Brilliant simplicity and impeccable quality are the most current Mondaine models this fall

Wrist Watch

It seems that the Swiss watch company Mondaine has had absolute world recognition since its inception, and this is not surprising! The impeccable sense of time and recognizable style, built on the absence of an abundance of details, embodies the modern idea of ​​minimalism, while the technical content of the products demonstrates a responsible attitude to the heritage of the Swiss watch industry. It seems as if even natural temporary changes bypass these watches, allowing them to maintain their unique personality and amazing functionality, obtained as a result of adhering to the highest quality standards at very loyal pricing.

We invite you to get acquainted with laconic products that have managed to subdue time!

Mondaine MS1.32110.LD

The model with an expressive vintage mood is distinguished by the highest craftsmanship and is remembered for its graceful styling. The quartz movement beating at the heart of the piece guarantees its precision, while mineral glass is responsible for the strength and the ability to keep the visual aesthetics unchanged for as long as possible. Also noteworthy is the presence of a paired men's version of the watch, which indicates their versatility and gender neutrality.

Mondaine A660.30360.16OM

Perfectly embodying classic Mondaine aesthetics, with an emphasis on laconicism, it pays homage to Swiss rail traffic and the legendary two-second pause on all railroad clocks. Red seconds hand, which serves as an unconditional decoration dial, each time freezes for 2 seconds at "12", while the black minute hand moves forward, starting its next revolution. Responsibility for this effect is borne by a high-precision mechanism, in the production of which only the best materials and parts are used.

Mondaine A400.30351.16SBM

Using a great design solution - bracelet Milanese weave, enhances the personality of the Swiss watch and adds a distinctly vintage feel to it. In addition, the relevance of the product is emphasized by the use of cold shades of steel, which are now extremely popular, especially in combination with jewelry. Despite a clear commitment to minimalism, the watch can easily adapt to everyday style, featuring a rare ability to match both men's and women's wardrobe.

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Mondaine MSE.30210.LB

The unmistakable silhouette of the product is fully consistent with the traditional ideas of minimalism, built on the perfect geometry of parts and craftsmanship. The model will be a great addition to everyday style with an emphasis on restrained individuality and gender neutrality, which is confirmed by the presence of a male version of the product. In addition, due to the observance of the highest quality standards, the watch will never lose its relevance and popularity, being an exemplary representative of the Swiss watchmaking art.

Mondaine A400.30351.11SBC

The timelessly attractive design, surrounded by scarlet color, has an expressive classic aesthetics, which can be preserved thanks to the durability characteristic of all Swiss watches and the responsible adherence to the highest quality standards. Distinguished by a careful attitude to even the smallest details of the product, this model will become a worthy addition to any watch collection, decorating it not only with sensual color, but also with a characteristic style, time-tested and trusted by buyers all over the world.