We will tell you about the types of watch straps with examples

Wrist Watch

Until the early twentieth century, people used pocket watches. It is believed that in terms of wristwatches, Louis Cartier was a pioneer: for his friend, also a pioneer, but in terms of aviation, Albert Santos-Dumont, he fitted the watch to a strap so that a brave pilot would not have to take it out of his pocket in flight. Since then, it was wristwatches that conquered the world, and today there are a huge number of different types of straps and bracelets. What are they not made of!

First of all, of course, genuine leather, from quite affordable calf leather to quite expensive alligator, as well as various exotic species - kudu antelope, stingray fish, ostrich bird ... And also rubber, various synthetics, fabrics ... And how many options for dressing and finishing!

And, of course, all kinds of bracelets - certain metals, ceramics, various configurations of links ... Let's not try to grasp the immensity. Let's just talk about some popular watch models, what straps are used to attach these watches to the wrists.

Cuervo y Sobrinos watch, model Historiador 1519 - classic alligator skin.

Swiss watches of exceptional beauty, limited to 500 pieces and dedicated to the founding year of Havana - 1519. In particular, the model itself will not go deep, but about the strap - a little more. This is a classic for luxury watches - alligator leather. Yes, not anyhow - Louisiana.

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It must be said that alligators for leatherworking are grown on special farms in just a few regions of the planet, and Mississippi and Louisiana ones are most highly valued. Only small areas of the animal's skin go to the strap, the best is leather with a large pattern close to rectangular. These straps are soft, silky, and as a result of processing, they acquire sufficient strength. Naturally, the design of each strap is unique.

These are the straps of the entire batch of Cuervo y Sobrinos Historiador 1519 watches, and they are given a glossy dark blue color, emphasizing the enchanting beauty of the dial of this model. The strap is supplemented with a folding clasp. It should be added that elite alligator leather straps are made by hand, this is a labor that requires high qualifications. Therefore, they cost a lot - more expensive than many watch models from more affordable price segments.

TAG Heuer watch, model Carrera Caliber 16 Automatic Chronograph - Calfskin, Rally.

Another Swiss luxury model, but now of a sporty character. And not just sporty, but inspired, like the entire TAG Heuer Carrera collection, by motorsport. Accordingly, the functionality is both a high-precision chronograph and a tachymeter scale on a blue ceramic bezel, which allows, for example, a rider to estimate his movement speed. Accordingly, the strap: it is made of calfskin in the Rally style.

This is natural, because the Carrera collection itself was invented by Jack Hoer after participating in the legendary La Carrera Panamericana rally, held in hot regions, where the leather of the wrist under the strap sweats a lot, and the leather of the strap wears out quickly. And in the Rally straps, many large holes are made: this perforation provides natural ventilation to both skins ... This strap is brown, which goes well with the blue dial and bezel; it is finished with red stitching and has a folding clasp.

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Traser watch, model P96 OdP Evolution Petrol - calfskin, Zulu.

Also Switzerland, but already quartz. And the price is more affordable, although the quality is quite high. A diving model, very modern looking, with Traser's signature trigalight (gas microtubes) lighting, and even in a polyamide case, very light and, moreover, durable. We are, however, interested in the strap. It, like the previous one, is made of calfskin, and the color is the same (only without the firmware), but the style is completely different.

There is no perforation (and why is it for a diver), the clasp does not unfold, but there are metal rings, thanks to which the watch will not slip off the wrist even if the hairpin, for example, breaks. This design, with three or five rings, was originally developed for the military, it is used on straps made of fabric, nylon, leather, and is called either NATO - if the rings are rectangular, or Zulu - with rounded rings, as in the model in question.

Straps of this type became very popular after the James Bond performed by Sean Connery in the Rolex Submariner watch on a nylon NATO strap. Well, here we have not Rolex, but Traser, and not nylon, but leather, but good too.

Fossil watch, model Coachman Chronograph Leather Watch Brown - Calfskin, Bund.

The only non-Swiss model in our collection is American, and, by the way, the most democratic in terms of price. Naturally, quartz, with a good package - chronograph, date, tachymetric scale ... The strap is again made of calfskin and is also brown, but of another special type - Bund. They were invented for those owners who do not like it when the skin of the wrist is in direct contact with the material (in this case, metal) of the case back. These straps are equipped with a wide backing to prevent such contact.

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Sometimes it is arranged so that the backing can be removed whenever you want, and then returned to its place. Here we will pay attention, firstly, to the stylish rivets in the bases of the strap, secondly, to the name of the model itself - it emphasizes the characteristics of the strap (leather, brown) and, thirdly, to the GENUINE LEATHER marking (genuine leather) on the back of the same substrate.

Raymond Weil watch, model Toccata - fabric.

Well, however, not just a fabric, but in fact a leather coated with satin. It is very appropriate, because this two switchman with a date on a quartz movement is addressed to women (case diameter 34 mm), and the “musical” name of the model (a characteristic trend in collections from a famous Swiss manufacturer) is harmoniously combined with satin, its texture and shine.

Note, by the way, that there is also a larger version. With a diameter of 39 mm, it is suitable for both men and modern women, but the strap there is already completely leather (veal with an alligator finish), and no satin ...