Review of the legendary CASIO Edifice EF watch: specifications, photos, video, comparison

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As you know, the Casio Edifice brand is positioned as an auto racing brand: such is its aesthetics (for example, the design of the indicators on the dial resembles the dashboard of a car, in some versions the colors of racing teams are used, etc.), such are the functional features (stopwatches, timers, memory for a large number of circles, special possibilities for processing this information in a smartphone synchronized with the clock).

True, the brand contains many series, and not all of them are equipped with such a detailed functionality: some can be called quite simple, these are three-hands and chronographs, and in terms of design, with all their undoubted sportiness, they are very reminiscent of classic mechanical watches. This, together with the highest accuracy of movement, long-term autonomy and attractive prices, is the beauty of such a watch. Casio Edifice EF belongs to such collections.

General characteristics of watches Casio Edifice EF

We are talking about a number of models of this wonderful family: so, the Casio EF men's watch. To begin with, all Casio EFs are presented in steel cases and on bracelets also made of stainless steel. Casio EF cases are water resistant up to 100 meters, i.e. the Casio Edifice EF watch is suitable not only for swimming, but also for snorkelling. And, besides, all Casio Edifice EF watches have exclusively analog indication, i.e. arrows, as well as windows with numbers. No LED screens, AMOLED screens, etc. no external signs of electronics. This is what brings Casio EF Edifice closer to the centuries-old watch classics and gives them versatility.

But among themselves, the numerous models of Casio Edifice EF differ sometimes quite strongly. Let's consider Casio EF watches in ascending order of their functional complexity.

Three hands, date and beauty of the dial: Casio Edifice EF-121, 125, 126

Japanese wrist watch Casio Edifice EF-121D-1A

The unmistakable and unmistakable sign of the sporty character of these models is the shining steel of the round case and the integrated bracelet with a folding clasp fitted with a safety lock against accidental opening. Actually, the index D in the article of these models means the presence of a bracelet. Functionally, the watch is quite simple, its quartz "engine" controls the hour, minute and second hands and the date window. The dial is covered with mineral glass.

Let's start with the Edifice EF-121D-1A. The dimensions here are the most classic: case diameter 40 mm, thickness 10,1 mm. The hands and hour markers are covered with phosphor, the date window is at the 3 o'clock position, and special attention should be paid to the finish of the black dial of the Casio EF 121D: namely, the extremely skillfully conceived and executed pattern on the surface. It is impossible not to note the high efficiency of the battery - as much as 10 years, as evidenced by the corresponding inscription on the dial. And the deviation from the absolutely accurate course does not exceed only ± 20 seconds per month.

Japanese wrist watch Casio Edifice EF-125D-2A

The next model, the Casio EF-125D watch, has two main versions: Casio EF 125D 1A and Casio EF-125D-2A. The Edifice 125D 1A has a black dial, while the Edifice 125D 2A has a very beautiful blue color. The case of this watch is also 40 mm, its thickness is slightly less (9,9 mm). The date aperture has been moved to the "4.30" position, which does not in the least impair the readability of the readings. The rest of the characteristics of the Casio EF-125D are the same as those of the Casio EF-121D. The pattern on the dials is slightly different, but no less beautiful.

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Japanese wrist watch Casio Edifice EF-126D-1A

The Edifice 126 watch is distinguished by two features: firstly, the Casio EF 126D has a larger diameter (41,5 mm, with a thickness of 9,9 mm), and secondly, the dials are absolutely smooth, which, however, also looks exquisite due to their almost magical radiance from different angles. Three modifications are offered: EF-126D-1A - with a black dial, EF-126D-2A - with a blue dial, EF-126D-7A - with a white one. And all the same accuracy (± 20 seconds per month) and battery power (10 years).

With all these remarkable advantages, the official prices of the reviewed watches are very attractive.

