A smart approach - which watch is perfect for a woman's wrist

Wrist Watch

Current trends allow the fair sex to consider itself strong as well and wear absolutely male models. But if you do not forget about traditions, that a woman's strength lies precisely in her weakness (of course, only apparent), that is, something to think about.

Queen's wrist

There is hardly a woman more influential in the modern world than Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. By the way, she even wears a watch, and at her coronation, in the very distant 1952, she also wore a watch. Namely - in the Jaeger-LeCoultre Caliber 101, released already in 1929 and still not discontinued. This tiny little thing (still the smallest hand-wound movement in the world, weighing less than one gram) acts as a symbol of power! The Queen still uses this model, although with other copies of it.

And in the Jaeger-LeCoultre catalog there are other women's models, and they differ in the ideal proportions of the round case, jewelry finish and provide a choice of several sizes, from 29 to 37 mm. The first is for those who cherish ancient traditions, the second is for those on the way to feminism ...

But only on the way, because the watch is definitely female - and incredibly elegant! We are talking about the Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous collection, watches in gold or stainless steel, with diamonds on bezel, on alligator leather straps. The Rendez-Vous Dazzling Moon model looks especially feminine, equipped with the most poetic of all watch complications - the moon phase indicator.

Classic proportions plus diamonds

Another Swiss watch manufactory that is one of the most prestigious is Vacheron Constantin. The all-ladies Égérie collection offers luxury options in a round 35 mm rose gold case with rich diamond accompaniments, on strap alligator leather or on a gold bracelet. It should be noted the extremely elegant way of displaying the date. One of the brand's flagship collections, Overseas, also has women's models - they are more utilitarian, but no less of a high quality: steel, from 33 to 37 mm, extremely clear dials, steel bracelets and, of course, the unchanged diamond set.

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No less attractive are the 37-mm ladies' models IWC Portofino, for all tastes, and especially - again with a moon phase indicator.

Not quite round and not at all round

If the classic ideal body circumference seems too conservative, then there is always an alternative. One of them is the cushion shape, beloved in both men's watches (for example, Patek Philippe) and ladies' ones, adding modern charm to them. For example, the 36mm Piaget Polo Automatic, in rose gold or stainless steel, with or without diamonds on the bezel. But always with an exclusive dial finish and always of impeccable quality. An example of high aesthetics!

And absolutely not round - "tanks" from Cartier. Actually, they are completely rectangular, and, by the way, this is also a classic from the classics! Numerous Tank Louis Cartiers are the gold fund of Haute Horlogerie, especially since they are truly gold. Sizes - all kinds, from 22 to 34 mm, the design is the same varied, and femininity - perhaps with a slight shade of flirtatious aggressiveness - remains unchanged.

Mini ... almost micro ...

Still, feminine sophistication is the most captivating, and one of its examples is the Faubourg by Hermès. Only 15,5 mm in diameter - but how much latent power! And no less style, because the watch is dedicated to the famous Parisian rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré, where the flagship Hermès boutique has been located since 1880. Gold, pink and white sapphires, lacquer coating of the dial, exquisite bracelet - everything is flawless and, most importantly, charming.