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Company Victorinox Swiss Army was founded in 1884 year and gained worldwide fame thanks to small folding knives, in the red handles of which not only the blade is built, but also a screwdriver, an awl, a corkscrew, and much more. It is necessary for the interlocutor to pronounce the word "Victorinox”, so the mind immediately builds a semantic connection with that same folding knife - but the famous Swiss knife manufacturer does not stop there, striving for new heights. Watch Victorinox Swiss Army in recent years, they have gained fans around the world, which is not at all surprising - reliable and high-quality watches will always find their owners.

Masters Victorinox Swiss Army could you name this watch Night Vision 3, but did not do this, removing the number from the name. And for that, its own logic is prepared - the creators of watches Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision they just don’t want to regret the “overload” of numbers in the name of the next generations of this model in the future. third generation Night Vision done in a strict, minimalist spirit. The watch case is made of steel, its diameter is 42mm.

The heart of Victorinox watches is a Swiss quartz movement Round 705. The dial is well readable, including due to the fact that the hands are made in the optimal size. The minute scale is placed on the very edge of the dial and is as if on a pedestal.

Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision available in two colors - dark and light, with a leather strap or a steel bracelet. Clasp - classic or butterflywith additional clamp. The most pleasant impression of how the watch sits on the hand is that it does not dangle, both types of straps fit the wrist exactly as we all expect it from a Swiss watch - up to millimeters.

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Diving enthusiasts will have to take off before diving, because they have a very modest level of water protection - only up to 50 meters.

An advanced lighting system is the main trump card of the Night Vision model, which is clearly reflected in the name. There are three sources of light here!

First is a kind of beacon that allows you to find the watch in the dark. This small "beacon" is located right at the six o'clock mark, it lights up red every 10 seconds. Of course, you can turn off this "beacon" by pressing the button on the left side of the case five times. This light source will also serve as a signal (frequent flickering will be impossible not to notice) to replace one of the two batteries responsible for powering the lighting system. The presence of two batteries fully justifies itself - Night Vision they will always show the time, even if the lighting system fails. The creators of the watch prudently put an inscription under the "lighthouse" "LocatorLight EOL (End of life)".

On the opposite side of the dial, at 12 o'clock, is located second LED source. After one press of the button, the dial night vision illuminates with a bright blue light for a few seconds. The backlight, which is very nice, covers the entire dial, allowing you to clearly see the time. Such a uniform and bright backlight cannot boast of many "classmates" from other manufacturers.

The third, the most powerful light source, is located at the base of the strap. This is a fairly powerful flashlight that can work in three modes. Press the button twice - the flashlight turns on at 50% of its maximum brightness. So it will continuously shine for two minutes, at any second it can be turned off by pressing a button. Three presses of the button turn on the strobe for two minutes, then the flashlight starts to work at full strength. As soon as you hold down the button for five seconds, the third mode will work - the flashlight will give a bright light signal, which, for example, can indicate the evacuation point in the dark, the helicopter pilots will definitely see it. These watches were developed, including for such purposes (suddenly a soldier runs out of flares), although they did not participate in any special competition from the Swiss Ministry of Defense.

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watch family Victorinox Swiss Army was first presented in 1989 year. The word "army" in the name was rather a tribute to the Swiss Armed Forces and had nothing to do with the use of this model by soldiers. Today at 2014 year, hours Victorinox can be found on the wrist of many people, including soldiers, from all over the world. Reliability and strength are equally true friends for the military and civilian.

Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision definitely take the palm in their price category. Victorinox, like a Kalashnikov assault rifle, they bribe with their reliability. The craftsmen of the Swiss watches Victorinox managed to realize their main idea - they created a utilitarian watch that is not ashamed to wear.

The legendary weapons designer Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov, who recently passed away from us, once said: “When I was a young man, I read somewhere that everything complicated is unnecessary, and everything necessary is simple. These words have become for me the motto of life ". Quote Kalashnikov perfectly reflects the essence of the watch Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision. These watches are very useful. And extremely reliable. Because everything complicated is unnecessary. And everything you need is simple.

Technical specifications

VRS-241569 VRS-241570
Mechanism type: quartz quartz
Caliber: Round 705 Round 705
Housing: steel 316L steel 316L
Dial: the black silver
A bracelet: steel leather belt
Water protection: 50 meters 50 meters
Backlight: luminescent hands and markers, LED luminescent hands and markers, LED
Стекло: sapphire with triple anti-reflective coating sapphire with triple anti-reflective coating
The calendar: number number
Dimensions: D 42mm D 42mm