King of parties: review of The Electricianz ZZ-A1A/07-NLW watch

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The watch brand The Electricianz is a bright, original phenomenon in the watch industry. The brand itself characterizes its style as urban, suitable for active people who are used to being in the public eye. All watches have a deliberately similar design, which, it would seem, should significantly limit the variety of model ranges. But no, every time The Electricianz finds more and more new design solutions, remaining true to its principles.

Among the variety of models, it is difficult to find even a couple of discreet and conservative ones, but with the limited collection The Neon Z, in terms of brightness and extravagance, they have surpassed themselves and all their previous models combined. There are two options available to choose from: black and white. The latest ones, The Electricianz ZZ-A1A/07-NLW, are being reviewed today.

The watch case measures 42 mm, which, in my opinion, makes it stand out from other, larger 45 mm brethren. Case material: stainless steel with white nylon coating. The Electricianz company positions this type of coverage as a more budget-friendly series. I don’t know how it will behave during long-term use, but I liked the coating based on tactile sensations.

The surface turned out to be a little rough: it seems that the watch case is made of ceramics, which gave me a strong association with the old Soviet light bulb socket (the base in such sockets was made of white ceramic, in common people it was also called porcelain) - very much they are similar in color, texture and tactile sensations! Of course, the manufacturer did not include this analogy in its products, but it turned out to be very relevant to the topic.

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As I wrote above, all watches have a similar design, the same asymmetrical case geometry, layout of controls, and even the offset of the main dial. A lot has been said about this in other reviews, we won’t dwell on them, and let’s move straight to the main features and “tricks” of this model.

The name of the Neon line refers to the name of an inert gas discovered in June 1898. According to legend, the name was invented by the 13-year-old son of William Ramsay, one of the two chemists who discovered a new chemical element of the periodic table D.I. Mendeleev. Willie liked the beautiful new gas so much that he suggested giving it the name “Novum” (which means “new” in Latin). My father liked the idea, but he thought that the Greek synonym for this word, “Neon,” would be better suited.

Two decades later, in December 1910, French inventor Georges Claude created a gas-discharge lamp filled with neon, which produced a surprisingly strong red-orange light when discharged. The first such neon sign appeared in 1912 in Paris above the Palais Coiffeur hairdresser. However, the First World War made its own adjustments to the production and distribution of a new type of lamp. Nevertheless, already in 1919 the Paris Opera began to shine with red (neon) and blue (argon) lights.

So subsequently “Neon” became a symbol of advertising (and, according to an alternative opinion, a symbol of capitalism) and forever changed the approach to the design of shop windows, facades and interiors. Let's go back to a more modern past, where neon became a vibrant trend in nightlife, and its use in interior decor made it possible to create a unique atmosphere that immerses visitors in a world of bright colors, emotions and energy.

This whole historical excursion was also necessary in order to smoothly lead you to the purpose of the watches being observed. Discos, bars, parties, events - these are the main habitats of watches in this collection. During the day, it’s just a bright, beautiful watch with a lot of colored wires in its design, colorful splashes on the dial, and colored hands that match the overall design. And at night (in ultraviolet light) the clock opens on the other, even brighter side. This effect is achieved through the use of a fluorescent pigment in the paint, which requires exposure to ultraviolet light to reveal its hidden capabilities.

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By the way, to see the glow of the clock, you don’t have to immediately go to the nearest disco. The manufacturer took care of an ultraviolet flashlight in the kit. Branded, patented LED lighting against the backdrop of all this riot of colors and light is lost and fades into the background.

The signature “NATO” calfskin leather strap also deserves special mention. It has a color print, similar in style to the print on the watch dial. Additionally, it depicts the company logo in the form of a triangle and an electric lightning bolt, repeating the shape of the second hand. And of course, it all glows beautifully and brightly under the influence of ultraviolet light.

Of the minuses, I would like to note the following points:

  • “NATO” strap style. The design of the strap itself is such that its two layers passing under the back cover raise the watch above the hand (in this particular case by 3 mm). This reduces the ease of use of the watch and its fit on the wrist;
  • the strap in this case covers the back cover, which is made quite interestingly, has the company logo and technical information;
  • The manufacturer itself positions the strap as “NATO”, although in design it is more suitable for the style of “ZULU” 3-ring straps (three rings).

And although I am not a fan of this type of strap, for its appearance and general style with the watch, I am ready to forgive all its shortcomings. Plus, I am sure that there are quite a lot of people who like this style and who wear such straps with pleasure.

In conclusion, I want to say that this model can be considered exclusive. It won't suit the vast majority of people. Limited edition of 444 pieces. each color is further confirmation of this. But if you are bright and fashionable, like to attract attention and lead an active nocturnal lifestyle, then this watch is for you. They will not only emphasize your individuality, reflect your style and lifestyle, but will also be able to show the time. Although, when you look at this watch, who will be interested?

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