Waterproof and waterproof

The abbreviation WR (Water Resistant) is an indicator of water resistance, which indicates the watch's ability to work in high humidity conditions or under water. However, before you happily carry your watch with the mark “200 meters” in the Mariana Trench, you need to understand that the designations of water protection in watches are conditional, they should not be taken literally. So, the mark "200m" does not mean at all that your wrist watch is water-resistant and allows you to submerge under water to a depth of 200 meters. Yes, in fact, no one, except for the world record holders in scuba diving, would think of conquering such a depth.

It must be remembered that the pressure indicator at which the watch was tested in laboratory conditions has nothing to do with the depth of a real dive, because in real life it is impossible to increase the pressure evenly. Being directly under water, with a simple movement of the hand, you can create a pressure greater than 10 atm, i.e. even with a water resistance index of "100 meters" at a depth of about 10 meters, the watch can be flooded with water. The stronger and sharper the movement, the more likely it is to "drown" the watch.

What to do if water gets into the watch? The vast majority of manufacturers warn their customers that "flooded" watches are not subject to warranty. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that the workshop will demand money from you for repairs.


  • Never immerse a watch (even with the highest waterproof ratings) in a hot tub or wear it in a sauna, as the seals can deform due to the very high temperature.
  • It is also not recommended to take a shower in the watch - not only because of the peculiarities of the pressure created by the pressure of water, but also because of the risk of soap solution entering the mechanism.
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature.
  • After immersion in salt sea water, rinse the watch with fresh water to prevent corrosion.
  • It is advisable not to press the buttons underwater if you are not sure that the water resistance indicator is high enough.
  • Please read the instruction manual carefully so that you know all the capabilities and allowable loads for your watch.
  • Replace the battery only at an authorized service center or a high-level service provider. Since when replacing the battery, as a rule, the seals are replaced, then a leak test is carried out.
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"Weaknesses" in watches that leak water:

  1. crown;
  2. back cover;
  3. chronograph buttons;
  4. glass.









As a rule, the manufacturer indicates in the description of the watch special parameters for these parts, if he wants to emphasize the degree of their tightness. For example, sports watch waterproof for divers often contains the following description in the description: “screw-down crown and case back”. You should also pay close attention to the material from which the watch strap is made.

For example, the effect of water on a leather strap is extremely unfavorable, even if the watch itself is water-resistant to 100 meters. Steel bracelets are more resistant to water, while rubber straps are not afraid of water at all.

Water resistance is sometimes abbreviated as ATM (Physical Atmosphere) and 1 ATM equals 10 m. Sometimes “bar” is used as the unit of measurement instead of ATM. 100WR = 10 bar = 10 atm = 100 meters.

Below are typical indications of water resistance and their correspondence in real life.

WR markings Depth Соответствие
Without marks WR Watch not protected from water ingress. You can't do anything in them at all. Store under glass and admire from afar.
WR or 30WR 30 meters Watches with minimal water resistance. You can walk in the rain, splash. It is strictly forbidden to swim in them.
50WR 50 meters A watch with conventional water resistance. You can forget to take them off before swimming and swim very slowly and smoothly. No sudden movements or dives!
100WR 100 meters Waterproof watch. You can swim and dive shallowly (no scuba gear)
200WR 200 meters Diver's watch. You can dive deep, but no more than 20 real meters.
WR> 200 > 200 meters Professional deep sea watch. You don't have to worry about the clock overflowing. Many models have a helium escape valve.
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You can often find unusual indicators of water protection: 60 meters, 200 meters, etc.

Swiss ladies watch waterproof Frederique Constant - 120 meters


Porsche Design Swiss self-winding waterproof watch - 220 meters
Swiss watch mens waterproof Claude Bernard - 800 meters
Swiss watch waterproof shockproof Perrelet - 1000 meters
Swiss watches waterproof inexpensive Wenger - 6000 meters (one of the world records)
CX Swiss Military Watch

The most budgetary and at the same time the most reliable waterproof electronic watches can be found from Japanese manufacturers - these are waterproof watches Casio, Citizen, etc.

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