Review of the cult watch CASIO Edifice EFR: characteristics, photos, comparison

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Review of CASIO Edifice EFR watches: EFR-100, EFR-505, EFR-510, EFR-526, EFR-550, EFR-555, EFR-556, EFR-S107, EFR-S567 specifications, photos, videos, instructions, comparison , reviews

General characteristics of watches Casio Edifice EFR

As you know, the Casio Edifice brand is positioned as an auto racing brand: such is its aesthetics (for example, the design of the indicators on the dial resembles the dashboard of a car, in some versions the colors of racing teams are used, etc.), such are the functional features (stopwatches, timers, memory for a large number of circles, special possibilities for processing this information in a smartphone synchronized with the clock).

True, the brand contains many series, and not all of them are equipped with such expanded functionality. So the Casio Edifice EFR watch is distinguished by restraint, this applies both to the design and to the functionality of the Casio EFR. Before us are three-handed and chronographs of a classic look, all Casio EFR wristwatches have a pointer indication (and with numbers and / or letters of calendar indices, but not electronic, but in traditional watchmaking windows).

Accordingly, the Casio EFR watch does not give the impression of a racing one, it is rather for every day.

However, in addition to the fact that for this very every day Casio Edifice EFR is more than a worthy choice, they are also sportingly accurate (as, in fact, all edifices), and the stopwatch in many models allows you to time the time to a fraction of a second.

All Casio EFR watches are made in steel cases, water-resistant to 100 meters. Hands and indexes on the dials are illuminated. Cases, round or barrel-shaped, are massive in an amicable way, which also enhances the sporty aspect of the Casio EFR. Only a few models of this watch family are equipped with such advanced know-how as a solar battery, but the batteries are large enough to work without problems for 2 or 3 years. In general, this is a very reasonable choice, especially considering Casio's pricing policy: the price / quality ratio of the Casio Edifice EFR series.

Classic: Casio Edifice EFR-100 three-pointer

Japanese wrist watch Casio Edifice EFR-100D-2A

The most classic: three central hands (hour, minute, second) and calendar apertures (one or two), no more functions. And rightly so, if it is much more important for you to know the exact time, and even the date and maybe the day of the week, and everything else is unimportant.

Watches of the 100 series are equipped with exactly two calendar windows - date and day of the week. Most of these models are presented in a barrel-shaped case measuring 49 x 40,9 mm, with a thickness of 10,2 mm, and equipped with a battery with a 2-year charge.

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On the dial, outside of the main circle, along which the hands move, there is an elegant and delicate pattern. The Casio EFR 100D watch is offered on a steel bracelet, and if you especially like the blue color, then you should buy the Casio Edifice EFR 100D 2A version, the color is also gradient.

Whereas for lovers of black or white, the EFR-100D-1A or EFR-100D-7A options are better suited.

It should be noted that in the EFR-100 line there is one kind of "stranger": this is the EFR-100SB model, made, firstly, in a round case (diameter 42,6 mm, thickness 11,6 mm) and equipped, second, a solar battery.

Closer to sports: Casio Edifice EFR-505, 510, 526 chronographs

Japanese wrist watch Casio Edifice EFR-505D-1A with chronograph

Strictly speaking, the presence of a chronographic function, i.e. the ability to measure the duration of individual periods of time is an unmistakable sign of the sporty style of a watch. In ordinary life, this function is not very much in demand, but in order to record, for example, the lap time of a race, there is nothing better.

Just such are the watches Casio Edifice EFR-505 in a steel case (diameter 45 mm, thickness 11,4 mm), on a steel bracelet and with dials of different colors - black (Casio Edifice EFR 505D 1A), white (Casio Edifice EFR 505D 7A year 2012), gray (Casio Edifice EFR 505D 8A). In addition to the current time (hours, minutes, seconds) and the chronograph (seconds and 30-minute counter), the dial also displays the date (window at 3 o'clock) and the time in 24-hour format (subdial at 12 o'clock ).

Curiously, the color of the dial affects the price of the watch. Not much, but still: the gray version of the EFR 505D 8A is the least expensive, the black EFR 505D 1A is slightly more expensive, and the most expensive of the three is the white Casio Edifice EFR 505D 8A.

Japanese wrist watch Casio Edifice EFR-510L-1A with chronograph

Casio Edifice 510 watches from the EFR family also belong to the category of chronographs, they are also dressed in a steel case, and the dimensions are similar - diameter 44,7 mm, thickness 11,9 mm. But they differ functionally from the 505s: there is no 24-hour format, but the indication of the day of the week has been added, and it is arrow, retrograde. The Casio 30's 510-minute chronograph drive is also retrograde. And the IP-coated bezel features a tachymeter scale for measuring speed, further enhancing the sporty character of the watch.

Recall: the D index after such designation as Casio Edifis EFR 510 indicates that the watch is held on the wrist by a steel bracelet, and the L index indicates a leather strap.

Thus, Casio 510D is a watch on a steel bracelet, while Casio 510L is on a leather strap. And the symbols 1A indicate the black color of the dial. Consequently, the Casio EFR 510L is a watch with a leather strap, and the Casio EFR 510L 1A is also with a black dial.

