Snakes and panthers - update of the animalistic collection of Just Cavalli watches

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The "King of Animal Fashion" needs no introduction. Equally admirable are the signature aesthetics, content and craftsmanship of Just Cavalli watches dedicated to a generation of free-spirited people. They will love the bold design solutions, innovative materials and masterful use of the iconic symbols of the house - snakes and panthers.

In the Cavalli collections, they have found an incredible number of interpretations and incarnations that can decorate the image within any style preferences.

We invite you to get acquainted with the new watches, which have become part of the rich heritage of the Cavalli house.

Just Cavalli JC1L159L0015

Laconic timepieces embodying classic aesthetics represent the Nobile collection by Just Cavalli. Encased in a 30 mm stainless steel case, they boast superior performance and attractive design. In particular, the dial covered with natural mother-of-pearl and time indexes, decorated with Swarovski crystals.

The bezel and slats of the case are noteworthy, resembling a snake's head and pointing to the symbolic meaning of the product. The black genuine leather strap is the perfect complement.

Movement: Japanese, quartz, 2 hands. Water resistance: 5 ATM.

Just Cavalli JC1L163M0225

A striking member of the iconic Serpente Reale collection, it has a strong character, a memorable personality and, last but not least, the necessary flexibility to adapt to any style and task. Wrapping softly around the wrist, the watch captivates with its graceful silhouette and the play of light reflected from the Swarovski crystals on the bezel and time indexes.

Let's pay attention to the masterfully executed details - the case in the shape of a snake's head and the upper part of the bracelet, which, imitating the anatomy of a snake's skin, shimmers with shades of black, blue and blue.

Other decorations include a large Just Cavalli logo in the center of the dial, as if uniting all the iconic codes and heritage of the fashion house used in the design of the model.

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Movement: Japanese, quartz, 2 hands. Water resistance: 3 ATM.

Just Cavalli JC1L197M0105

Laconic watches from the Nobile collection embody a unique individuality and the ability to attract attention. A visual reminder of the wealth of the Cavalli heritage are the two snakes that wrap around the bezel and the bracelet, whose links are embossed to mimic the iridescence of snakeskin. Skillful laser engraving is emphasized by the color scheme - a contrasting combination of shades of steel and rose gold.
Special mention deserves the mother-of-pearl dial and the dynamic glow of Swarovski crystals that adorn the heads of snakes and time indexes.

Movement: Japanese, quartz, 3 hands. Water resistance: 3 ATM.

Just Cavalli JC1L210M0155

A spectacular embodiment of another hero of the Cavalli universe - the mysterious panther, which has become the main adornment of the watches in the Pantera collection. In addition to the realistic image of a graceful cat, it is important to note the expressive texture of the dial, which repeats the spots of a panther. The watch is housed in a stainless steel case in gold IP-plating (diameter 32 mm) and complemented by a steel bracelet in yellow gold.

Filled with predatory charm, the watch conveys the recognizable Just Cavalli aesthetic, which means it will never go out of style!

Movement: Japanese, quartz, 2 hands. Water resistance: 5 ATM.

Just Cavalli JC1L210M0295 & Just Cavalli JC1L210M0305

The understated serpentine motif from the Donna Finezza collection reflects Cavalli's signature style. The main symbol of the house, a snake, encrusted with Swarovski crystals, adorns the minimalistic dial with an emphasis on expressive color schemes (rich black or mother-of-pearl white).

Perfectly matched proportions of the stainless steel case with a diameter of 32 mm and a steel bracelet in a bicolor variation enhance the attractiveness of the watch.

Movement: Japanese, quartz, 3 hands. Water resistance: 5 ATM.

Just Cavalli JC1L220M0285

An interpretation of the majesty of the panther in a reading of the Cavalli house. An instant eye-catcher, the 32mm stainless steel case is fitted with a bicolour steel bracelet. Of the symbolic decorations, there is a large three-dimensional panther head in a pink IP coating and expressive white spots on the texture of the dial.

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With smooth lines and embodying the freedom of the feminine nature, watches are indispensable as a multifaceted tool for self-expression. In addition, they are perfectly combined with jewelry, playing with the variability of the cat's character.

Movement: Japanese, quartz, 3 hands. Water resistance: 5 ATM.