Which G-SHOCK watch to choose - an almost complete buying guide

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In 2023, the watch brand Casio G-SHOCK turns 40 years old. Yes, yes, to the brand: the Casio Corporation has long positioned G-SHOCK as one of its full-fledged and full-fledged brands.
The history of the creation of G-SHOCK is full of dramatic events. Much has been written about her, so we will not go into details. Let's just say that Mr. Kikuo Ibe, at that time a young engineer, with the support of the then head of the corporation, Mr. Katsuo Kashio, managed to create an unprecedented one, namely, the world's first truly "indestructible" watch.

That debut model, the 5000 DW-1983, survived a 10-meter drop! This and other fantastic qualities of survivability were inherited by all her "descendants". Moreover, various versions of G-SHOCK successfully withstood ruthless and truly exotic crash tests, professional and amateur: they were crushed by the wheels of a heavy truck, burned with a flamethrower, buried in mud, boiled in boiling water, frozen, shaken on vibration stands, even they fired from a crossbow and from pneumatic weapons ... And they continued to work!

The current variety of models and versions of the G-SHOCK is also unique. As of 2022, the number of versions has exceeded 3000, and the total number of copies released has exceeded 70 million! All sorts of design options, materials used, functional features ... How to figure it all out? Moreover, updates continue continuously: about 200 new versions of G-SHOCK are released per year ...

Without pretending to be complete (it is impossible), let's go through the G-SHOCK section and try to somehow systematize the basic information about this wealth.

I. We start with models with a purely digital display

The end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century is the time of the victorious march of Her Majesty the Number. So the G-SHOCK brand book began with watches more like computers, and continued with such watches. Even the dial here is more appropriate to call the display ... True, the arrows appeared a little later, but more on that in the next section. So far, digital.


We start with this group, since it is closest to the "ancestor" of the entire family. The DW-5600E-1V model is basic: a rectangular (almost square) case made of composite, a bracelet made of the same, inside there is an ideally damped electronic module, the highest shock and vibration resistance, anti-magnetic, 200-meter water resistance. Fully digital display, electroluminescent backlight. Guaranteed accuracy of ±15 seconds per month, guaranteed battery life of 2 years. 12- and 24-hour time formats, split chronograph, countdown timer, automatic calendar, 5 alarms. What else is needed?

In fact, the question "what else is needed" is not difficult to answer by looking at many other versions of the DW-5600. There are an abundance of color combinations, even more durable Carbon Core Guard construction (layers of polymer in a special way combined with layers of carbon fiber - space technology!), And even sophisticated design solutions. For example, decor in the form of printed circuit board elements (model DWE-5600CC-3ER) or in the form of gold weaving (model DWE-5600HG-1). The last two samples are somewhat more expensive, but against the general background of the prices of the watch "elite" it looks more than attractive. But G-SHOCK is also an undoubted elite!

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Closely adjacent to the DW-5600 are the GM-5600 models, made in the same classic form, but using a combination of plastic and steel, and also in different color options. They are somewhat (slightly) more expensive. And, finally, GM-6900: everything is the same, only the case is already round.


Outwardly, almost indistinguishable from the DW-5600. And internally and functionally - a huge breakthrough thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies. Among them are Solar Tough (solar panels) and Multi Band 6 (reception of the exact time signal from radio towers located in six different parts of the Earth, and, as a result, automatic correction of clock readings), as well as synchronization with a smartphone via Bluetooth® through the SHOCK- Connected G. The functionality is supplemented by world time display, smartphone search, language variations when displaying the calendar, logging in the "time / coordinates on the map" format.

However, outwardly, if you look closely ... The shape of the case is the same, “old school”, but the material is no longer a composite, but steel, with an IP coating of one tone or another (or without coating).


The Mudman subfamily: the battery is ordinary, there is no radio exchange either, but there is enhanced dust protection (hence Mud in the name and the Mud Resist marking on the bracelet) and frost resistance (up to -20 ° C). Basic functions are supplemented with world time. Round composite body, black or grey. An impressive, brutal accessory.


Also Mudman, but, firstly, on a solar battery. And secondly, with greatly expanded functionality: in addition to all the previous ones, there is a digital compass and thermometer (collectively referred to as Twin Sensor), as well as a display of the phases of the moon. The backlight of the display here is automatic.


But this is already quite a premium model, respectively, and it costs about 125 thousand rubles. It is part of the Frogman collection (in direct translation - a frog man) and is aimed at professional divers. Among the features: depth gauge, compass, thermometer (together - Triple Sensor), diver's log and tide chart. Plus the phase and age of the moon, ascent speed alarm and sink time control. This is in addition to the original basic functionality, repeatedly described for previous models. Of course, Solar Tough and Multi Band 6.
The case is round, made of plastic and steel. Of particular note is the sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.


To conclude the section on exclusively digital watches, the Rangeman from the Master of G collection, versions GW-9400-1E (black) and GW-9400-3E (camouflage). Distinctive military style. Also Triple Sensor, but its third component (in addition to the compass and thermometer) is the altimeter/barometer, from -700 to 10 m. maybe more important.

