Review of CASIO Edifice EFS watches: what is the difference between EFS-510, EFS-530, EFS-540

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As you know, the Casio Edifice brand is positioned as an auto racing brand: such is its aesthetics (for example, the design of the indicators on the dial resembles the dashboard of a car, in some versions the colors of racing teams are used, etc.), such are the functional features (stopwatches, timers, memory for a large number of circles, special possibilities for processing this information in a smartphone synchronized with the clock). The brand contains many series; Let's take a look at one of them: Casio Edifice EFS.

First of all, it is common to all Casio EFS: besides the fact that their indication is mainly arrow and therefore, for all the sportiness, the watch has a noticeable share of versatility, all Casio EFS watches are equipped with a solar battery and sapphire crystal. What is always written on the dial: SOLAR POWERED and SAPPHIRE. But there are already a lot of Casio EFS models. What is the difference between them?

First Casio Edifice EFS S510

The very first EFS watches came out with the Casio Edifice 510 watch. Or, more precisely, the Casio Edifice EFS S510. Namely: Casio EFS S510D and Casio EFS S510L, with dials of one color or another. On the dials at 12 o'clock there is a 24-hour hand, at 9 o'clock there is a 30-minute chronograph accumulator, at 6 o'clock there is a small seconds hand, at 3 o'clock there is a date aperture, and, finally, inside the scale of the small second hand - the battery charge indicator highlighted in color. The hand switches to it for 2 seconds with a long (also 2-second) press of the lower button. If it shows H, then the charge level is high, M is medium, L is low, it's time to carry the watch in the sun.

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The two aforementioned versions of the Casio 510 differ in the way the watch is held on the wrist: the Casio S510D model is equipped with a steel bracelet, the Casio S510L comes on a leather strap.

As we have already noted, the color scheme of the Casio Edifice 510 can vary. In other words, the Casio 510 watch, which first appeared in early 2018, is a whole family, quite extensive. For example, the Casio Edifice S510D 1A version has a black dial and bezel, and a blue battery indicator. While another modification of the Casio Edifice EFS S510D - with the index 2A - the dial and bezel are blue, and the battery charge scale is yellow. And, for example, the Casio EFS S510D model with the index 7A is completely made with black bezel, light gray dial and dark gray charge indicator.

In general, the 510s, in any version - that Casio Edifice S510D (be it Casio EFS S510D 1A, or 2A, or any other), that Casio Edifice S510L (recall: D means steel bracelet, L - leather strap), deserve the title of a reliable and high quality tool. Although not a premium level, due to the fact that, firstly, they are not equipped with means of synchronization with a smartphone, and secondly, the accuracy of the stopwatch does not exceed 1 second. Also, there is no world time, no countdown, no alarm. There is also no perpetual calendar, there is only a date window, which has to be adjusted at the end of each month with fewer than 31 days.

More compact: Casio Edifice EFS S530

The story about the 510s line turned out to be quite detailed, but it will be easier further on, since the differences between the following EFS series are not particularly great. What are they? First of all: Casio Edifice EFS S530 is somewhat more compact. If the EFS S510 has a diameter of 46,1 mm and a thickness of 11,8 mm, then in the 530s it is 44,2 and 11,6 mm, respectively. The weight of the watches is practically the same. The bezel of the EFS S530 is not painted, it is steel, like the case. And devoid of a minute scale.

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Further, the changed arrangement of the dial immediately catches the eye. The second time zone moved to “3 o'clock”, the date window - to “4”, and the chronograph counter was located between the “9” and “11” marks, and it became retrograde and 10-minute (recall, in the 510s - 30 minute). There are no other differences, including in terms of functionality. And in the same way, the Casio EFS S530D is on a steel bracelet, and the Casio EFS S530L is on a leather strap. The difference in price is also small: the 530s are only slightly more expensive.

Almost premium: Casio Edifice EFS S540

But this is already more premium and, accordingly, significantly more expensive - by about 20%. And, perhaps, there is a reason! However, in order.

The watch has become larger - diameter 47,6 mm, thickness 12 mm, but at the same time it is almost twice as light: if the EFS S510 on the bracelet weighs 159 g, then the Casio EFS S540DB, also on the bracelet - only 87 g. This is due to another advantage - improved charging technology: Casio engineers have managed to reduce the area of ​​the light-sensitive panel and now these Edifice need even less light for stable charging.

There are also changes in design. The bezel is colored again (IP-coated), the markings have returned to it. Also returned to their places and became the same indicators: 24-hour time format - at "12 o'clock", chronograph counter, not retrograde and 30-minute - at "9". Only the date aperture remained, like in the 530s, at the 4 o'clock position.

The most noticeable is the dial itself: it is made of carbon fiber and received a woven structure, which brings the watch even closer to the world of supercars. And one of the most important differences is the stopwatch: in the Casio Edifice EFS S540, it allows you to time the time with an accuracy of 0,2 seconds. (and if you strain your eyes a little, then up to 0,1).

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