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It is curious that in this case the leather strap makes the watch more expensive.

Japanese wrist watch Casio Edifice EFR-526L-7A with chronograph

If we continue to consider the sports component of the watch style, the Casio EFR 526 series goes even further: however, the Casio Edifice 526 models do not show the day of the week, they do not have retrograde indicators, but everything pays off with a stopwatch with an accuracy of 1/10 sec. (at the 12 o'clock position). Much more athletic!

Well, in fact - there is where, but already this is very, very good! And the minute counter of the chronograph has been extended in the Edifice 526 to one hour. The cases are made of steel, diameter 43,8 mm, thickness 11,6 mm, bezel with black coating and minute scale. The watches are available in various ways of fastening to the wrist - a steel bracelet (Casio EFR 526D), the same bracelet, but with an IP coating (Casio EFR 526BK), a leather strap (Casio EFR 526L). There is also a choice of colors. For example, the Casio EFR 526L watch (aka Casio EFR 526L) is offered with a black or white dial, respectively Casio Edifice EFR 526L 1A and Casio Edifice EFR 526L 7A.

Moreover, the Casio EFR 526L 1A model is equipped with a strap in the color of the dial - black, and the watch with a white dial is on a brown strap.

The same, but in techno style: Casio Edifice EFR-556, 555

Japanese wrist watch Casio Edifice EFR-556D-1A with chronograph

The Casio Edifice 556 has exactly the same functionality as the 505s presented above. But they are very different in design, the 556's style is almost futuristic, thanks to the multi-level dial with various finishes. The assortment is available on a steel bracelet, on a leather or rubber strap, with a different coating of the bezel (marked with a minute scale) and also without coating. The dimensions of this watch are larger (diameter 48,7 mm, thickness 12,6 mm), as well as the price: the most expensive version (gold IP-plating, blue dial and rubber strap).

Speaking of the Edifice Casio 555 watch, it should be noted exactly the same functionality as in the 526s, but a more modernist design and much larger dimensions: diameter 52,6 mm, thickness 13,3 mm. The markings of the hour scale are also unusual here: you cannot find the numbers "1", "2", 3 ", etc., instead of them - half an hour: 1.5, 2.5, 4.5, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5.

Sapphire Brothers: Casio Edifice EFR-S107, S567

Japanese wrist watch Casio Edifice EFR-S107L-1AVUEF

Going back from futuristic to techno style to traditional classic design. Two brothers, younger and older, three hands and chronograph, practically in the same design.

Let's start with the three-arrow. The Casio Edifice EFR-S107 watch does not have a day of the week indicator (only a date window), but it has two very serious advantages: small thickness (8,3 mm, almost a record for "edifice", with a diameter of 42,5 mm) and sapphire crystal. It is well known that sapphire is almost impossible to scratch; in terms of hardness it is second only to diamond. True, it is also somewhat more fragile than mineral glass.

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Japanese wrist watch Casio Edifice EFR-S567D-1AVUEF with chronograph

In addition, this watch has a glass protruding slightly above the massive steel bezel. But, of course, sapphire crystal is valued above all others, this is an indicator of premium quality. The Casio EFR S107D also has an attractive dial finish with blue accents. Pay attention to the stylish screws (two pairs) on the bezel.

And finally, the Casio Edifice EFR-S567 chronograph. Here is the same letter S in front of the numbers, hinting at a sapphire. About which, however, is also directly written on the "face" of the clock.

Written without deception: the sapphire crystal does indeed exist. There are also two pairs of screws on a wide bezel, they noticeably enliven the watch's appearance. There are several versions of the EFR-S567, all 45,6 mm in diameter and 9,5 mm thick.

Let's note the variant of Casio EFR S567D on a steel bracelet and with a black dial: Casio Edifice EFR-S567D-1A.

Top: Casio Edifice EFR-550

Japanese wrist watch Casio Edifice EFR-550D-1A with chronograph

In this line, the Casio Edifice EFR 550 watches really represent the pinnacle. To verify this, take a look at the dial. On it, in addition to the three arrows and the date window, we will see:

  • on the bezel (with black or gold plating) - the abbreviation UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and abbreviated names of 29 cities, and along its inner part - the digital designations of time zones;
  • at the 12 o'clock position - the sub-dial of the second time zone (with the world map as a background), in the countdown timer mode and in the alarm clock mode - hands for setting the time of the corresponding signal;
  • at the 6 o'clock position - the subdial of the 24-hour drive of the split-chronograph, and in the alarm mode - the on / off indication;
  • between marks "5" and "8" - the retrograde scale of the day of the week.

Note also that the stopwatch of this watch works with an accuracy of 1/20 sec. The main part of the dial is lined with conventional lines of meridians and parallels, which emphasizes the model's function as a world-timer (which is additionally indicated by the inscription “WORLD TIME” on the dial).

The diameter of the case of the watch Casio Edifice EFR-550 is 49,2 mm, thickness is 12 mm.

In general, and really the pinnacle of the EFR series.