Virtual reality on the wrist - the new G-SHOCK Virtual World Series collection

Wrist Watch

Casio has unveiled its new G-SHOCK Virtual World collection of men's watches, inspired by the growing popularity of virtual reality and digital culture. It is the iconic VR color combinations that have adorned the dials of the most popular G-SHOCK models: GA2100, GA700 and GA900.

An expressive and bold blue-violet color with crimson accents, used in the design of each piece, contrasts with the laconic black bezels and black straps. The firm's strength and superior technical characteristics inherent in the base models remain unchanged.

However, the GA2100VB-1A features an outstanding octagonal bezel and slim case with Carbon Core Guard, while the GA700VB-1A and GA900VB-1A feature large, rugged cases with metal dials. In addition to additional features, all three models are equipped with Super LED backlighting.

The GA2100VB-1A will be priced at $ 99, the GA700VB-1A will be priced at $ 110, and the GA900VB-1A will be priced at $ 140.

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