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The rest is similar, except for the glass (it is not a premium sapphire, but the usual matte) and the case (round, polymer).


New from the G-SQUAD series. A watch in an old-school square form factor, but incredibly avant-garde in terms of functionality, clearly focused on the wearer's running activity. With all the basic (remember, very extensive) set of functions, this tool is synchronized with a smartphone via Bluetooth® (while correcting the current time, date and world time) and is equipped with a GPS module - and this already applies to sports specialization, because it allows you to accurately measure the distance covered.

For this and many other important training purposes, use the G-Shock Move App, which provides information on distance, lap time, lap distance, current and average speed, energy consumption ... There is also a Life Log Data application, which displays daily steps and monthly data about the runs.

It is worth noting the display separately - this is an electronic panel made using MIP (Memory-in-pixel) technology and outperforms traditional inverted LCD displays in terms of backlight requirements.
Versions of the GBD-200 differ in color schemes.

II. Moving on to models with arrows

The world is becoming more and more digital, but perhaps it is paradoxical that the life-supporting tool on the wrist - namely the G-SHOCK watch - is not at all counter-indicative to the indication of time by an arrow.

Practice and science agree that a momentary glance at the position of the hands on the dial gives a person an idea: where am I, what am I, why am I. And no less effective than understanding the numbers on the display.

A word of warning: all the cases here are round, in full accordance with the trajectories of the tips of the arrows…


Several models in different colors, but all from the Mudmaster family, specially oriented towards raids (professional or tourist) in the vast deserts. All basic functionality (including world time) plus Twin Sensor (digital compass and thermometer). The case is made of polymer, and the backlight on the dial is not only electroluminescent, but also branded non-brittle - extremely effective.


GWG-100 is also a Mudmaster and the prices are similar. But there is a fundamental difference: there is no Twin Sensor, but Solar Tough and Multi Band 6 are present. What is more valuable is up to you.


And if it is too difficult to make a decision, then there is another way out: GWG-1000, again Mudmaster, but there is also Solar Tough with Multi Band 6, and Sensor, but not Twin, but Triple - compass, thermometer, altimeter.


Here is one of the newest versions of G-Steel, the steel G-SHOCK, available in several color options, and dating back to the 500 AW-1989. That “forerunner” was not steel at all, but plastic, but it was the first switch in the brand - before it there was doubt about the resistance of the arrows, accompanying wheels and other inevitable mechanics to the loads that the G-SHOCK is designed for. Everything was successful then and more than successful now!

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Looking at the laconic appearance of the AWM-500, it's hard to believe that not only the entire "gentleman's set" of functions is available here, but also such advanced features as Solar Tough and Multi Band. And they are!


Strictly speaking, the case here is not quite round: the bezel is made in the octagon (octagon) format, which has become iconic for Haute Horlogerie with the light hand of Gerald Genta and his Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. But, of course, G-SHOCK remains himself in this incarnation.

Among the features of the GA-2100 is the Carbon Core Guard design (the outer shell of the case made of the usual reinforced polyurethane contains the inner one made of carbon fiber, that is, carbon fiber, which directly protects the delicate electronic module).

And in terms of design - the monochrome body, which can be expressive red, or maybe strict black or gray. There is also a choice of colors for the dial, including its backlight.
The functionality is basic, and therefore, according to the brand's tradition, rich: a split-chronograph with a stopwatch accurate to 1/100 of a second, a countdown timer, world time, 5 alarms, an automatic calendar up to 2 years. The battery is designed for 100 years of work.


As we noted at the very beginning of this guide, the G-SHOCK family is very, very extensive. And, as it was not said by us, it is impossible to embrace the immensity. So it's time to end our journey through the brand. To finish off, we chose the premium G-SHOCK MTG line, namely the MTG-B2000 and MTG-B3000 models. By the way, this watch is assembled only in Japan at the Casio factory in Yamagata.

The design of the MTG watch uses the Dual Core Guard concept, which consists of Carbon Core Guard and Metal Core Card systems. There is also triple protection - Triple G Resist - from the effects of gravity, centrifugal and vibration loads. The watch is powered by the Sun (Solar Tough) and automatically corrects the current time according to the signals of atomic clocks from six towers (Multi Band 6). It also syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth® via the SHOCK-Connected G app.

Models made in different colors do not have an accentuated military or extreme character, so they are not burdened with either Twin or Triple Sensor. But all the other richness of the G-SHOCK functionality is, of course, in place. Like sapphire crystal.

As for the price... yes, it is higher than for most other models of the brand. But, honestly, tell me, are there many such outstanding examples of watchmaking art worth in the world? That's just it, that, to put it mildly, there are few of them ...

Finally, let's mention the limited edition MTG-B1000CX-4A, the case of which is decorated with a drawing by Chinese artist Hu Zhangzhu on the theme of the Year of the Tiger. Recall that the next such year is expected in 2034, so you can stock up on money for a purchase right now.