Time without borders: review of quartz men's watches

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Bauhaus is an iconic brand whose products are famous for their minimalist design, highest quality workmanship, innovative materials and technologies. Founded in 1929 in Germany, Bauhaus quickly became a pioneer of modern design in the watch industry.

The distinctive and most important feature of Bauhaus watches is considered to be a discreet and elegant design, reflecting the brand’s ideals - functionality, minimalism and innovation. Unlike other watch brands that may rely on numerous functions and decorations, Bauhaus watches typically have clean, understated designs that stand the test of time. Bauhaus products are often equipped with innovative mechanisms that ensure high precision and reliability.
Overall, Bauhaus watches are an excellent choice for those who are looking for a combination of high quality, simplicity and functionality in their watches. In today's review we will talk about one of the models of this brand. We will talk about Bauhaus 21123_b.

Packaging and delivery

The Bauhaus quartz watch 21123_b is supplied in an oblong black cardboard box. The upper part, the dust jacket, does not contain any information; underneath there is a box made of thicker cardboard with a hinged lid. The Bauhaus logo is located on the lid.

Inside there is a tray made of soft material, which has a special compartment for storing watches. The accessory is secured using two small brackets.

In addition to the watch, the package includes only a warranty card. That's all. As they say: “Modest, but tasteful.”

Design and appearance

The Bauhaus 21123_b quartz watch is a classic men's watch with a round stainless steel case. The case measures 41mm in diameter and 12mm in thickness, making them comfortable to wear on the wrist.

The dial is protected by K1 mineral glass, which guarantees sufficient strength and scratch resistance. The blue dial has Arabic numeral hour markers for easy reading of the time. Moreover, on the dial there was a place for marks in the form of a small white dot that displays the minutes. The narrow, rectangular Baton-style hands are classic and go with the overall style of the watch. An interesting and accent solution is that the minute hand is painted red. Here I also want to note that the hands perfectly match the hour markers, have excellent readability and information content.

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The Bauhaus logo is located at the 12 o'clock position, and the date window is located at the three o'clock position. The window is slightly offset to the center, which ensures convenience and accuracy in displaying the current date. Closer to the six o'clock mark, you can see an additional dial displaying the level of the watch's power reserve, i.e. battery charge level. Below the six o'clock mark there is the inscription “Made in Germany”.

One of the side faces is equipped with a knurled crown, with which you can adjust the time and date. Just below there is a mechanical button, pressing which activates the battery level testing mode.

The screw-on engraved back cover provides additional protection and makes it easy to replace the battery if necessary. It displays technical information and a QR code, after scanning which we go to the official website of the Bauhaus company.

The leather strap makes the watch attractive to connoisseurs of classics and business style. Comfortable, with a classic clasp, it ensures a comfortable and secure fit of the watch on your wrist.

Main features and ease of use

The heart of the Bauhaus 21123_b is the Seiko VR43A quartz movement, which tells time by vibrating a quartz crystal that vibrates at a frequency of 32 times per second. This high-frequency vibration is transmitted to a chain of gears that keep time and move the hands on the dial. The overall dimensions of the VR768A are 43 mm in diameter and about 30.6 mm in thickness. The Seiko VR4.52A has a power reserve indicator function.

This mechanism provides high accuracy and reliability, as well as a long service life. The running error is only ±20 seconds/month. The Seiko VR43A has low power consumption and uses a rechargeable Seiko 3023.34R (TS920E) battery. Typically, the manufacturer recommends changing the battery in such watches every 2-3 years, depending on the intensity of use, however, taking into account the peculiarity of this model, the service life from one battery can be much longer.

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A key feature of the Bauhaus 21123_b is its solar power function. Essentially, the watch uses solar energy to power its mechanism, which in turn significantly increases the life of the watch from a single battery, ensuring trouble-free operation of the watch for a long time. The way this function works is as follows: the watch has a built-in solar panel on the dial, which converts light into electricity, which is then used to power the mechanism.

As I mentioned earlier, the dial is protected from damage by K1 mineral glass, which is glass that has been specially treated to improve its durability and scratch resistance. K1 is an abbreviation for "Kronglass 1", which means "King's Quality Glass 1". This glass is produced by Kronglass, which is one of the leaders in the production of mineral glass for watches. Compared to conventional glass, K1 has several advantages.

Firstly, it is more resistant to scratches and damage, which makes the watch more durable and resistant to external influences.

Secondly, it is more transparent and clear, which provides a clearer view of the dial and allows you to see the time better. Yes, this is not sapphire crystal, but it is as close as possible to it in quality.

Of course, Bauhaus 21123_b is certified to the 50WR waterproof standard. This standard indicates that the device is protected from splashing water, which allows it to be used in wet conditions, but does not allow it to be completely immersed in water for an extended period of time.

Regarding the ease of use of the Bauhaus 21123_b quartz watch. The medium-sized stainless steel case makes this watch durable and reliable. The watch is perfect for wearing with a strict, business style of clothing, and it also looks quite good with jeans. The case is hypoallergenic, which means the watch can be used by users with sensitive skin.

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The blue dial is very attractive and easy to use. Time, date and battery charge level are read without problems. The hands coincide quite accurately with the hour markers. The blue color of the dial gives the watch an elegant look.

The soft, flexible leather strap adds comfort to wearing this model. It is equipped with a classic clasp that ensures the watch is securely and securely attached to your wrist.

Summing up

Bauhaus 21123_b is an elegant and stylish watch designed to be worn under a suit or shirt. The watch will look great on a man's wrist. The Seiko VR43A quartz movement from the Japanese manufacturer ensures the accuracy and reliability of the watch. Moreover, the watch is equipped with the function of displaying the battery level and replenishing the battery level by solar energy. The watch has a minimalist design. The leather strap adds elegance and wearing comfort to the watch. Plus, it's easily adjustable for a perfect fit on your wrist.

Overall, the Bauhaus 21123_b, with its Seiko VR43A movement, K1 glass, solar recharge mode and leather strap, is an excellent choice for those who value restraint and elegance in watch design, and who want a reliable and accurate movement.