What type of watch collector are you?

People all over the world collect something! Postage stamps, commemorative coins, matchboxes… The wealthy collect collections of art, cars, and so on. Watches, of course, are also a collectible, and with their own specific feature: you can deal with not too expensive samples - and the goals here can be different, from educational and historical to purely fashion - or you can again give preference to watches, the cost of which is measured sums with very many zeros.

We have identified five types of watch collectors. Take a closer look and maybe you will recognize yourself in one of them.


Dealing with remarkable examples of the long past of the watch industry is, of course, a fascinating and almost scientific thing. You can, for example, specialize in "space" watches - Omega, Fortis, etc. You can collect models created by watch designer Gerald Genta - brands Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Bulgari, the great master's own brand. Both, of course, cost a lot of money.

Watch history lovers are almost always united in informal communities, a kind of clubs where information is exchanged and knowledge is mutually enriched. Moreover, certain interesting episodes are inevitably associated with historical watches, which go beyond the scope of directly watch topics - here are the conquest of space, and military pages, and the fate of celebrities, and much more.


A collector of this type is interested not so much in watches, their history and technical features as in their own image! Active male extroverts are very typical in this sense: it is important for them to come to a club party in bright, unusual, eye-catching watches - such as, say, Corum Bubble. You won't go unnoticed with them! And on the beach at the "macho" in store, for example, powerful and obviously diver's Panerai. Yes, although more democratic in price, but no less impressive Seiko. For a “bachelor party” in a bar, something very massive is suitable, like Diesel models, for fitness - sports, for example, Casio G-SHOCK, for a friendly car or motorcycle race - also Casio, but already Edifice, etc. etc.

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In general, many different situations - many different hours. Also, of course, quite a costly business, but the image is worth it!


But a collector of this type - as a rule, on the contrary, an introvert. Such a person, having some surplus of funds, appreciates beauty most of all, and perhaps the best moments of his life are those when he brings this beauty into the light and admires it. In silence and solitude! And, of course, the moments of acquiring new beauty are sweet ... Moreover, sometimes such acquisitions require expenses that go beyond the limits of “surplus” - but the “esthete” agrees to sacrifice something prosaic, even to be undernourished, because beauty is above all!

Note that beauty is a subjective concept, therefore, an “aesthetic” collector can be attracted by both very expensive and rare watches (for example, limited edition Graham), and fairly affordable models, like minimalistic Delbana.


"Hunter" has a true and crystal clear passion: to get watch news at all costs! Especially if a release limit is announced… One example of such a collector became famous quite recently during an auction where a Patek Philippe Nautilus watch, created in partnership with Tiffany, was traded. Circulation - only 170 copies, dial patented turquoise color Tiffany, otherwise - nothing special: steel case, three hands and date ... However - six and a half million dollars!

The winner of the auction remained anonymous, and then a dramatic epilogue followed: the amount was not paid and the person who took second place at the auction became the happy owner of the rarity. It's funny that after his defeat, he turned to Patek Philippe with a request to buy another copy of the same model, was refused (everything is scheduled!), But in the end, luck turned to face him.

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What “hunters” do not go to for the sake of their fiery passion ...


Here we did without quotation marks. Such a collector is an investor in the full sense of the word. He is not particularly interested in the watch itself, just as the stock market player is not interested in the characteristics of products manufactured by certain companies. The main thing is the market and the prospects for the price dynamics of its objects. This is what a good investor understands thoroughly.

Watches are an ideal investment. A good choice almost always guarantees that the invested funds (or rather, capital) will grow. This is also a "pillow" for a rainy day, but mainly - the growth of the state. Investor watch collections can indeed represent a real fortune.

If you are a collector of this type, and a successful one, we can sincerely rejoice for you. However, if you are a successful collector of any other type, congratulations too!


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