Why avoid showing the serial number of your watch in the photo?

The digital age, the age of the Internet, social networks, unrestricted communication - direct or indirect - with a huge number of people, mostly strangers ... And there are great temptations associated with this! Here, for example, your favorite wrist watch: maybe you want to sell it and then numerous special platforms on the Web or, for example, such massive “gatherings” as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. will help you. And perhaps your watch is so much to your liking that you are literally "bursting" and irresistibly drawn to share their bright image with all the white light.

Well, there is nothing reprehensible here. However, it is worth remembering that the light is not only white - there is also black, that is, unscrupulous people, selfish, who do not put the law at all, and even more so, you personally ... just scammers!

Let's imagine such an attacker. For example, he has some expensive watch in his hands. For example, the Rolex brands. Only not genuine, but fake, which the fraudster knows very well - after all, that's the point. And you also have a Rolex, of the same model. You like the watch so much that you take pictures of them from all sides and upload photos to the Web - let the whole world rejoice with you!

Yes, the fraudster is also happy: after all, in your pictures, among other things, the serial number of your precious copy has been "lit up". At Rolex, it is often engraved on the side flange of the case approximately in the area of ​​the bracelet fastening lugs, and the lines are even, thin, and when changing the angle, they "play" like diamond edges.

On a fake copy, nothing like this may not be, but applying with little effort is not at all a problem. The quality will most likely be wrong, but these are details. And now our enterprising and shameless "comrade" is already placing an advertisement for the sale on the appropriate site. To this ad he adds your photographs (photographs of your genuine Rolex), just not the ones where the serial number is visible. He will then tell this number - privately - to a potential buyer, who will check it against the database (everything is there, be sure), and then he will buy a fake at the real price of the original on the secondary market.

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And then a nuisance may happen for you personally. An unlucky buyer will not turn out to be one hundred percent "mug" and will find that he wasted his money, say, 10 thousand dollars. Despite the fact that even a well-executed replica of an expensive watch costs a maximum of a thousand dollars. And for this money, the buyer did not need a replica for nothing! But it's too late ... But for you, it is possible, everything is just beginning. The serial number of the copy is on your genuine watch! And a database that knows everything or almost everything will point to you.

Of course, there will be no serious consequences for you - neither material, nor, moreover, criminal. But "disassembly", official or not, is quite probable, and this is an undoubted cost of your nerves and time. And in general - is it worth promoting the scammers even unintentionally?

Summary: love your watch, cherish it and cherish it, take pictures, share pictures! But avoid making the serial number public.

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