Why do you need a chronograph in a wristwatch?

Wrist Watch

It so happened that in addition to aesthetic (a beautiful accessory) and social (demonstration of status and wealth) functions, many models of wristwatches are capable of performing a number of other tasks, making everyday life much easier. For example, “chronograph” is not just a fancy word, but quite a useful tool, applicable in a wide variety of everyday and everyday situations.

A chronograph is a watch with a stopwatch. In digital watches, it is displayed on one of the dials; in analog watches, those beautiful additional displays with arrows are responsible for it. At the beginning of the event, press the “start” button, at the end “pause” - and you will find out how long it lasted. To measure the duration of different events that started at the same time, there is a split-seconds chronograph. You need to press pause when each individual event ends, and at the end you can see both the overall result and intermediate ones. We offer five different options for using the chronograph, but then your imagination will help you.

Behind the wheel: the shortest route

Even excellent knowledge of the city and the use of a navigator do not always help to correctly calculate travel time. When testing different routes and options for avoiding problem areas, it makes sense to focus not on internal sensations, but on chronograph readings. By keeping time on a chronograph, you will find out within a few days which route is actually more efficient. The main thing is not to forget to press pause if you decide to stop by for coffee or a sandwich.

By the way, a split-seconds chronograph is also useful here if, in order to get to your destination, you can change not the entire route, but parts of it (this also happens where some places cannot be avoided, such as railway crossings): you can find out exactly which section takes the most time and which way you can travel it faster.

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Of course, if force majeure occurs in the form of an accident or an alien ship landing on the road, a clearly worked out schedule will not help, but that, as they say, is a completely different story.

Timing of paid parking

The right guys today don’t think that being law-abiding is a shame, and they don’t occupy the right lane flashing their emergency lights. When you come to work or school to pick up your child, to a business meeting in the city center or to lunch at a new restaurant, you will no longer leave your car in the middle of the street: paying for parking is cheaper than a fine and tow truck services. To know in advance how much parking will cost, you don’t need to remember when you pulled into it - just press the “start” button.

Thanks to the chronograph, you will be aware at any time of how much time has passed - perhaps you will be able to pick up the car before the next hour has passed or, conversely, allow yourself to finish your coffee without rushing if the new hour has already begun.

God Level Chef

If fate has thrown you into the desert, where there is no modern stove with a built-in timer, your alarm clock has disappeared somewhere, and in your shoulder bag there is only a package of durum wheat pasta and a dried piece of Parmesan, do not be sad: a faithful chronograph will help you prepare the best pasta in the world al dente. Knowing that spaghetti is cooked to the canonically correct state 2 minutes less than indicated on the package, and soft-boiled eggs - no more than 4 minutes, will make you a prince in the eyes of any woman, even in the absence of a white horse. In any case, timing a chronograph with minutes display is much more convenient than simply watching the seconds hand.

The best parents are punctual

The importance of the regime today is recognized even by supporters of intuitive education, and blushing in front of the local doctor and neighbors on the playground, not knowing the answer to the question of how much your child sleeps during the day, is already tired. The duration of day and night sleep, the intervals between feedings and the duration of walks in the fresh air - you should not leave all these important things to chance. The better you understand what is happening, the more confident you feel in the role of a parent, and this is already half the success.

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Again, in a conversation with grandmothers and aunties, flaunting an exact knowledge of your child’s routine will not be amiss; respect for you will definitely increase. We put him to bed during the day, noted the time and went about our business: if the child wakes up earlier than usual, you will be ready for the evening whims, and if later, you will be able to wake him up in time to avoid problems with night sleep.

Increasing efficiency

Good timing and a properly designed work schedule solve many problems, including eternal procrastination and disagreements with management about when this or that task should be completed. Knowing how much time you need for routine activities, you can plan your day and even week in such a way as to get more done and less tired.

And in conditions of strict deadlines, you can have good control over whether you are on time for everything, how much time has already been spent on the current stage, whether you should speed up or, on the contrary, you can allow yourself to rest a little.

If you're the manager, using a chronograph will be even more enjoyable: you'll be able to know, for example, how much time employees actually spend on smoking breaks and snacks. Yes, you may indeed be considered a “nightmare boss,” but... it’s not about emotions, it’s about success, right?