Delbana Barcelona Chronograph Review

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Bright style, innovative design and incredible functionality - this is not what Delbana Barcelona 54702.674.6.031 is all about. This chronograph is different. There's almost nothing to complain about about it. Just a normal chronograph: neutral, durable and keeps time.

Delbana. Well this is a normal story

Delbana is unusual in that it was founded in 1933 by an immigrant from tiny San Marino, Goliardo Della Balda. The name comes from his name, and the tower on the logo refers to the legendary fortress towers of the mountainous micro-state.

The review of Delbana Della Balda tells more about the history of the brand. And here we repeat the main thing: Delbana positioned its watches as “affordable quality” and aimed at poor markets, including Eastern Europe. Here is the Delbana Barcelona 54702.674.6.031 - a solid and inexpensive watch.

The Barcelona is "inspired by the racing history of the city of Barcelona" and is a chronograph "with traditional and striking modern design features" according to the official website. Well, I don’t know what’s bright there - in my opinion, this is a collective image of a neutral chronograph, which, moreover, does not explicitly copy any specific watch. However, from a distance they remind me of a Speedmaster because of the black bezel with a tachymeter and the characteristic buttons.

“Neutrality” sounds so-so, but, in fact, this is the trump card of the watch. Not everyone needs unofficial or crazy chronographs. But “Barcelona”, thanks to its neutral design, can be worn with a T-shirt on a picnic or to the office under a jacket. And the watch is well made. A dull but smart choice.

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Well, this is a normal building... But there are a lot of questions

At first glance, the case is boring: everything is polished, and the edges are sadly licked. But up close you can see that, in fact, most of the body is satined - so finely that it seems polished. The difference is visible only in the differences in the play of light on satin and real polishing (on the smooth edges of the case). This is interesting.

I’m also very interested in why there are fake screw fasteners on the chronograph buttons. I have never been able to turn any of them in any direction, but the buttons are pressed. The clicks, by the way, are very clear (even a bit harsh).

The screw-down case back and non-screw-down crown are quite plain in appearance and boast only shallow engraving. But water resistance here is normal - 100 m, which is enough for any life situation within reason.

The bracelet has solid (“cast”) links and a convenient clasp—triple folding, with buttons and without a lock. Other decisions in terms of the bracelet are questionable. The center links are polished and will pick up scratches well. There are only two holes on the clasp for precise adjustment - not enough. And I was just tired of taking the bracelet apart to remove the extra links!

Usually watches are praised for their drilled arms - this makes it easier to remove bracelets, and most importantly, straps. Barcelona's arms are also drilled. But why is this on a watch with a non-standard bracelet fastening (you can’t just attach a belt or another bracelet) - again the question.

But the landing does not raise any questions. The watch is pleasantly weighty and large, but fits well on a 16,5 cm wrist: it’s not too big, it doesn’t get in the way, and it fits under the cuff.

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Well, this is a normal dial

The Barcelona has excellent readability (thanks to large silver hands on a dark background) and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal - and this is the main thing for a watch for every day.

As for the performance, as always, everything is fine. The hands are voluminous, with a longitudinal edge and a slight lume; applied marks are not of a very simple shape. The small hands are also voluminous (which is nice considering their small size). The dial has both a concentric pattern and a voluminous central “island” with additional dials... Good, but a bit boring.

The naked eye cannot see any flaws in the hands or markers, or discrepancies in the relative positions of the bezel, inner ring and markers. But the date in the aperture is a little crooked, although it does not go under its edges. And it’s also a pity that the interesting logo, as if created to be overlaid and voluminous, is drawn.

Well, this is a normal caliber. Even very normal!

The Ronda Startech caliber 3540.D, developed in 2009, is installed here. According to the company, this is the first Swiss quartz caliber with 6-9-12 counters. It has two versions: gold - swiss made, nickel - swiss parts. Here, most likely, the first one - after all, the watch itself is Swiss Made, it must correspond.

Ronda 3540.D is a repairable five-jewel caliber, and quite functional: time, date and chronograph for as many as 10 hours with an accuracy of 1/10 of a second. “At 6” there is a small second, for which there is a hack. If the clock is not used, the hand can be stopped - then energy consumption will be reduced by 70%. A 384 type battery should last, according to various sources, from 3 to 4,5 years. An accuracy of -10/+20 seconds per month is allowed - a typical level for quartz watches.

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If, when resetting the readings, one of the chronograph hands does not return to exactly zero, it can be corrected. To get into the correction mode, you need to simultaneously press and hold both chronograph buttons for two seconds while the watch is extended. And in terms of hitting the marks with arrows, this particular Delbana made me very happy! The big second, which comes to life in chronograph mode, hits the markers quite accurately along the entire circumference. The little one, however, smears. But the subdial is small, the hand is massive and wide - and mistakes, fortunately, are invisible.

Summary. Well these are normal hours

There is practically nothing objectively to complain about at Delbana Barcelona. They have a nice streamlined shape, they fit well on the hand, they are functional, practical and, most likely, reliable, and their shortcomings are not critical. On the other hand, they are completely bland.

Would I buy them now? Absolutely not. Not interested.

But it's likely that I would have bought them in the days before I was into watches. After all, as a watch for every day, worn just to tell the time, it is quite good.

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