Same plus day of the week: Casio Edifice EF-129, 132

Japanese wrist watch Casio Edifice EF-129D-1A

Perhaps the sporty style of the Casio EF 129D model is even more pronounced than that of the ones discussed above. Here is the same perfectly polished steel case and bracelet, also integrated, i.e. representing, as it were, a single whole with the body. And more "sportiness" - this is due to the fact that the case is more massive (diameter 44,8 mm with a comfortable thickness of 10,4 mm, weight of the complete watch 156 g), which is just typical of sports chronometers. And, also at least importantly, a day of the week window has been added to the previous functions. And the date window located nearby (at the same "3 o'clock") is made in an original way: three dates are visible at once - yesterday, today and tomorrow, it is impossible to get confused.

The dial - under the mineral glass - is multi-level, superbly finished in the best traditions of Japanese craftmanship. Hands and marks are luminescent, inside the main hour scale there is an additional one, digitized from 12 to 24 hours, which is very convenient. The Casio Edifice EF-129D-1A has a black dial with red accents, while the Casio Edifice EF-129D-2A has a blue and yellow dial.

The crown is protected, the case is water-resistant to 100 m.

It should be noted that for all its sportiness, the watch is absolutely appropriate in everyday urban conditions, in the office, at a business meeting, and on the way out too. Accuracy (in all versions, including Casio Edifice 129D AVEF) will not let you down, it is the same as in previous models: (± 20 seconds per month). And any request for the key "Casio Edifice 129d avef reviews" will give a huge number of positive opinions. The only thing that this watch is inferior to the previous ones is the battery capacity: its full charge is not enough for 10 years, but “only” for 3 years.

Casio also offers several versions of the Casio Edifice EF 132. In terms of size, functionality and other characteristics, they are no different from the 129s, the only difference is that the date window is made as usual - by one number. The dial in all variants is black, the bezel is IP-coated, also black, and the minute markers are white, the numbers on the dial and the hands are orange, white or blue. In addition to the steel bracelet, this watch can be equipped with a polyurethane strap.

For night owls: Casio Edifice EF-316

Japanese wrist watch Casio Edifice EF-316D-2A

The sporty component of design in the Casio Edifice 316D watches recedes into the background. And the interests of people who confuse day with night come first (today there are more and more such people, especially among those working remotely; and then there are white nights ...): Casio EF 316D is equipped not only with calendar indicators, but also with a sub-dial of time in a 24-hour format ... Moreover, all indicators are arrow: hour, minute and second hands are central, the date disc is located at 12 o'clock, the day of the week disc is at 9 o'clock, and the 24-hour disc is at 6 o'clock.

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The case and bracelet of the Casio Edifice EF 316D watch are steel, the diameter of the case is 43 mm, the water resistance is 100 m. The glass is mineral, the crown is protected, the folding clasp of the bracelet is with a safety lock. The Casio EF 316D 1A has a black dial, the Casio EF 316D 2A has a blue dial.

Japanese wrist watch Casio Edifice EF-316D-1A

Both versions of the Casio Edifice EF 316 - both the black Casio Edifice 316D 1A and the blue Casio Edifice 316D 2A - have luminescent hands and hour markers. the second hand is tipped with a bright yellow tip, which creates the feeling of a sunbeam - against the black background of Casio Edifice EF 316D 1A of sunset, against the blue background of Casio Edifice EF 316D 2A - rather of dawn.

The accuracy is the same ± 20 seconds per month, and the battery charge lasts for 2 years.

Complete calendar: Casio Edifice EF-328

Japanese wrist watch Casio Edifice EF-328D-1A

And some especially busy workers - "owls" can get confused in the calendar ... Casio EF 328D watch will help such people. If the previous model (316th) had six hands, then the 328th had as many as seven: at “3 o'clock” there is a hand indicator of the month. True, this is not yet a perpetual calendar (aka automatic) and not an annual one, but nevertheless a complete one - this is the name adopted in watchmaking when there is no indication of the year, and the indicators have to be adjusted at the end of five of the 12 months of the year. Yet this is a big step forward. By the way, for adjustment in the EF-328 there is a button located at "2 o'clock".

Case diameter 44,8 mm, thickness 10,1 mm, water resistance 100 m, mineral glass, protected crown, steel case and bracelet - everything is solid. And again, the dial with a fine pattern and luminescence is especially good.

