an expressive vintage design. Inspired by the traditional pilot's watch, the Falcon series is powered by a Swiss-made quartz movement. For durability - stainless steel case and sapphire crystal, which prevents the possibility of damage.

The visual appeal of the models is ensured by the discreet design of the dial and several decorations - the original AIR icon at the 6 o'clock position and the signature Swiss Military Hanowa logo at the 12 o'clock position.

Swiss Military Hanowa 06-4332.04.003 Chronograph

A successful union of recognizable aesthetics and functional content. Chronograph watches with a stopwatch offer absolute control over time and have an impressive margin of safety. Special mention deserves a discreet color scheme in noble blue hues, which greatly enhances the versatility of the watch and its ability to adapt to everyday style.

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Swiss Military Hanowa 06-5346.04.007 & Swiss Military Hanowa 06-4346.04.009

Classic style with impeccable performance. Despite their rather minimalistic design, both models reflect the ideals of Swiss watchmaking, emphasizing the beauty of simple lines and the perfection of proportions.

The special attention to every detail and versatility are noteworthy: such watches will never lose their relevance, which means that they can be considered as a gift for yourself or someone close to you. In this case, it will not be superfluous to recall a very affordable price while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Swiss Military Hanowa 06-4345.

A laconic model on a brown leather bracelet can be a clear example of the brand's recognizable aesthetics with an emphasis on minimalism and a subtle vintage sound. In addition to control over time, the owner of the model has complete freedom of expression: the watch adapts to any style preferences and can be easily combined with other jewelry (however, like many Swiss Military Hanowa models).

It is noteworthy that in addition to visual appeal, the watches are distinguished by high rates of durability. Encased in a stainless steel case and securely protected by an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, they will retain their impeccable appearance and functionality under any operating conditions.

Swiss Military Hanowa SMWGH2100302

A casual watch with a strong personality. The visual appeal of the Puma series comes with an unusual patterned dial and a versatile steel bracelet. For the reliability of the watch - a quartz movement of Swiss origin.

The watch is housed in a stainless steel case and boasts a sapphire crystal to prevent damage. The model (like most of the brand's products) is distinguished by excellent readability of the dial even in the dark: the hour and minute hands are covered with a luminescent composition with a bright glow.

Swiss Military Hanowa 06-4230.7.04.007

A great contender for the ideal base watch. The laconic model in a recognizable style is enclosed in a stainless steel case and reliably protected by a sapphire crystal. The absence of decorative elements and other decorations allows you to focus on the ideal proportions of the product, as well as the highest quality of workmanship.

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Special mention deserves the contrasting combination of matte black dial and bright red accents, which add dynamics to the watch and certainly attract attention.