Accent brooch - how to choose and wear

Wrist Watch

We share an interesting observation. Despite the absence of brooches in the seasonal lists of the loudest trends, they invariably appear in all street style reports and regularly appear on the red carpet.

Hence the strong belief that at least one accent piece should be in the basic jewelry wardrobe. First of all, brooches will never go out of style (pay attention to the relevance of vintage items). Secondly, they are incredibly easy to use and do not require strict rules: this is really the piece of jewelry that you can wear, combine and combine as you want!

Which one to choose?

It depends on the set stylistic tasks and the method of application. If you give the product the role of the final chord or consider it as a visually attractive decor, then it makes sense to choose products of small sizes without an abundance of details. As an example - simple geometric shapes, all kinds of patterns and, of course, monograms.

If a brooch is a full-fledged tool for self-expression, then you should pay attention to accent jewelry of large shapes with a bold design, elegant silhouette or bright colors. For example, flower brooches or products with an animal motif.

What to combine?

In general, no restrictions. Even images in a frankly sporty style cannot be called an exception, which, as it turned out, are very organically complemented by products in a “naive” aesthetics.

However, if you need to choose a win-win combination, then it will be a brooch and a laconic outfit in the same color scheme. In addition, the combination of an accent item with outerwear is quite relevant (moreover, you can decorate not only a classic coat or a tweed jacket, but also a vintage leather jacket).

How to wear?

Of the unusual options - a brooch as a decoration for the neck. For a clear example, we recall the image of Australian actress Margot Robbie at the Golden Globes 2023 and apply this stylistic device to dresses, blouses and all kinds of tops.

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Another original solution is to use long brooches made of stones or crystals as a precious tie, fastening the product over the top button, thus adding character and personality to the outfit.

The combination of several brooches of different sizes at once, united by one idea or a common motif, is still relevant.