And now - the chronograph! Casio Edifice EF-500, 527, 539, 547, 552

Japanese wrist watch Casio Edifice EF-500D-1A with chronograph

Let's return to sport, because in our time chronographs are needed first of all for it. Especially in the so-called cyclic types, when it is vital (well, or just interesting) to measure the time of passing a circle or any part of the distance.

The Casio EF 500D, like all the previous ones - all steel, is the first Edifice with a date window and all the features of a chronograph. The Casio EF 500D 1A watch, with a black dial, looks austere, even classic, but quite solid. By modern standards, the diameter may be too small (39 mm, with a thickness of 12,5 mm and water resistance of 100 m), but there is no doubt about the high quality. All the same accuracy (± 20 seconds per month) speaks for itself. The battery has enough charge for two years of reliable operation. The highly legible tachymeter scale adds a sporty touch, while the convex mineral glass adds a sporty touch.

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Japanese wrist watch Casio Edifice EF-527D-1A with chronograph

Unlike all the previous ones, the Casio Edifice 527D watch is not just a chronograph, but a pilot's chronograph. More precisely, the navigator: it is equipped with a special circular slide rule that allows you to convert land miles to nautical miles, both to kilometers (and vice versa), as well as calculate the distance traveled, control the remaining fuel in the aircraft tanks, etc.

The stopwatch gives an accuracy of up to 1/5 sec., But the accuracy of the Casio EF 527D is like all the models discussed above: ± 20 seconds per month. Battery autonomy is also familiar to us - 2 years. Steel case and bracelet, case diameter 45,5 mm, thickness 11,4 mm, water resistance 100 m.

Japanese wrist watch Casio Edifice EF-539D-1A with chronograph

With the Casio Edifice EF 539D chronograph, we return from airspace to solid ground, although we remain in the world of high speeds. Casio Edifice 539 does not have logarithmic rulers, but again there is a tachymeter scale, graduated to 400 km / h. Edifice 539 is a solid steel wrist instrument, its diameter is 48,5 mm (with a thickness of 11,5 mm), weight - 198 g, water resistance - 100 m, which is the difference between all Casio EF watches.

There are a number of modifications, but all of them are on a steel brace, which means they are designated as Casio Edifice 539D. Especially worth highlighting is the model with a black dial - Casio Edifice EF 539D 1A and a variant with blue accents - Casio Edifice EF 539D 1A2. There are also versions of the Casio EF 539D with white, red, gold details.

Japanese wrist watch Casio Edifice EF-547D-1A1 with chronograph

In truth, the Casio Edifice EF 547D chronograph is not much different from the previous one. Actually, in fact - nothing, except that it is noticeably more compact: diameter 44,5 mm, thickness 11,2 mm, weight 162 g. Consequently, Casio Edifice 547 is somewhat more adapted to a quiet life in which it will not seem in any way oversized.

We can say that the design of the Casio EF 547D is a real classic. But, of course, the Casio Edifice 547D is more than suitable for extreme sports. In the Casio EF 547D 1A1 version, the almost completely black version is especially impressive, slightly tinted with white and gold colors and perfectly matches the steel of the bracelet.

Japanese wrist watch Casio Edifice EF-552-1A with chronograph

And, finally, the last model in our review: Casio Edifice EF 552. This chronograph will be an exception here for us, because Casio Edifice 552 is the only one whose version we will show not on a steel bracelet, i.e. not with the index D, but on a rubber strap, i.e. with PB designation: Casio EF 552PB. The texture of this strap is reminiscent of car treads.

Another feature (and very pleasing to the eye) is the carbon dial, the woven structure of which is associated with the body parts of high-speed supercars. The dial color is black, so the article contains 1A symbols: Casio EF 552 1A. We can say that we figured out the tricks of identification, we noted the main "auto racing" design features of this Casio EF 552, it remains to say that, for all its beauty, this chronograph is devoid of a tachymeter scale. The rest is normal, including a diameter of 43,8 mm, a thickness of 10,8 mm and a low weight (81 g).