Fashion for everyone: review of Daniel Klein DK.1.13363-4 watches

Wrist Watch

It is under this motto that the Daniel Klein company produces its products. And if you look at the price, the thought creeps in: is the company a fashion brand? To decide this, let's first understand the meaning of this term. Many people mistakenly believe that the logo of a company located on a watch, whose main specialization is the production of clothing, accessories or perfumes, automatically makes it a fashion watch. But in fact, this is not so and the concept itself is much broader.

Fashion brands (first of all) are focused on bright, stylish, unique design or, more simply, on fashion trends. Products are constantly updated, creating a variety of model ranges to suit every taste. Fashion is a capricious and fickle thing, and buyers constantly demand new trends, fresh ideas, solutions and directions. In these conditions, fashion brands have to balance between constant product range updates, quality and cost of products.

Returning to our question, we answer - yes, the Daniel Klein company is a fashion brand and, as we discussed above, there is nothing wrong with that. The company's focus, like that of the entire industry, is primarily on a young and female audience. And this is understandable. I decided to look for something interesting for the male part as well. So, meet the hero of our review – the Daniel Klein DK.1.13363-4 watch.

This is a fairly large watch with a diameter of 44 mm and a thickness of 11 mm. The case and bracelet are made of stainless steel, which is undoubtedly a big plus, since many people already begin to save at this stage. The geometry of the case is such that the watch, due to its anatomically curved down lugs, will fit well on almost any wrist. All surfaces of the case are polished, but the bracelet has a combined treatment.

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The central parts of the links are satin-finished, which will have a beneficial effect on the use of the watch, since scratches on their surface will be less noticeable. The bracelet is made well, the links (in appearance) are cast, the outer links (adjacent to the case) and the clasp are stamped. The clasp has a push-button lock and additional protection in the form of a diving clip with the name of the watch line printed on it. The fact that it belongs to a fashion brand gives away a bit of total weight, about 140 grams. When you pick up a watch of this size, and even on a bracelet, you expect something heavier.

Now let's move on to the most interesting and eye-catching part, the front part of the watch. The designers did their best here! The watch has a beautiful dial that ranges from gray-blue to gray-green. The presence of the “Sunray” effect only enhances this play of color.

Snow-white applied markers and partially skeletonized hands with black outlines harmonize with the same-colored IP-coated outer welt. Black color is also present in the finishing of some elements of the dial, showing that it is also made in the general style of the watch. The overall image is complemented by one small but bright touch in the form of a yellow tip of the second hand.

Since the watches have a design direction, the company does not strive to develop proprietary technologies and introduce innovations. The low price is due to the installation of budget but high-quality quartz movements in watches. The Daniel Klein DK.1.13363-4 model is equipped with a Miyota JP25-4.5 mechanism, which is quite functional and has a number of the following complications:

  • date window located between 3 and 4 o'clock;
  • day of the week indication on a separate dial at 9 o'clock;
  • time display in 24-hour format at 3 o'clock;
  • indication of the second time zone located on the lower dial.
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Yes, yes, you thought correctly, where is the chronograph and what are the buttons on the case for? And they are needed to display the time of the second time zone. By pressing the top button we move the Dual Time arrow forward (in 15 minute increments). By pressing the lower button, the arrow moves backward (with the same step). By the way, the adjustment is performed separately from the main time, which is very convenient.

The general procedure for setting up the watch is a bit confusing, so you'll still have to get out and read the instruction manual. But having completed all the steps once, all you have to do is occasionally adjust the date (when there are 30 days in a month) and change the second time zone (if necessary).

On the outside, all this is covered with mineral glass, and on the back - a blank cover with the company logo and a minimum set of technical information.

What would you like to say in conclusion? Not everyone is ready to pay a tidy sum for a good watch and then wear it for any occasion. That's when fashion brands come to the rescue. They have long proven their right to exist, with millions of sales worldwide.

As for this example, although it has a low price, it looks much more expensive and is well made. After one or two seasons, they can easily be replaced with another watch, sending these ones to gather dust on a shelf or in a box. But, if you want to wear them for a longer period, they can handle it. And everyone will also count down the time, date and days of the week for you.