From Germany with sympathy and love: review of Bauhaus 21301_b

Wrist Watch

Bauhaus, as a direction of creative thought, began to develop in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century. This style is characterized by simplicity, conciseness and reliability. It seems that everything that is invented and brought to life in this style is made to last.

Pointtec owns watch brands such as Junkers, Iron Annie, Zeppelin and, more recently, Bauhaus. Each brand is independent and makes us remember the glorious past of Germany.
It is noteworthy that the production of watches by Pointtec was established in the city of Rula, which became a small watch center back in the 19th century. During the times of the GDR (the city of Rula became part of this country), Ruhla watches, known to many watch lovers, were produced there. With the fall of the Berlin Wall, Ruhla (as a production) went into oblivion. Bauhaus was located in the former building of that factory.

Case: simplicity with reservations

Simplicity, which is the main direction of the Bauhaus style, is reflected in all elements of the watch in question. First of all, in the design of the rounded body. It does not have complex surfaces - polishing does its job. Thin lugs are what distinguishes the watch from others. But this, so to speak, is part of the style.

Dial: with interesting design solutions

The dial does not have applied markers or other flashy attributes inherent in this watch element. The norms of minimalism that evoke sympathy are observed here. In my opinion, there are two interesting solutions in the design of the dial:

  1. Red minute hand. Like the black hour hand, the red minute hand looks harmonious and contrasts with the white color of the dial, giving the watch an unusual look.
  2. A small second. The second hand is placed on a separate mini-dial located above the number six. It seemed that the days of the small second were long gone. But no, an exception was made for the Bauhaus.
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Otherwise, on the dial we are greeted with a standard set of inscriptions, markers and Arabic numerals. The date window is located in the usual place near the number three. Here, a classic remains a classic.

Glass: mineral, but no complaints

Mineral glass does not seem like a death sentence for watches. What do you do if someone decides that it will be better this way? If you wear it carefully, nothing will happen to it.

Gear: Next to the Giants

Ronda has long been known as a manufacturer of reliable quartz calibers. Tag Heuer, one of the major players in the watch market, uses these calibers as the main ones for its quartz models. Which, you see, adds advantages to watches with this mechanism. And the Bauhaus 21301_b model is equipped with Ronda. It is designated 6004.B.

To summarize: The Bauhaus 21301_b watch is a fairly high-quality product, released in a style that is not very typical for us. But this is their main feature, as they say. Yes, the watch is not for everyone, not for mass consumption. But anyone who likes Bauhaus will definitely not be disappointed.