Turquoise, turquoise... review of watches Thomas Sabo WA0366-201-215-42

Wrist Watch

Turquoise is not the most common color for a watch dial. But in the last two or three years, this color has gained popularity among manufacturers and, accordingly, consumers. It's hard to get lost in the crowd with a watch like this! Therefore, turquoise color has become a way out of the dark kingdom for both luxury companies and relatively inexpensive brands.

Thomas Sabo: a name in the fashion world

The German company Thomas Sabo bears the name of the brand's founder. Sabo took his first steps in business in 1984, establishing the production and sale of silver jewelry on the Asian market. Then the family business began to develop. Today, the company's portfolio includes popular accessories (rings, earrings, glasses). Thomas Sabo also paid attention to watches. Of course, this is not a watch manufactory with its own production of components. This is not what makes the fashion industry attractive. However, watches are found in the collections of almost every self-respecting manufacturer.

About the watch: solid and high quality

The model we are reviewing today has a minimalist design with a chronograph complication. And, of course, the main attribute of the attractiveness of this watch is the dial.
Its markings are made in the form of marks polished to a shine, indicating each hour. Moreover, “3”, “6”, “9” and “12” represent double risks (this is done to improve readability).

The minute indicators are hidden between the hour indicators. These indicators are applied in a simpler way, being a drawn version of the minute markings. The chronograph counter indices are depicted in the same way.

The hands play in unison with the hour markers. This element also has a polished surface. As a result of the description given above, the tangle leads to a clock, the readability of which will only be discussed with the prefix “super”.

Well, the cherry on the cake is the soft turquoise color of the dial, diluted not only with markers, numbers and hands, but also with elegant lines of fancy patterns.

Functionality: turn on the chronograph

Let's move on to the functionality. As mentioned above, the watch is equipped with a chronograph function. At the same time, the chronograph is implemented in an unusual way. The reason for this, or fortunately, is the Miyota JS 25 movement used in the watch.

If in a classic chronograph the central second hand is “dead” when the chronograph is turned off, stands still and plays the role of the second hand of a stopwatch, then in this case the center is movable, as in a simple watch. The role of the second hand is given to the additional dial above the number “6”. The window at mark “3” is an indicator of the time of day. The chronograph minute counter is located at “9”. By the way, it is not known for certain whether those who wear watches with a chronograph often use this function as intended.

Among other things, on the dial near the “4” mark you can see a window with the date. It seems that this very window could be bigger.

Housing and some pins

The case is steel with a pronounced polishing. The diameter is 42 mm. It is accompanied by a patterned Milanese steel bracelet. The back cover bears a design in the form of the manufacturer's logo.

If you like turquoise, then you can safely consider purchasing this watch.

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