Designed not to be modest: review of the Tsar Bomba TB8209A-05 watch

Wrist Watch

There are everyday watches designed to be a tool for measuring time. As a rule, they should not interfere with the owner and attract attention. But our hero today is not a modest person! This is the watch that wants to be in the foreground. The Tsar Bomba TB8209A-05 model is bright and daring, and I think it will be appreciated by young people who love spectacular and beautiful things.

Tsar Bomba is a young watch brand from the USA that is very popular. The secret lies in excellent quality for very reasonable money. The watch attracts attention at first sight. They don't just cause delight, they make you want to own them.


  • From lug to lug – 50.4 mm
  • Width - 45 mm
  • Height - 16.8 mm
  • Weight – 140 g
  • Movement – ​​Miyota 82S0.
  • Glass – sapphire.
  • Water protection – 5 atmospheres.


As for the packaging, it can be described as “cheap and cheerful.” A cardboard box of bright and rich color, protected by foam material that is not visible. I know that many will be indignant, saying, why such ascetic packaging? Do you wear your watch in a box or on your wrist? Inside the box we see not only the watch, but also all the necessary documents, instructions, an international guarantee for two years and a cloth for caring for the watch.

By the way, the box is unusual: inside there is a bright print in the shape of the hand of Iron Man, on whose wrist the watch is located.


The rather large barrel-shaped case made of 316 L steel has a golden-bronze hue (thanks to the IP coating). The central element of its design are 12 decorative screws in black. There are small protrusions at the ends that run parallel to the screws. The body is like a sandwich, consisting of three parts (top, middle and bottom cover), which are held together by screws.

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But the most interesting thing about the case is its slightly sloping shape: the watch seems to envelop the hand, but remains absolutely flat on the back. By the way, pay attention to the complex shaped sapphire crystal. These types of curves are usually found in more expensive watches.

On the reverse side we are greeted by the mechanism in all its skeletonized glory. The cover is secured with four screws.

Yes, this form is not new. Similar things can be found at Hublot and Richard Mille (for the most part, this model refers us to the second manufacturer). They are alike. With a few exceptions, our hero is more accessible. Available for now.

Clock face

Of course, there is no dial as such, because our Tsar Bomba is a skeleton. In a watch with a skeletonized movement, something else is important: how designers can play with the bridges and gears on the dial side. The TB8209A-05 model has everything in order. The basis was a ruby ​​stone on the bridge of the winding drum, from which five double lines diverge, like rays. The rays have a pinkish-orange tint, which is why the arrows are lost against the background of these lines.

Along the edge of the dial there is an internal bezel with second and minute markings, repeating the shape of the case. On the same welt there are twelve round hour markers made from a light accumulator. There is light accumulator not only on the hands and markers, but also on the logo on the left.

We, of course, understand that this watch is not about readability, but about design. And I think that people who choose watches like this are simply in no hurry. This is a relaxing watch!

But what really catches the eye of any passerby is the element in the lower right part of the dial, which I mistook for a small second. It rotates in both directions, and as soon as you swing the watch a little harder, it begins to rotate furiously. Let's call it a spinner, or, if you like, a false tourbillon. This element is completely symmetrical in the part at the top where the double rays diverge. But still I would like to call this element a small second, since there is a marking (probably more decorative).

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The wide hour and minute hands are half skeletonized and half filled with luminophore. There is a thin second hand, which I did not immediately recognize, as I was engrossed in contemplating the spinner below. Be prepared for the fact that it is very difficult to count time on such a dial. Every time I look at my watch, I realize that I wanted to know what time it is, but I look at the design and interweaving of the dial. Not a watch, but a gaze trap.


That's about the strap - my respect. A soft and comfortable strap made of black silicone firmly secures the watch on your wrist and, please note, has slots not only for decorative purposes: through them the skin breathes. The strap is integrated, secured with two special screws and is integral with the case. It will be difficult to find another strap, just order from the manufacturer. The strap tapers towards the buckle. The buckle itself has a coating of the same color as the body.


The TB8209A-05 is equipped with the skeletonized Miyota caliber 82S0

  • Power reserve: 42 hours.
  • Self-winding - unidirectional.
  • Accuracy - -20/ +40 seconds per day.
  • Number of stones - 21.

A well-proven mechanism, reliable and accurate, equipped with a stop-second function. In addition to being self-winding, the caliber also has the ability to be wound manually (especially important for people who have many watches on their watches).


The TB8209A-05 is not designed to be modest or casual. They are difficult to read and do not have very high water resistance. But to be honest, we do not buy such watches in order to find out the time by them; the purposes here are completely different.

This is a sports model, one of many in the Tsar Bomba line, where everyone will find a watch to their liking. I liked this model. It is well made and feels worth more than what they are asking for. Therefore, I was left with conflicting feelings. On the one hand, we have a well-made, well-designed watch that could be worn every day... But no, we buy such watches to be striking. It is in this kind of watch that we don’t want to be modest, because that’s not what the Tsar Bomba was created for!