Review of Stührling Original watches

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Time to get noticed – “It’s time to get recognized”: this is the official motto of the Stührling Original watch brand. The company's name is quite loud, but its age is very young: entrepreneur Chaim Fischer registered it in New York in 2002. And about taking the name of the talented XNUMXth century Swiss watchmaker Max Stürling for the name, Fischer agreed with his direct descendant, also Max...

Chaim Fischer is a very ambitious man. And by choosing the above brand slogan, he may be hinting that he is not going to be content with fame in narrow circles, as Max Stürling was content with it. He, with all his talent in watchmaking, was known as a “ghost watchmaker.” Stürling played a leading role in the creation of mechanisms.

The company's name is quite loud, but its age is very young: entrepreneur Chaim Fischer registered it in New York for famous Swiss brands, starting with Audemars Piguet, while he himself remained in the shadows. Fischer does not want to remain in the shadows; he has established large-scale development, production and sales of watches and is promoting this name – Stührling – in every possible way. Moreover, the brand’s models and collections from the very beginning lay claim to the highest level of complexity: they are mechanical, and the company’s debut was watches with tourbillons.

To create complex and high-quality watches, based on Swiss traditions, but striving for unambiguous recognition - this is the strategic goal of the company. And, we add, without neglecting valuable innovations. These, of course, include Krysterna™ glass, in the development of which the brand participated and which it uses in its models. Krysterna™ is scratch-resistant almost like sapphire glass, and has mechanical strength and impact resistance equal to mineral glass.

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Not being like everyone else is a good idea (hence the second word in the company name, Original); and at the same time not raising prices to the skies, remaining affordable for many, many – that’s two things. These are the principles of Chaim Fischer, and one cannot deny his pragmatism. And success - well, success is obvious.

Mechanical wristwatch Stuhrling 390.334XK1

Movement ST-93301, manually wound, with tourbillon, 18 jewels, 28 vibrations per hour, power reserve 800 hours. Stainless steel case with rose gold PVD coating, diameter 40 mm, water resistance 43 m. Black dial (tourbillon exposed), gold-plated hands, numerals and markers. Krysterna™ glass on both sides of the body. Light brown genuine leather strap, classic clasp. And overall: a classic! But, of course, hinting at modernity...

Stührling Original Specter Tourbillon (Tourbillon collection)

Mechanical ceramic wristwatch Stuhrling 475.33OB41

The mechanism is the same, but the case and bracelet (with triple folding clasp) are made of black ceramic. The case is more massive - 47 mm, water resistance is the same - 50 m. The dial is reminiscent of the stained glass windows of Notre-Dame de Paris, only without colored glass. The watch glass here is sapphire on both sides of the case, and the case back is screwed down. An avant-garde design model, and quite brutal at that!

Stührling Original Delivray Tourbillon (Tourbillon collection)

Mechanical wristwatch Stuhrling 407A.33XX1

Also avant-garde, with the same mechanism. The diameter of the case (steel, PVD-coated) is 44 mm, water resistance is 50 m. The glass is again sapphire, both front and back. As for the dial, made in blue and gray tones, it is a complex geometric composition. It’s not easy to describe it, but let’s face it, it’s impressive. Especially in combination with the four lugs on the body; Perhaps there is something of a biker style in the design.

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Stührling Original Radiant (Legacy collection)

Mechanical wristwatch Stuhrling 925.02

The ST-91015 mechanism, unlike the previous ones, is equipped with self-winding. 22 jewels, 21600 vibrations per hour, power reserve 40 hours. Case diameter (steel, yellow gold PVD-coated) – 44 mm, water resistance – 50 m. Krysterna™ glass. Light brown leather strap. It is worth paying attention to the crown, decorated with a cabochon. And then – the dial! It is skeletonized, the mechanism is almost in the palm of your hand. At the 9 o'clock position there is a second time zone subdial, and at 12 o'clock there is a day/night indicator.

Stührling Original Luciano (Legacy collection)

Mechanical wristwatch Stuhrling 371B.04

The model is similar in technology and functions to the previous one. The functionality is generally exactly the same, the mechanism is slightly different, it is called ST-91011, but these are two versions of the same basic design, they have the same characteristics, only here the power reserve is slightly less - 36 hours. And the case of “Luciano” is larger – 47 mm (with the same 50-meter water resistance), PVD-coated steel – rose gold color, like the bracelet. Krysterna™ glass. The dial is completely open, gold and blue dominate, a beautiful combination. A very impressive thing!

Some may be confused by the democratic nature of the prices given, especially given the rather complex functionality of the watch. This is especially true for the last two models reviewed. Let’s answer: yes, the mechanisms here are NOT Swiss. However, Stührling Original specialists, firstly, scrupulously check and, if necessary, fine-tune each piece, without exception, doing this using XNUMX% Swiss methods. And secondly, they also decorate the mechanisms, which is also important if they are fully accessible to review.