Bestseller with an interesting design: review of Mathey-Tissot H1450ATBI

Wrist Watch

Mathey-Tissot is a renowned watch manufacturer with over 130 years of watchmaking experience. We will not be distracted by the history of the company: all time-tested brands have the highest quality of materials and workmanship.

In the global watch industry there is a strictly regulated gradation of markings, there are several of them. However, at the moment there is no point in going deeper into this topic. I will only say one thing - if a watch is marked “Swiss made” (and nothing else), then be sure that it is made and assembled in Switzerland. This means you can safely move on to the model itself.

Diameter - 42 mm. The most versatile size that will look great on both small and wide wrists. What, for example, cannot be said about the sizes 39 mm or 45 mm. Thickness - 9 mm. And this is an important parameter, since a watch for daily wear should be comfortable and not feel on your hand, not spoil the cuffs of your clothes and not rub your wrist. The thickness of this model belongs to the category of so-called slim cases, which are a pleasure to wear.

The design is an excellent version of the classic sports style (yes, sport style is what we call classics all over the world), but with its own individual characteristics.

The case is made of mirror-polished 316L medical steel and is completely hypoallergenic. The shape is round, streamlined, without sharp corners, which is a definite plus for everyday wear and an indicator of the sophistication of the design.

The color is a gorgeous bicolor. In my opinion, the most successful combination of two colors, which does not tire after a while (like, for example, blue and red), but on the contrary, pleases and improves your mood, giving you self-confidence.

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Glass with a magnifying glass above the date and coated with sapphire is durable, practical and reliable. Technologies do not stand still. The caliber is automatic (mechanics with self-winding), Swiss made, with a confident power reserve of 44 hours.

The dial is beautiful, steel, guilloched with figured Geneva waves. Creates volume and attracts the eye with a soft play of light and tints. In combination with a bicolor case and bracelet, it looks elegant and expensive, without overloading the overall look. The date window is at 3 o'clock. Well, the sword-shaped hands, coupled with markers, have a light-accumulating coating and complete the harmonious image of the model.

Bracelet width 22*20 mm: comfortable, with a straight clasp without complications. Simple, comfortable and practical (does not weigh down the watch, does not scratch the skin and does not wear out the cuffs).

Water protection is everyday, which is quite enough for accidental contact with water (when washing hands or in the rain).

As a result, we have a good and thoughtful everyday bestseller with an interesting design and without unnecessary visual overload.

If you have several hours, then you have more options to choose from. But if there is no bicolor in your set or you are choosing your first watch, I definitely recommend choosing this particular model. It is truly versatile - can be worn with a suit and tie, or with jeans, a jumper and sneakers.

PS The watch world is beautiful in its diversity, each watch is good in its own way. Remember that a watch is not only practically the only male accessory, but also part of your harmonious, positive, confident attitude.